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Please enjoy the largest collection of raw Sailor Moon downloads on the internet!

Our scans are made in 600 DPI, to offer the highest quality, best possible versions online. You can use these for anything - but please link back to share this great resource with others! "Raw" downloads are of Sailor Moon books left in the original language they were published in. This collection features mostly Japanese Sailor Moon downloads, but we also offer Sailor Moon publications in many other languages.

On this page you can download our growing collection of Sailor Moon publications and other merchandise! We feature the completed works of Naoko Takeuchi, art books, an extensive magazine collection, hundreds of back issues of Nakayoshi and RunRun, a complete collection of Sera Myu pamphlets, and much more!

Japanese Language

Sailor Moon Animanga Books by Nakayoshi Sailor Moon Animanga Books by Nakayoshi
- Picture book recaps of the anime with dialog
The Works of Naoko Takeuchi in Nakayoshi Magazine The Works of Naoko Takeuchi in Nakayoshi Magazine
- Individual chapter scans of Sailor Moon and other Naoko Takeuchi stories as printed in Nakayoshi and other magazines.
Other books by Naoko Takeuchi Other books by Naoko Takeuchi
- A collection of manga by Naoko Takeuchi
Sailor Moon Art Books Sailor Moon Art Books
- Miscellaneous artbooks and picture books
Nakayoshi and RunRun Magazines Nakayoshi and Other Magazines
- Monthly periodicals featuring Naoko Takeuchi's and many other manga authors' works.
Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Scripts Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Scripts
- Scans of scripts from the live action series, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon
Japanese Magazines Featuring Sailor Moon Japanese Magazines Featuring Sailor Moon
- An assortment of Japanese magazines which have content related to the Sailor Moon meta series or its supporting merchandise.
Seramyu Pamphlets Sailor Moon Musical Pamphlets
- A number of program pamphlets from the different performances of the Sailor Moon musicals.
Sailor Moon Muscial Scripts Sailor Moon Muscial Scripts
-Original Scripts from the Sailor Moon muscials
Sera Myu Photos Sera Myu Photos - Promotional photos from the Sailor Moon musicals (2013-2017).
Sera Myu Actress Model Shots Sera Myu Actress Model Shots
-Photoshoots of the SeraMyu actresses.
Products and Merchandise Products and Merchandise
- Sailor Moon Japanese Merchandise.
Raw Sailor Moon Videos Raw Sailor Moon Videos
-Unsubbed videos with Sailor Moon.
Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Books Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Books
- A number of books released based off of the Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon live-action series.
Events and Sightings Events and Sightings
- Sailor Moon events and sightings from around Japan.
Sailor Moon Advertisements Sailor Moon Advertisements
- Sailor Moon Advertisements from various Japanese products.
Fan Publications Fan Publications
- Sailor Moon fan books produced by the Japanese Fandom unofficially.
Sailor Moon Video Game Guides Sailor Moon Video Game Guides
- Guide books for Sailor Moon games.
Kodansha TV Picture Books Kodansha TV Picture Books
-Picture book series for kids.
Sailor Moon Odekake Mini Books Sailor Moon Odekake Mini Books
-Small picture/game book series for kids.
Other Stage Shows Other Stage Shows
-A variety of goods from other stage shows that are not Sera Myu.
Sailor Moon Novelization Sailor Moon Novelization
-The series of novelizations done for the Sailor Moon manga.
Sailor Moon Scripts and Storyboards Sailor Moon Scripts and Storyboards
-Various scripts and storyboard for the Sailor Moon 90s anime.

