Miss Dream’s 2nd Anniversary – PGSM & Transylvania no Mori

So this week marks a special day, the 2nd anniversary of Miss Dream. Like for my other group, the second birthday has a “Huh, already?” sort of feel to it. Being part of a fansub group kind of becomes part of your identity the longer you do it, and just becomes another one of your daily activities. It seems like way more than two years ago we released Mistress Labyrinth and with it the Miss Dream project.

I’ve never been a huge part of the group despite being a founding member. I could probably count all the projects I’ve done for Miss Dream on my fingers if I tried, video projects have never really been the focus of Miss Dream. But now it seems like things are going to change.

Elly has always been the face of Miss Dream, as well as the one who does the majority of the work, with her lyrics translations, the Manga project, and all the various requests she handles. But now Elly has exhausted herself on MD and is stepping down in a big way, now that the print media is largely complete. Now the next herculean project facing our group is the re-release and translation of PGSM, handled largely by yours truly.

Having worked on projects as large as PGSM before, I am both excited and daunted by the sheer volume of the material. I have never actually watched the entire drama, but through encoding and flipping through the episodes to check quality (over half our raws ready to go!) I am becoming more familiar with the show and getting excited to begin.

The main source of trepidation for me is the fans. I never cease to hear stories of what the next crazy fan said about Elly and the MD project over the free translation services we provide for them. I fear that since I stand to become the new lighting rod of MD instead of Elly as the new project leader, a lot of the craziness will be directed to me. Plus I know the announcement of our project may not be sitting well with the previous group that translated the show, TV Nihon. I’m no stranger to drama from fans and other groups though, so I am ready to dive in, I just hope the pirrahnas don’t bite too hard.

In other news, hurray for the release of our latest musical, Transylvania no Mori! I won’t lie to you guys, this was a real beast for me, and I didn’t always want to do this project. But I know you guys have been waiting for it a long time and now there remains but one musical not fansubbed by any group, Kaguya Shima, which actually seems really interesting. While PGSM will remain my focus, I will definitely start looking ahead to the next musical. Maybe something for the late winter season, eh?

See you crazy kids on the internet, and look for more updates from me soon!

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