Pure Heart

This feels like an episode of the first season of Sailor Moon, with Kunzite and Zoicite vs the inner senshi. Contains cameos of Haruna Sakurada, Umino, Naru, and Moonlight Knight. Donated by wolf1806. NOTE: Some scanned pages are messed up, but it’s mostly readable.


From the Sailor Moon R anime, as it contains Part 1 of two stories: one with Rei x Yuuichirou, and another with Ami and Chibiusa–both contain the Ayakashi Sisters and the inner senshi. Part 2 of those is in the follow-up doujin, Lovely.There’a also a mini-comic focusing on Makoto. Donated by wolf1806.

Miracle Romance

Contains several parodied scenes from the first season of the anime, plus a background story of Ami, with Usagi. Donated by wolf1806.


Based on the Sailor Moon R anime, where the inner senshi & Chibiusa face the Ayakashi Sisters. It’s Part 2 of both stories, which focuses on Ami & Chibiusa, and the other with Rei x Yuuichirou. Part one is in the other doujin, Passion. Donated by wolf1806.

Sailor Moon Arara

A comedic doujin, focusing on the first 3 seasons of the classic Sailor Moon anime, with the inners, Dr. Tomoe & Kaolinite, Ayakashi Sisters, & Ryo Urawa. Donated by wolf1806.