English Language

Sailor Moon Tokyopop Pocket Comics Edition Sailor Moon Tokyopop Pocket Comics Edition
- Tokyopop's "pocket book" format manga - similar to the Japanese "Tankoubon.
Mixxzine Mixxzine
- Original North American serializations of Sailor Moon from Mixxzine
Chix Comics Chix Comics
- Original North American serializations of Sailor Moon from Chix Comics
Smile Magazine by Tokyopop Smile Magazine by Tokyopop
- Original North American serializations of Sailor Moon from Smile Magazine by Tokyopop
Sailor Moon: The Novels by Tokyopop/SMILE Books Sailor Moon: The Novels by Tokyopop/SMILE Books
- Written novels of Sailor Moon episodes by Tokyopop
North American Magazines Featuring Sailor Moon North American Magazines Featuring Sailor Moon
- Magazines from the 1990s - early 2000s that had articles featuring Sailor Moon!
North American Sailor Moon Dub Books North American Sailor Moon Dub Books
- Books based off the Sailor Moon dub by various publishers
Sailor Moon Guardians of Order Role Playing Books Sailor Moon Guardians of Order Role Playing Books
- Sailor Moon Role Playing Books by Guardians of Order
Sailor Moon Dart Flipcards Sailor Moon Dart Flipcards
- Scans of cards from the Sailor Moon Dart Flipcard Collection
Sailor Moon Assorted Downloads Sailor Moon Assorted Downloads
- Scans of assorted Sailor Moon merchandise
Sailor Moon in Newspapers Sailor Moon in Newspapers
- Scans of Sailor Moon Appearing in English Newspapers

German Language

Sailor Fanbuch Collection Sailor Fanbuch Collection
- Complete collection of the Sailor Fanbuch release.
German KAZE Boxsets German KAZE Boxsets
- DVDs Boxset Art from the release by KAZE
German Sonderheft Special Magazines German Sonderheft Special Magazines
- Special magazines for Sailor Moon released in Germany.
German Miscellaneous Books German Miscellaneous Books
- Various German books released for Sailor Moon.

French Language

Sailor Moon by Glénat Sailor Moon by Glénat
- Sailor Moon Translated by Glénat in France

Chinese Language

Sailor Moon by KiKi Sailor Moon by KiKi
- Sailor Moon Translated by KiKi
Sailor Moon Shinsouban in Chinese Sailor Moon "Shinsouban" in Chinese
- Chinese Translations of the Shinsouban
Chinese Sailor Moon Art Books Chinese Sailor Moon Art Books
- Chinese Translations of the Art Books

Korean Language

Korean Tankoubon Korean Tankoubon
- Korean translation of the Sailor Moon Tankoubon

Spanish Language

Spanish Language Magazines Spanish Language Magazine
- Spanish Magazines featuring Sailor Moon
Spanish Children's Books Spanish Children's Books
- Sailor Moon Children's Books in Spanish
Spanish Sailor V Tankoubon Spanish Sailor V Tankoubon
- Spanish translation of the Sailor V Tankoubon
Spanish Sailor Moon Tankoubon Spanish Sailor Moon Tankoubon
- Spanish translation of the Sailor Moon Tankoubon
Spanish Activity Books Spanish Activity Books
- Sailor Moon Activity Coloring Books in Spanish
Spanish Editorial Toukan Comics Spanish Editorial Toukan Comics
- Sailor Moon Comics presented by Editorial Toukanh
Spanish Miscellaneous Books Spanish Miscellaneous Books
- Various Spanish books released for Sailor Moon.

Thai Language

Thai Language Magazines Thai Language Magazine
- Thai Magazines featuring Sailor Moon

Taiwanese Language

Portuguese Language

Portuguese Sailor V Shinsouban Portuguese Sailor V Shinsouban
- Portuguese translation of the Sailor V Shinsouban
Portuguese Sailor Moon Shinsouban Portuguese Sailor Moon Shinsouban
- Portuguese translation of the Sailor Moon Shinsouban

Romanian Language

Romanian Miscellaneous Books Romanian Miscellaneous Books
- Various Romanian books of Sailor Moon

Italian Language

Italian Translated Manga The Italian Translated Version of the Sailor Moon Manga
- The 25th Volume of the Italian Translated Sailor Moon Manga

Of special interest is our unique collection of Nakayoshi magazine. "Nakayoshi" is a famous Japanese girls' manga / comics magazine, where Sailor Moon was first published in the 1990s. Our Nakayoshi magazine collection features chapters from Sailor Moon to download, as well as the complete collected works of Sailor Moon author Naoko Takeuchi. Our Nakayoshi magazine download collection is the largest on the internet, featuring artwork and dialogue that is changed in later releases for Sailor Moon. Our Sailor Moon downloads in Nakayoshi are an extremely rare and popular resource, so check them out!

