Densetsu Seitan

Re-translated by Sasha. NOTES: 1: specifically, each person was shining. 2: “deshou” is a less definite ending particle than “desu”, implying that the speaker is looking for confirmation or a response from the listener, but it doesn’t mark a question unless combined with a question particle (which it is in the chorus), so I chose… Read more »

Galaxia no Dokusai

Re-translated by Sasha. NOTES: 1: Galaxia places extra emphasis on her pronoun as a show of her superiority. 2: “chisuji” can refer to a “lineage”, but it makes more sense for Galaxia to refer to the “stock” of Sailor Crystals that she has yet to obtain. 3: an indirect reference to the Solar System Senshi.

It’s Chou Very Bad

Re-translated by Sasha. *General note: Each of the Animamates’ verses contain references to their respective animals. (Iron Mouse tries to nibble on a jewel, Kerokko talks about jumping off of something, Pewter Fox talks about deception, and Tin Nyanko mentions napping) NOTES: 1: a reference to the weaving maiden from the Tanabata legend. This musical… Read more »