Sailor Moon M

This has several stories, involving parodies of several scenes in the classic anime’s first season…and one with Ikuko wanting to become a Sailor Senshi, by dressing up as Sailor Moon. Donated by wolf1806.

Pretty Soldier Princess

Contains comedic stories, featuring the inner and outer senshi, that take place during SuperS, with one dramatic scene at the end. Donated by wofl1806.

Passion Red

Contains several stories, that either take place during SuperS or Sailor Stars. Features the inner and outer senshis, Seiya, Nehelenia and the Amazon Trio, and more! Donated by wolf1806.

P wa Lovely

It mainly focuses on Chibiusa and Setsuna, but also has the inner and outer senshi, as it takes place during Sailor Stars arc. Donated by wolf1806.

Mint Electric

This contains comedic parodies several episodes of the anime, from first season to R. Donated by wolf1806.