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Elly is the creator of Miss Dream and a work-a-holic extraordinaire. She works as Osano Fumio’s personal English interpreter for his official Twitter account @OsabuP_English. Her responsibilities around Miss Dream include:

  • Translating print-media releases
  • Obtaining raw materials for translation
  • Scanning in all Monday Night Raw Materials
  • Paying the bills / Keeping everything running smoothly
  • Organizing staff / networking

When she isn’t working on Miss Dream, working, or parenting, Elly enjoys cooking, gardening, blogging, and reading. She’s a huge fan of Russian literature and collects the works of Vladimir Nabokov. Elly also loves word puzzles and anagrams. (Incidentally, her first name is an anagram of the phrase “Real One”) 宜しく!


MarioKnight / Dan is the right-hand man behind Miss Dream. Also a work-a-holic here on this site as well as an administrator at the web hosting company he works at. He uses his management experience and technical know-how to accomplish the following responsibilities and more:

  • Schedule and post regular site updates
  • Directly administer the server the site and related services are run off of
  • Fix whatever Elly breaks (this happens a lot)
  • Organize staff assignments and critique assignments before final projects are released


Outside of Miss Dream, Dan can be seen and has some sort of influence on a variety of Sailor Moon sites. Most known for running Sailor Moon Uncensored, he is also a “secondary administrator” to a few other sites, and has contributed articles to other sites. Outside of the Sailor Moon Online Community, his hobbies include being awesome, hanging out with his friends, outdrinking yet maintaining better control of himself than them, playing DDR and Rock Band, and maintains a variety of other interests.


James is Elly’s partner in crime. After they met in college at the University of New York at Albany’s Japanese Studies department, they were inseparable. Miss Dream is not his first fansubbing venture and so he brings a lot of experience to the table. His duties around Miss Dream are:

  • Translation of video releases
  • Timing, typesetting, and encoding
  • Putting the /m/ in /m/agical girls

When James isn’t working on Miss Dream, he’s an avid collector of Gunpla models and something of a /m/echa fanatic. He is also quite the Pokemon master and anime fanatic. James spends most of his free time collecting video game consoles and hacking them into submission. He is fond of puzzles and building things.


Fred, aka Mercurius, has been on the Sailor Moon/anime fandom scene since 1998, and never lets go of what he loves. His Mercurius name actually came from a character of Ami’s rival, from the SuperS short, “Ami’s First Love.” He started doing video editing work around 2004, mostly on his other favorite, pro wrestling video games. Around late 2014, as the home video releases of Sailor Moon Crystal were about to come out, many noticed the changes from once aired. Fred took that chance and made comparison shots of every change, from web to home video, and took it to twitter and tumblr…before the calling to make a site, dedicated to those changes. Thus, Crystal Comparisons is born.His other interests, besides Sailor Moon, anime, and pro wrestling…well, he is a long-time gamer. Plus, anything he wants! Sales, merchandise, etc. It’s his thing.

Fred can be contacted via these social media links:


Hexe is working on a 20 year addiction to all things Sailor Moon, particularly Sera Myu. A childhood of watching very poor quality, unsubtitled VHS tapes of Sera Myu over and over until they fell apart was ultimately fulfilled when she found Miss Dream, and all the subtitled, high-def Myu goodness a Moonie could ask for. She felt it was best to give back for all that she had received <3 In between having moments over Yūga Yamato, she fills the long, empty spaces of life improving her Japanese, building her web programming skills, and writing and producing STARSYS web comics.


Ainomessage / Katie has been a Sailor Moon fan ever since childhood and owes the series a debt of gratitude for being her gateway drug into Japanese culture and language. She spends her days as a full time office worker, part-time translator, and owner of a small fandom-inspired fashion shop. Whether it be manga, anime, live action, or musical, Katie can’t get enough of Sailor Moon. Her duties for Miss Dream include:

  • Translating anything that comes her way
  • Stalking the Sera Myu cast

Outside of Miss Dream and work, Katie loves playing video games, singing at karaoke, reading, and blogging. In addition to Sailor Moon, she’s also a huge fan of Arashi, Morning Musume, S/mileage, Momoiro Clover Z, and most anything sci-fi.


Yen is a 21-year-old professional bum from Pennsylvania, equipped with a graphics tablet and a copy of Photoshop CS3, and is ready to change the world with one stroke of her digital paintbrush. While she doesn’t have any professional credentials in graphic design (Which she hopes to change in the future), she has been doing it as a hobby since the age of 15. She first discovered Sailor Moon in 1998, at the tender age of 8 and hasn’t looked back ever since. Due to her love of Sailor Moon and graphic design, many of her duties at Miss Dream include:

  • Cleaning manga scans
  • Lettering and Typsetting scanlations
  • Being the resident Sailor Moon Encyclopedia

When not being obsessed with Sailor Moon, Yen can be found obsessing over Dragon Ball (Or both at the same time as she is an avid fan of the Sailor Moon/Dragon Ball Crossover genre). Other anime she enjoys includes Hetalia, Azumanga Daioh, Rurouni Kenshin, His and Her Circumstances, Cardcaptor Sakura, Revolutionary Girl Utena, Yes! Pretty Cure 5, Yoroiden Samurai Troopers, Cutey Honey Flash, Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt, and many others. Yen is also a huge fan of the American voice actor, Eric Vale, and the chart-topping, J-pop Super Star, Ayumi Hamasaki.


