Since we are often asked the same questions, please use this guide to answer any questions you may have before contacting us. Thanks! :)

Common Queries

I’m having trouble downloading [files]. What’s wrong?
Due to overwhelming popularity, direct downloads have limits in place. This is number of simultaneous connections in both individual connections. Each IP downloading from the raws and downloads sub-domains can make two connections. Whether you want to use both to make a single file go faster, or a separate file for each connection is up to you. If you don’t understand what that last sentence means, you should assume that you can only download one file at a time. I (Dan is typing this answer out) don’t like having to set limits, but as we’ve seen with big releases, leaving these sub-domains uncapped breaks through our network pipe, which causes any sort of connection of the server to be pending and show offline so to speak.

Following the take down of some musicals, will you release the subtitle-only files?
Unfortunately, no. Despite it being technically possible, the subtitles were made based off of the original online broadcasts from various streaming services in Japan and NOT the DVD releases. While we were hoping to eventually re-time and re-release videos with the DVD source, this is a very time consuming process that we have not made any headway on. When we get a take down notice from official sources, we must comply and cancel the ones that the notice effects. Even if we went and subbed them, we would have no means to guarantee that these would work with no issue, and are unable to offer support for the many ways in which one would create their own subtitled video.

The .torrent files aren’t downloading. How can I download using a torrent?
The site we use for torrent tracking and hosting of the .torrent files started to no longer be online as of late-August / early-September 2014 (it was up for a few times in this and went down again). Since this site can no longer be relied on, we are currently evaluating a massive switch-over to something else. We don’t have a solution yet, and therefore no time table on when people can get the .torrent files who don’t already have them. There will be a temporary solution in place for Sailor Moon Petite Etrangere upon completion, however this is more of a “band aid” and may or may not be part of the final solution.

No, this “band aid” will not be used on anything else in the meantime, so please don’t ask if any certain release can receive this treatment, as it will take away from our ability to quickly redo nearly 300 torrents.

I’m having trouble playing [file]. How can I view it?
If you are downloading any of our video releases, I recommend you use either VLC Player with the Combined Community Codec Pack installed, or Media Player Classic. I am a Windows user, so I’m not much help when it comes to troubleshooting playback issues on Macs – sorry!

All of our downloads are packaged in .rar or .zip format – you will need a program like 7-Zip or WinRAR to unpack them.

Can I use your scripts / raws / translations for [__________]?
Yes, but please link back to us – we want as many people as possible to be able to find the original source material, especially for unique scans we are providing, such as rare volumes of Nakayoshi magazine.

Will you please encode this release to be compatible with [format]?
Please submit a quote request for this type of service.

Why is it taking your group so long to make a translation for [________]?
The core staff all work full time jobs. Our free time for Miss Dream is limited. We do translations after all of our other work and home obligations are met, but we are still dedicated to maintaining this place. So long as you are patient, you will most likely eventually find a translation for whatever you are looking for.

Will your group please translate [non-Sailor Moon stuff]?
Yes! You can hire us for any anime/manga/video game/doujinshi project you have in mind.

Will your group please translate [specific musical / anime / pgsm episode] ahead of other stuff?
If you want a certain project to be given top priority you should commission us. :)

Hey I found a typo somewhere, will you fix it?
Please give specific information as to where it appears (either by page number, panel location, release name, time stamp of error, etc.) and we will fix it as soon as possible.

78 Responses to “F.A.Q.”

  1. Maggie

    I just wanted to leave a note to thank you for your hard work and time and I know it’s not easy or cheap to keep a website with SM related downloads up and running. Hugs to all the hard workers @ Miss Dream!

    PS: I’m kinda digging the new layout :)

  2. Pete

    Just found your site and am blown away! Can’t tell you how much I love you! You’re doing such a great work here! xoxoxoxoxoxoxox

  3. Anfal

    Hey, I love this website and I LOVE the translations done, but I found broken links for volume 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11 for Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon. I can’t tell if it’s really broken or it’s just my computer. Please Help!

  4. Mimi

    Hey guys, I just wanted to let you know that there will be a sailor moon special to celebrate 20 years of our favourite show. It’s going to be on july 6th, 7:30 pm (japanese time!) and can be watched per webstream on this site: http://live.nicovideo.jp/gate/lv97379631

    Kotono Mitsuishi, Torou Furuya and Fumiyo Osano will talk about their experiences with Sailor Moon, while a japanese girlgroup will sing songs from the show. Don’t miss it. …and maybe there’s a chance that you guys might sub it and save a record of that show for the fans. ;-)

  5. Josefina

    I’m sorry to bother you. Whenever I’m trying to open up Volume 6, or any manga for that matter, I get this message. What should I do?
    Thank you!

