Miss Dream Staff

Current Staff:

Katie | Lead Admin & Translator

Katie took the helm at Miss Dream in November 2017. She runs Miss Dream’s social media, keeps things organized, and translates anything that comes her way.

  • Favorite Characters: Minako/Venus and Yaten/Healer.
  • Sailor Moon Origin Story: Discovered the dub on TV in middle school, delved into the internet world of geocities fansites and discovered all of the other characters, and was inspired to learn Japanese so she could watch the series on her own.
  • Character She’s Most Similar To: A mix of Minako’s idol-loving cheerful goofiness, Yaten’s sarcasm, and both of their protectiveness.
  • Other Hobbies/Interests: Gaming (mostly RPGs), singing, reading, sci-fi, and idols.
  • Find Her Elsewhere: @ainomessage on Tumblr.

Sailor Busters | Admin

Sailor Busters, aka Sailor Busters/Busters/Goz/Gozita, joined the Miss Dream team in November 2017 and now handles content management.

  • Favorite Characters: Rei/Mars and Minako/Venus.
  • Sailor Moon Origin Story: She watched it on TV when she was younger, then got SUPER back into it in the last year and a half when she discovered the musicals.
  • Character She’s Most Similar To: Rei Hino.
  • Other Hobbies/Interests: Studying Japanese, video games (JRPGS mostly)
  • Find Her Elsewhere: @gozita2003 on Twitter.

Fred | Gallery Admin

Fred, aka Mercurius, manages the epic galleries on Miss Dream.

  • Favorite Characters: Ami/Mercury and Makoto/Jupiter.
  • Sailor Moon Origin Story: At a hospital, around 1998, Toonami was playing. It aired “Much Ado About Babysitting” episode, when Mercury got her upgraded attack.
  • Character He’s Most Similar To: Ami Mizuno, because he likes to be smart as her.
  • Other Hobbies/Interests: Makeing CAW wrestling, watching superhero shows like The Flash and Arrow, watching twitch streams, gaming, being a PC nerd (built his ownRyzen 7 1800x/NVIDIA GTX 1080 PC rig, with 1TB M.2 drive & 3TB + 10TB HDDs for extra storage)
  • Find Him Elsewhere: @fredjfrancis on Twitter and Facebook.

About the Founders:


sassypants678 is the creator of Miss Dream and a work-a-holic extraordinaire. Though she no longer has time to run the site, she now creates and runs Miss Dream sponsored events such as the Silver Millennium Masquerade Ball and scans content for the site.

  • Favorite Characters: Mamoru, Michiru, Setsuna.
  • Sailor Moon Origin Story: When she was around 11 years old her younger brother introduced her to the show. She got truly obsessed after walking into a Japanese import store in San Francisco and saw VKLL fansubs of Stars. She was inspired to learn Japanese so she could watch all of Sailor Moon by herself some day.
  • Character She’s Most Similar To: Rei – they have bossiness, bad tempers, and a hatred for the patriarchy in common.
  • Other Hobbies/Interests: Gardening, ice skating, brewing kombucha, cooking, reading, word puzzles and anagrams.


MarioKnight / Dan is the right-hand man behind Miss Dream. He administers the server that the site and related services run off of and fixes anything the rest of the staff breaks.

  • Favorite Characters: Minako/Venus.
  • Sailor Moon Origin Story: Like many other fans, Toonami in spring of 1998 is where he started watching the show.
  • Character He’s Most Similar To: Viluy
  • Other Hobbies/Interests: Brewing beer, puzzle games, rhythm games, karaoke, RPGs
  • Find Him Elsewhere: @marioknight on Twitter.

Sincere thanks to these members of Miss Dream staff, past and present:

Brendan (translation) Debbie (translation) Kokujin (translation) Mizusenshi (editorials) Persephone (translation) RRVIper (QC/Raws)
Jamesares (DDLs) Morgan (karaoke) Chaosknight (video editing) EternalRuth (raws) DriveMeTheMercury (raws) Maraviollantes (raws)
Sailor Cybertron (raws) Lillychan (raws) Zannid (raws) RawAmbition (design) ZodiacCircle (design) Purenightshade (design)
Volpe3fuego (design) Peacelovenpits (design) Schizzy (design) Sailor Astera (design) Kungpow12345 (design) Kuroitenshi13 (design)
Williefleete (design) Icera (design) Mystrahe (design) HayleyKat (design) Chase’s Eye (QC) RainbowRevolt (design)
Talesofwings (Org) Wednesday (editing) Koala Dan Rebecca (design) rainbowrevolt (design) Sailorasteroid (editing)
Anthylorrel (design) Mary (editing) Courtney (data entry) Angie (data entry) Gabrielle (data entry) Joanna (data entry)
Nyshal (data entry) Mindy (data entry / editing / design) Senshi-chan (graphical design) Pixeluna (development) Messenger Star (conversions / raws) Kanki (J->E translator)
Muffy (J->E translator) P-chan (G->E translator) Miss Moonlight (graphical design) Artemis (graphical design) Garnet (graphical design) DraconicSoul (graphical design)
Izam (translations) Krysta (writing) Vivian (editing) Zenfinity (translation) Anna (admin) Lacie (graphical design)
Galadan (QC) Serenity842003 (QC) Yen (graphic design) Hexe (graphic design) aers00 (raws) Caitlin (raws)
James (translattor fansubs)
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