Japanese Audio

Music from the Sailor Moon 20th and 25th Anniversaries

MP3(320kbps) | Scans
Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary Memorial Tribute CD
MP3 (320kpbs) | FLAC | Scans
 25th Anniversary Tribute Album
MP3 (320kbps) | Scans | Torrent

Music from the Sailor Moon Musicals

Musical Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Amour Eternal
MP3 (320kbps) | Scans
Donated by Kaite (ainomessage.tumblr.com)

Music from Sailor Moon Crystal

Bishojo Senshi Sailor Moon Crystal Soundtrack
MP3 (320kpbs) | FLAC | Album Scans | Torrent
Sailor Moon Crystal Original Soundtrack Volume 2
MP3 (320kpbs) | Scans | Torrent
MOON PRIDE MomoClo Edition
MomoClo Edition MP3 (320kpbs) | MomoClo Edition FLAC
SM Crystal Edition FLAC
MomoClo Edition Album Scans| SM Crystal Edition Album Scans
Sailor Moon Crystal Character Song Collection
MP3 (320kpbs)* | FLAC* | Scans
* – ripped by by Mizuno Caitlin of
Wild Mushroom Land
Sailor Moon Crystal Season III - New Moon ni Koishite Eternal Eternity - Artwork
MP3 (320kpbs) | FLAC | Scans
Sailor Moon Crystal Season III - Otome no Susume
MP3 (320kpbs) | FLAC | Scans
Sailor Moon Crystal Season III - Eien Dake wa Futari wo Kakeru
MP3 (320kpbs) | Scans

Music from the Original 1990s Animation

Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon
Sailor Stars Merry Christmas CD
MP3 | Scans

21 Responses to “Japanese Audio”

  1. Joan

    The links to the Crystal mp3s & scans on this page don’t seem to be correct. I didn’t check the FLAC link. The links on the blog do seem to be correct.

    • MarioKnight

      Hmm, not sure what happened here, but I’ve changed the link to go to the scans gallery page with working download as well. Thanks for the heads up!

  2. Usagi Tsukino

    Hey Miss Dream! When I downloaded the Sailor Moon Crystal: Crystal Collection It wasn’t Completed with all the songs… So I got all the songs and put it in order… Can you please email me back if you want the full album? Because I don’t want you guys to go through it and put your work on it again. So please email me and I will give you guys it
    Usagi Tsukino (Roana)

  3. M

    Will you be uploading the new concert album that came out on Dec 6th?

    And thanks so much for all your work! Really enjoyed your manga translations XD

  4. Abenti

    For some reason, “[Miss Dream] SMC Season III Single 3 MP3.rar” only gives me an error message when I try to open it with 7Zip: Can not open file ‘C:\Users\user\Downloads\{Miss Dream} SMC Season III Single 3 MP3.rar’ as archive

    It’s also showing up as a 34.3 MB file. Don’t know if that’s the right file size or just what.

    • Abenti

      Also having the same problem/error with [Miss Dream] Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Crystal Original Soundtracks II MP3.rar (158 MB) and [Miss Dream] Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon 25th Anniversary Classic Concert MP3.rar (185 MB)

      • MarioKnight

        Sadly I’m not sure what the issue might be. I just went ahead and downloaded all three files you quoted, and was able to open and un-archive all three with no issues. The best advice I can give at this time is to attempt to redownload them and try again.

  5. Justin

    The Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon 25th Anniversary Memorial Collection Album (Not the Classical Concert) ‘might’ be a bad upload.

    The actual .rar when trying to extract says it’s a bad file and the torrent itself fails to download even the slightest because it can’t connect to anything.

    • MarioKnight

      Sadly I can’t seem to reproduce the issues you mention. I downloaded the RAR via the link and was able to extract it successfully w/ both 7zip and WinRAR. The torrent file itself downloads though at work I can’t open the torrent file for download testing. I can say that this was one of the first torrents on the new tracker, and in checking its front-end software, the 25th anniversary album has the most seeds. Unfortunately since I can’t reproduce any of your issues, I’m not sure what I can do to help fix things for you. =(

  6. BlueFires

    Can confirm that both the 25th memorial albums are ‘broken’ archives, with multiple redownloads over the course of several hours and days they are both still broken, I’m not sure if its the file itself or if its browser based issue, but both files have the same error message.

  7. Christopher

    These were such an awesome find. Thank you so much for collecting these and sharing them with us!


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