    • MarioKnight

      It looks like your browser is reading the data rather than trying to download the file. I’m not sure how you would do this on a Mac, but on a PC you can right-click the link and choose an option such as “Save file as” or something similar. Doing the equivalent of this for a Mac should get you up and running.

  6. Xera

    Just gotta say how f’ing glad I was to finally find a non-brain hurting translation of PGSM. I eagerly check the site every Thursday hoping for a new episode.

    • sassypants678

      Sorry for all the delays! We’re in the middle of a MASSIVE move and so we’ve been letting our updates here slack a bit. We’ll be back in action hopefully next Thursday! I’m really glad you’re enjoying our translation of PGSM :)

  7. p-chan

    Hi Missdreamers,
    (I hope this is the right address…) I’m about to start teaching myself how to subtitle to transfer the subs from low Q Youtube stuff to .ass files for use with any Myu raws :). I just need someone to recommend some software. So far I’ve tried to use Jubler and SubtitleCreator, but both don’t seem to work on win 7 64bit. Can you give any recommendations?

  8. Rachel

    I’m a big fan of Naoko Takeuchi and I love all her works. I’m very interested in Mermaid Panic novel but I couldn’t find where to purchase this book. I have tried Kinokuniya and Ebay bookstore but to no avail. Here are my 2 questions:

    1. Is there translation on Mermaid Panic in English?
    2. Where can I buy this book?

    Thank you for reading this comment. I appreciate the scan of mermaid summary page. I never know the storyline but I was attracted to the beautiful images of Naoko Takeuchi drawings.

    • sassypants678

      You can download all four volumes of Mermaid Panic here: http://missdream.org/?page_id=1573
      Someone donated these items to me, but you can order them from yahoo!japan auctions and yahoo.co.jp. You -may- be able to special order them at Kinokuniya. Marie Koizumi is listed as the author; Naoko Takeuchi only did the illustrations.

      There is no English translation available for those novels yet, but they are a re-telling of Hans Christian Anderson’s “The Little Mermaid” – I may translate these novels myself in the future if there is enough demand.

      Enjoy and good luck with finding these books! :D

  9. AnimangaFan

    Missdream staff, you guys are the best. that you guys stick so much time in making these scanlations and everything for the fans. just wanted to say that :D

  10. Matt

    Just wanted to thank you for your amazing translations! I started reading the officially released SM manga, but it does not compare to the job you did with your translations. Honestly, they should hire you because their translations are so poorly done and unprofessional that I can’t believe they are even attempting to sell them.

    Thanks so much!

  11. Michelle

    Hiya Miss Dream. I read your FAQ, and it said that you were okay with using scans you have created for certain purposes, but I still wanted to let you know what I wanted to do with some of them. :) I’m a member on sailormoonforum.com, and I started a thread for offical concept artwork, and settai (if that counts). I wanted to crop the images from the Nakayoshi Anime Albums of all the girls in their outfit designs and share them with the members of sailormoonforum.

    Thanks so much for the wonderful collection of Sailormoon artwork you have given us all! You really are a God-send for Sailormoon fans. :)

    • sassypants678

      Of course, feel free to post them up! Sounds awesome – I’m on Sailormoonforum too and I’ll check out your thread!

      Thank you for the compliments also – makes my day! :D

  12. Chris

    Hi guys, first of all, awesome work on the PGSM fansubs!
    I wanted to put these into iTunes so that they can be viewed on my mobile devices, but iOS devices dont support the ASS subtitle formats used. I was going to hard encode them into the file, but was wondering if you had a good method of doing it? Or if it’s possible to get the subs in SRT format? If I can get a good method to hard sub the files, I would be more than happy to host the torrent for them. :)

    Keep up the great work!

    • sassypants678

      I think if you rename the .ass extensions to .srt, they will still work and be compatible with iOS. IT’s worth a shot – I know I’ve turned .srt files into .ass ones with that method. As for hardsubbing, try using a program called “Handbrake”.

  13. Raeistic

    Just wanted to let you know that this website is like a fucking dream come true. Good quality translations and image files of ALL the Sailor Moon manga, AS WELL AS HIGH QUALITY 600DPI RAW scans for use in whatever we want? THAT’S ALL I EVER WANT IN A MANGA. You guys are fucking amazing and I just want to say I appreciate everything you’re doing here and for providing all this amazing stuff for us. If I end up using the scans for anything that I post online you can be sure that I’ll tell people where they came from, because you deserve at least that much, and this content definitely deserves to be shared with the world!
    Once again, thanks, and please keep up the good work!

