Rainbow Over the Moon 4 – Gold Orchid

A comedy focused on Aino Minako.

Updated scans by wolf1806.

Group/Circle: Blue Lynx
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Mature
Year: 1994

2 Responses to “Rainbow Over the Moon 4 – Gold Orchid”

  1. flor

    hi! is there anyway of having this one translated? I think of all the series is the only one who doesn’t have a translation and i had been dying to read it for months now, i love my baby venus so much :'(
    (anyway, thanks so much for all your incredible work! ♥)

    • MarioKnight

      Hello! We currently don’t have any plans due to time, but we always take paid commissions over at Fandom Services so if you’d like a quote please fill out the form there and we’ll reach out to you shortly afterwards. =)


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