Celebration: Completion of the Manga Project!

Today marks several milestones for me. First, it marks my 10 year anniversary within the online Sailor Moon fandom. Second, it is the day I have completed 4,000 pages of translation to create scanlations of the “Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon” manga series. And third, it’s my 24th birthday. I thought it’d be neat to celebrate all three milestones at once on Miss Dream, and so we have a new layout online for the occasion. Many thanks to Kotono for the design, and to Jon Lin for coding!

When I first got interested in Sailor Moon a decade ago, I wouldn’t have thought I’d have stuck with the series and fandom for so long as I have. And I would have never guessed that I’d spend six months of my life obsessively translating through 14 books of manga for fun. If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s to expect the unexpected.

As I look back on the first massive project that Miss Dream has completed in full, I am in awe. It’s the first translation project of this scale I’ve completed in full by myself; I took the lead and did the translation alone. But it’s not only that. To get the scanlations online, there were roughly 30 other individual involved in the coordination of editing, graphical design, and technical work. I was privileged to have my friend Dan Bednarski of Sailor Moon Uncensored fame to gradually take over the administrative responsibilities of running Miss Dream as I focused almost exclusively on translation for months at a time. Without his help, endless patience, and energy, the manga project would have never reached completion.

I am of course also indebted to my graphical design staff. Typesetting and editing manga is not an easy chore, especially not when you’re talking about modifying thousands of pages. Sincere thanks to the following people: Zodiaccircle, Rawambition, Purenightshade, Draconicsoul, Anthylorrel, Yen-sama, , Icera, Volpe3fuego, Schizzy, Peacelovenpits, Williefleete, Kungpow12345, Mystriahe, and Kuroitenshi13. Not only did they do all of the graphic design work, but they also were kind enough to let me know when I stupidly forgot to translate text bubbles. Their insight and talent was an invaluable resource.

Last but certainly not least, I would also like to thank our editors Wednesday and Sailorasteroid, who have devoted hours and hours to correcting my typos and English grammar. The state of our releases would be in a much sorrier state if not for their heroic intervention.

The completion of the manga marks a huge milestone for us at Miss Dream, since it is the first “form” of Sailor Moon that we’ve translated in entirety. I have a learned a lot from my experience, and from my staff, but also from you, the fans. I could have never imagined the level of support I received throughout this process. A fan called Zannid graciously donated her personal collection of the re-print manga books so that we could finish our work. Many other fans supported us financially for hosting costs to keep the project online. Many other still offered us constant support and words of encouragement to keep going. I have been overwhelmed by the kindness and generosity of complete strangers, whose love of Sailor Moon made this translation available for fans everywhere. As far as I see it, the entire Sailor Moon online community helped to contribute in making this project a reality. I am so grateful for all of the help and inspiration I’ve received from fans over the past year.

Although Kodansha Comics USA will be releasing translations similar to mine in the coming months, when I originally began to plan this project back in September of last year, I had no idea that American fans would be fortunate enough to be able to buy the comics in bookstores any time in the near future. We at Miss Dream encourage the purchase of official licensed media whenever possible; our translations are intended to be an option for those who cannot afford to purchase the new volumes as a complete collection, or for individuals who plan to use them in reference for online debate, or for graphical design. I wish Kodansha all the best for securing an American license to the series, which will inspire a whole new generation of fans to discover all of the wonderful variations the Sailor Moon franchise has to offer.

It is my hope that here at Miss Dream we will be able to complete another massive project, such as PGSM, the anime, or the Sera Myu musicals. Thank you for supporting us; we hope to bring you more Sailor Moon materials in the future!

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