Moon Revenge.0

This is a dark, tragic version of how Silver Millennium fell at the moment when Queen Beryl tried to kill Princess Serenity. Also includes a short of Mamoru/Endymion telling his past to Helios. Donated by wolf1806.

Love Love Hotaru

This mainly focuses and Hotaru/Mistress 9/Sailor Saturn. Features a couple short comedic stories, with one that involves the Outers and Queen Serenity. Donated by wolf1806.

Little Moon

Features a few stories, that include the Star Lights, Makoto x Ami, Inner Senshi, and Hotaru & Chibiusa. Donated by wolf1806.


Has two different stories, one with the inner senshi, and the other with Makoto x Tomoko Takase (from SuperS). Donated by wolf1806.

Celadon Grey

Focuses on Ami and Makoto, with the inner senshi. Donated by wolf1806.