Pink Wing

Donated by wolf1806! “Pink Wing” seems to be a Doujinshi showcasing events from the Sailor Moon “R” arc of the 90s anime. It includes characters like Black Lady and Petz.

Wild Shaker!

Donated by wolf1806! “Wild Shaker!” takes place during the Sailor Moon “S” arc of the original anime. It illustrates and details events from Ep. 101, Usagi in Tears: A Glass Slipper For My Birthday.

Make Up! 4

Donated by wolf1806. “Make Up! 4” is 90s anime centric and features the Inner Sailor Guardians, The Four Heavenly Kings and Tuxedo Mask!

Make Up! 5

Donated by wolf1806. “Make Up! 5” takes place during the “Makai Tree” arc of the “R” season in the 90s anime and features flashbacks from the Silver Millenium.