Serenity842003 (or Nikki as she prefers to be known) is a 27 year old librarian by day and a fervent Moonie and Sera Myu fan by night. A fan since 1995, she primarily uses her B.A. in English Language and Literature to assist in the editing of various Miss Dream projects, and loves Takeuchi-sensei’s ability to bring her to tears with some of her stories.When not working for Miss Dream, she spends her free time playing Pokemon, Mario, and Zelda as well as scouring eBay for the last four 1st stage Sera Myu programs she needs for her collection, watching My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, being a Disney geek and studying the histories of the royal houses of Great Britain, France and Russia.


p-chan is a Sailor Moon fan since he stumbled across an episode one boring afternoon. They talked about mysterious crystals and talismans, had an all-female couple and some silly girls who turned serious whenever they changed into silly outfits. It was love on first sight, and about a month later he had a bunch of sceptic friends converted to do Sailor Moon roleplaying. Then, Sailor Moon faded out of his life (“a short hiatus”) until he stumbled across a Sera Myu one boring afternoon in 2012. It had all of the above, plus gorgeous music, dance and acrobatics. LOFS again. On board the Miss Dream, he’s a simple sailor translating the odd German Sailor Moon stuff into English and maintaining The Ultimate Guide To Sera Myu.Apart from Sailor Moon, p-chan loves the local zoo, Studio Ghibli, J- and K-dramas, Alan Rickman, music from Mozart to Momoclo and is an absolute soundtrack buff – film, TV, anime, whatever. If it has good music, he can even endure shoddy acting. In his spare time, he tries to get some real life as a freelance translator.


Galadan is the eternal undergrad, changing subjects every few years to avoid having to write that pesky thesis. Compared to his long-term love of fantasy and science fiction, primarily in written form, his interest in Sailor Moon is relatively new and arose in a rather peculiar way: after a friend hooked him on the Ranma ½ anime, he discovered fanfiction and got introduced to several other series through various crossovers. By far most common was Sailor Moon, and as he started considering writing something in that genre himself, he decided he first needed to acquaint himself with the canon, so as to avoid excessive use of fannon material. Mangafox had a link to MissDream, and the rest – as they say – is history.His duties on the site consist mainly of html coding and page design.

Sincere thanks to these members of Miss Dream staff, past and present:

Brendan (translation)Debbie (translation)Kokujin (translation)Mizusenshi (editorials)Persephone (translation)RRVIper (QC/Raws)
Jamesares (DDLs)Morgan (karaoke)Chaosknight (video editing)EternalRuth (raws)DriveMeTheMercury (raws)Maraviollantes (raws)
Sailor Cybertron (raws)Lillychan (raws)Zannid (raws)RawAmbition (design)ZodiacCircle (design)Purenightshade (design)
Volpe3fuego (design)Peacelovenpits (design)Schizzy (design)Sailor Astera (design)Kungpow12345 (design)Kuroitenshi13 (design)
Williefleete (design)Icera (design)Mystrahe (design)HayleyKat (design)Chase’s Eye (QC)RainbowRevolt (design)
Arlein (Org)Wednesday (editing)Koala DanRebecca (design)rainbowrevolt (design)Sailorasteroid (editing)
Anthylorrel (design)Mary (editing)Courtney (data entry)Angie (data entry)Gabrielle (data entry)Joanna (data entry)
Nyshal (data entry)Mindy (data entry / editing / design)Senshi-chan (graphical design)Pixeluna (development)Messenger Star (conversions / raws)Kanki (J->E translator)
Muffy (J->E translator)P-chan (G->E translator)Miss Moonlight (graphical design)Artemis (graphical design)Garnet (graphical design)DraconicSoul (graphical design)
Izam (translations)Krysta (writing)Vivian (editing)Zenfinity (translation)Anna (admin)Lacie (graphical design)

13 Responses to “Miss Dream Staff”

  1. Venus /facebook

    hello there! the charry project raw vol.2 as been corrupted! please good reupload it! ^^

    • Elly

      When did you download the archive? It is possible that your download was corrupted during one of our server migrations or service interruptions. Please try it again and let me know if you get the same error, thanks. :)

  2. Mintomami

    I was struggling to find the contact form o_o but i was hoping we could either exchange links or become affies? keep up the good work you guys <3

  3. llovll

    Hello Miss Dream happy new year! I’m glad there is a well translated version of Sailor Moon around, I don’t know if it has been asked but I was wondering how or where did you learn Japanese? Anyways taking you for sharing sailor moon goodness with everyone! ^^

  4. Lucila

    Hi! I´ve just found out this site. I´m a HUGE Sailor Moon fan;thank you for published everything,some of the stuff are very dificult to find and expensive too in my country. May I ask a question, which OCR program do you use? Cause I would like to do the same with some Dragon Ball doujinshi I had. Of course,I don´t know nothing of Japanese but I do know English,and I really want to translate it into English to finally change it into Spanish,yeah… kind of crazy. So thanks again for a wonderful work.XOXO

    • Elly

      OCR program?
      We don’t use any. We just read the handwriting / Japanese text by plain sight. Sorry!

  5. CafeChip

    Hello Missdream !
    My name is CafeChip and I’m a vietnamese
    I would want to ask you your authorisation to translate your projects : Sailormoon
    I hope you will answer.
    But I don’t (and i can’t) forget to say the most important thing :
    Thank you for all your work

  6. Komekoro

    Hey Elly & Co.
    It is Komekoro from tumblr. finaly decided to take the plunge and try to become a part of MissDream. I’ve been thinking that MissDream could be a resource for thoe people intereste in making Sailor Moon Graphics. I’d love tohead this up, and I’d start by creating image data bases – every panel from the manga, sorted by arc and character. I’ve already done a bunch of Hotaru/Sailor Saturn – It’s on a RP tumbr of mine. Just let me know if you are interested!

  7. Komekoro

    (Sorry for all the typos…. my keyboard is acting up.) After the manga image data base is complete, I wouldn’t mind adding anime/Myu/PGSM to the database either!


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