Re-translated by Sasha. NOTES: 1: written with the kanji for “jikan” (time), but read “toki”, which has some more flexibility in its meaning. 2: In this context “shinuki” roughly translates to an intent, motivation, or feeling that one will die, so literally, the line is about loving someone with that intent/feeling. I went with this… Read more »

Natsukashii no wa Naze?

Re-translated by Sasha. NOTES: *The lyrics use relatively few kanji, which is fitting for young children. I tried to use vocabulary that would make sense for children to use. 1: “nyao”, “myaa”, and “nyan” are all slightly different onomatopoeia for meows. Each kitten has their own preference of onomatopoeia as a way of differentiating them…. Read more »