    • sassypants678

      Wow, thank you for the compliments! I’m so glad you like it – that’s the whole point of this place, to share the Sailor Moon love! I hope you find uses for the raws and such! You rock! (love your tumblr!!)

  14. Munsuki

    First of all, thank you very much for all the hard work in making the Japanese version available for download online!

    For someone who enjoys reading manga in its original language and prefers tankoubon, I feel really excited and happy when I came across your website.

    I have only watched the anime and have never read the manga before(btw, am downloading your manga scans as I type). Can’t wait to read the manga.

    • sassypants678

      That is awesome! I’m so glad you’re giving the manga a read! In my opinion it’s the best form of Sailor Moon – I can’t help but favor it. I hope you’ll love it! :D

  15. Flerendra

    I noticed your Deimos Project-thing, and I was wondering why you guys aren’t hosting SailorMusic.net? XD They might not want it, I don’t know lol. ^^;;; But it’s the BEST site to go to for Sailor Moon music (of any language and any series! (Anime, games, live action, etc.) SailorMusic isn’t even an affiliate…I just wonder why…^^;;;

    • sassypants678

      Michelle has never responded to my emails.
      Other than that, I don’t know! I love sailormusic.net and it’s a huge inspiration to me. Definitely one of the best Sailor Moon websites ever made! :D

  16. SG

    First of all, thank you so much for all the hard work you put into this website!

    Question: Are your Sailor Moon Manga scans from the most recent re-release (2012- ), the ones that are translated to English w/ more accurate translations, using the original Japanese names, and reading right-left?


    • sassypants678

      The scans we use in our scanlation are the 2003-2004 Japanese “shinsouban” editions of the manga.
      The Kodansha Comics USA scans are the ones from 2012, and it’s questionable whether or not they have the most “accurate” translation: http://missdream.org/?page_id=30

      In any case, enjoy reading the Sailor Moon manga! It’s a great story no matter whose version you read :)

  17. rurupon

    We’re going to use your RAW, we’re going to use “Kimi ga Suki toka Arienai” series RAW
    Even that you say that “you don’t need to ask” but my group founder always ask me to ask for permission.

    So can we use it?

  18. Shamshadow

    I’ve got to say this is one of the best FAQ pages I’ve read in my life. Its straight to the point and self-respecting. I love, completely and totally love this site!!!

    AMAZING work! <3

  19. SailorMoonEP

    hi miss dream^_^
    I wanted to know:1)if u can upload more manga from other writers,not just naoko
    2)if u don’t want to upload so plzz at least tell me how I can get-Cardcaptor Sakura: Cheerio!
    Illustrations Collection,Cardcaptor Sakura: The Complete Book of the Animated Movie,
    Cardcaptor Sakura: The Complete Book of TV Animation,Cardcaptor Sakura: Memorial Book
    and Cardcaptor Sakura: Clow Card Fortune Book. not to buy,i want this on my pc.
    so plzz help caus I searched all the internet and I didn’t found this:(

    • sassypants678

      Sorry, no idea, and I have no plans to share manga other than by Naoko Takeuchi on this website!

    • Mina

      Is this request still needed? Have three of those in digitized format. Can share if needed request :-)

  20. HM

    Hi, I am having difficulty downloading the variousimages – with the following error “Forbidden
    You don’t have permission to access /japanese/artbooks/[Miss Dream] Sailor Moon SuperS The Movie Memorial Album.rar on this server.”
    Can you please advise?

    • MarioKnight

      As explained above, we’re in the middle of a server migration, and direct downloads had to be disabled to process the transfers. I don’t know exactly when this will be in full working order again. However once complete, speed issues should be taken care of.

  21. Serenity-chan

    Are you guys still planning on on translating the 20th anniversary concert. I can’t wait to see it!

    • sassypants678

      Hi there! We only got a raw for it last week, and I’ve been pretty busy with IRL stuff. I’m going to try and get it finished in the next couple of weeks :)

  22. Serenity-chan

    Just curious is the event that’s announcing more news about Sailor Moon Crystal and the new musical going to be on nico nico again?

  23. Serenity-chan

    Hi guys, just curious will you be translating the official Sailor Moon guide book that’s being released in Japan?

  24. RM

    Hi, first off, I’m SO excited by all the high quality content you have here! I’ve watched PGSM before, but it was low quality on YT. When I found your site, I got so excited to be able to watch it in dvd quality with better subs! Thank you for this amazing project!

    But I have a question: I’m new to torrenting/codecs/etc. Could you give me some basic instructions on how to download and watch the PGSM episodes? I try clicking on the link for the first one and download the file, then right click and use winRAR to uncompress it, but it turns into an unusable file (.MKV)

    Any help would be great, I’m looking forward to rewatching the series in HQ!

