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Here at Miss Dream, we have a ton of content as I’m sure many of you have seen. The vast majority of this has been made possible by members of the staff, with some donations (monetary and lending of materials) and patronage along the way to really help us grow. We would really like to be able to keep this project going, and hope that you would consider donating towards this cause. Thus money would be used to acquire new materials to digitize and post on the site, as well as help offset the costs of maintenance and hosting over the multiple servers. Your support would be a big help in keeping Miss Dream going for more years to come!

There are now two ways to support Miss Dream! You can check out our Patreon page to pledge a monthly amount and choose from all kinds of cool perks as a thank you for your support. Even as little as $1 helps! Alternatively, if you’d like to make a one-time donation or don’t want to go through Patreon, you can use the form below.

We would like to collect $3500 in 2019 for our annual server cost and have thus far raised $165 towards this goal! The form below which will redirect you to PayPal. Thank you very much for your donations to keep Miss Dream going strong!

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8 Responses to “Donation by Anne LEE”

    • MarioKnight

      Yes, after filling out the form, confirming the information and clicking the link to go to PayPal, under the login prompt is a button to pay with debit or credit card. So while you will still be working within PayPal, you don’t actually need an account with them. Thank you for considering to donate to us! =)

  1. CG

    When I fill in the required fields, selected donated, I’m prompted to another page that has no link to PayPal. I’m attempting this from my iPhone.


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