Leave it to Cutie Minako

Minako’s jealous over Cutie Honey’s merchandise being expanded to food preparation packages. Donated by wolf1806.  

Bloom More than Flowers

This focuses on the inner senshi, with a guest appearance by Haruka and Michiru. Donated by wofl1806.

Flower Garden

This features 3 stories: Challenge, which focuses on Minako’s situation, and Makoto helps her; Fragrance, where the school girls find out Rei’s beautiful scent came from; and Staright, which focuses on Chibiusa and Hotaru, as they’re having a sleepover in Chibiusa’s bedroom. Donated by wolf1806.

Angel Kiss 1

Silly stories with the inners, with a hint of the outers. Donated by wolf1806.

Find Heroine

Parody and comedy featuring characters from the first three seasons of Sailor Moon. Also features cross over artwork from Neon Genesis Evangelion.