Passion Girl

Story focuses on Minako, with appearances of the inner senshi, Chibiusa, and Sailor Pluto. Donated by wolf1806.

Love Supreme

A couple stories that focuses on Hotaru, Ami, and Usagi, with cameos of Dr. Tomoe, Setsuna, Sailor V, Sailor Chibi Moon, and more. Donated by wolf1806.

The Breath

This focuses on Minako during the first season, with the inner senshi, Naru, and Umino. Donated by wolf1806.

Tenth Anniversary

A 4-story doujin that contains one with Ami tutoring Usagi before heading to Rei’s; a time with Usagi and Minako, with Haruka/Michiru and Ami; a chit-chat between Hotaru & Chibiusa; and a conversation with Chibiusa and Setsuna. Donated by wolf1806.

Strawberry Moon Paradise

Focuses on Usagi and Ami, during the SuperS story, with the inner senshi and Sailors Chibi-Moon & Pluto. Features a cameo from the Three Lights. Donated by wolf1806.