    • MarioKnight

      That’s actually answered in the first question on top of the page, with links to our recommendations as well. We hope you enjoy our release of PGSM! =)

  25. LostHope

    I’m having trouble getting the subs to work on your fansubs–I can download the rar files and unzip them just fine, but whenever I try to watch the videos, the subtitles never appear. I’m at a loss for what to do. I do just open them with Chrome, but I’m not sure that’s where I’m going wrong. Do you have any suggestions I could try to fix it?

  26. PKX

    Could I just say that VLC Player does NOT use the Combined Community Codec Pack (CCCP)? It is its own standalone player with all the required codecs included compared to Media Player Classic which is recommended as the default player of the CCCP. That is to say, VLC can be installed without CCCP and would still be capable by itself.

    • Anna

      This is true. sassypants678 recommends CCCP, while I recommend K-Lite. Which to me is easier to install and maintain.

      VLC however, can play a lot of things without a codec pack, but it certainly plays nicer with one installed ;3

  27. Schyler

    Hi! I just downloaded your video (non-torrent) and..I have windows 8.1 and..it won’t work? Any suggestions? Because I can’t torrent things..

  28. Delani

    I tried downloading the first volume of Sailor Moon but I can’t get it to open. I have 7zip but I don’t know how to use it. I’m not at all good with computers and googling the problem did not help. So can you tell me how to open a file with 7zip or however I’m supposed to?

  29. Reginald

    So I’m definitely not understanding this site but it looks interesting, does this work for mobile? Because I’ve been trying to download it and it wouldn’t work

    • Luna

      Ummm, not sure if you knew this but you can’t download things off of the internet on a handheld device ;-;
      Computers and laptops can because their software is made for it

  30. Alice

    Hello Miss Dream! First of all, nice to meet you =), I adore all your scanlations, subbings, ect . I’m here to ask you about a problem with one of the: the SeraMyus. I can’t get any subtitle for any of them, and I had to watch them in Japanese (wich means that since my japanese is pretty bad, I couldn’t understand half of it ). Is it normal? If not, how can I solve this problem or at least know what’s going on?
    Exept that, thanks for your great job, and i guess I don’t especially need to understand everything to enjoy a good musical.=)

  31. SeraMyuFan CC

    Hello. I found your website a few months ago for Sailor Moon lyrics and quite frankly I am super impressed. The website layout is awesome and there is a handful of Sera Myu Lyrics. Love the website.

    SeraMyuFan CC

  32. Luna

    Your site is simply the best! I used to use Kissmanga and MangaFox, but Kissmanga was really unorganized and messy – they didn’t even have the last manga arc! I found MangaFox to be really slow as well. They didn’t have as high quality translations, so it looked like an immigrant was teaching ME English :p. Also, the quality of the manga is stunning, it doesn’t look all blurred out and as dark like the other sites at all – your site isn’t covered in stupid ads. I can’t read a single Sailor Moon chapter without being forced to buy expensive figures and click on Asian dating sites – I’m a teenage female, I’m not interested in Asian dating!!!
    Yet here, I can read without being squashed with porno ads, I can read with brilliant quality manga, and I can read knowing that there’s no darn viruses “cough cough Kiss- cough cough”

  33. Alice

    Hello missdreamer! I’m here to ask one little question : I absolutely loved your translations of the Seramyu ‘la reconquista’ ‘petite étrangère’ and ‘un nouveau voyage’. Do you have any idea when you will be able to translate the new one ‘amour eternal’? For exemple, do you think you’ll be able to do it before 2017? do not misunderstand me, that’s not a request to do it faster -I’m aware that you already do a lot of work. By the way, your site is wonderful, and the quality of the translations is excellent! Please stay that way! ;)

  34. Lez

    Is this site legal? I’d love to translate some of those pieces to other languages, but… you can’t just put manga scans like this, can you?

  35. Elen

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU Miss Dream for all of the incredible work you do. As another commenter put it, you guys are like a dream come true… while I am absolutely heartbroken that the new subbed musicals had to get taken down, I understand that there’s not much you guys can do when it comes from the powers that be. However, if there’s any hope for a subbed translation of the DVD, or something like that someday… please do let us know?

    Thanks again for everything that you do, and know that you make some of us die-hard Sailor Moon people’s hearts VERY full <3 <3 <3

  36. Anya

    Hi! I just found your website and I LOVE it! I’ve been looking for Sera Myu content for forever, and you have quality subs! All your work is amazing!
    I know you said in the FAQ that you don’t know the most about MAC computers, but does anyone? I want to watch the newer musicals, but the download wasn’t working on my computer. If you have no clue, no worries! I’ll figure it out!


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