Also check our growing collection of North American Sailor Moon downloads, featuring works published by Tokyopop, Smile, and more! You can download complete collections of the Chix Comics by Tokyopop, The Sailor Moon Pocket Comics, and the entire run of Sailor Moon manga in Mixxzine. We also have Sailor Moon downloads from random showings in North American magazines, various cards released, and even other publications! This is the best place online to get Sailor Moon downloads in English.

153 Responses to “Raw Sailor Moon Downloads”

  1. nekokamy

    hi Miss Dream ^^~ Do you have Toki*Meca volume 2 ”~? Hope you will release the raw soon ^^~ I very love this series ^^~

    • sassypants678

      As far as I know, a Toki Meka volume 2 has never been released. Naoko Takeuchi never continued with the series, sadly. D:

      • nekokamy

        Heh? Really? But Baka-Updates Manga said it had 2 volume :(( And I’ve read some chapter of volume 2 on mangafox :-S Anyway, thank you sooo muchhhh for the raw of Toki*Meca and other series :x <3 Now I have all the raws I need to translate into my language XD Thanks )

        • sassypants678

          Can you provide a link? I’ll definitely look into purchasing a volume 2 to translate, but as far as I know one didn’t exist.

          • Hota-chan


            I found your site, and i’m like *. * ’cause i’m a huge fan of Naoko Takeuchi, and I do have the last 3 chapters of Toki*Meka (raw). The quality isn’t that good, but, IMO, better this then never finishing reading it (btw, I didn’t translate it myself ’cause i’m still learning japanese >.<). So, if u could finish it, I would really appreciate it, and I suppose I'm not alone on that ;)

            Thanks anw

          • sassypants678

            Awesome, glad you like the site! I recently acquired all of the chapters of Toki Meca and have been translating through them. Still have to get through chapters 5, 8, 9, and 10 – we’re 7/11ths of the way through the entire series, including the prequel chapter. :D If you hang around long enough, we’ll eventually be getting everything online in English. :D

    • sassypants678

      I’m working on restoring Maria’s files. Please be patient – it may take a day or two.

      • MarioKnight

        Yes, but at this point I don’t know when this will happen between current projects and now the addition of anything that gets released in regards to the newly announced anime and everything else that is going on in Japan. All R2 DVDs have been acquired and ripped at the very least in preparation.

  2. Mirei

    Hey! -^__^-

    I have found in your forum the topic “Sailor Moon Channel archive of swf files (224 MB)” but I can’t download it. T__T Can you offer it to download from here?

    • sassypants678

      If you download the .rars, after they are on your computer you can change the extension to .zip and they will still work normally :)

  3. moonie

    Hi Miss Dream well unfortunately recently my Sailor Moon 20th anniversary cover got ruined and i was wondering if you had any scans of the first volume of the dvd so i can replace my cover cause i cant seem to find them anywhere.. hope you can help

  4. 1990

    Miss Dream i downloaded toki meka but when i try to extract the files it stops at page 15 of the second volume and says there is an error i tried it in two different programs and it did the same thing.

      • mizuno

        When you are don scanning volumes 9-12 do you think you would be willing to sell them? I cant seem to find them anywhere.

        • sassypants678

          I’ve taken them apart for scanning, and many of the covers were destroyed by this process. The inside pages, however, are intact. One of the issues I bought came with no front cover at all. So if you want them in damaged condition and wanted to rebind ’em, then sure I’ll sell ’em :)

  5. YnK

    There was a couple of Sailor Moon artbooks in the “TV Magazine Great Hyakka” series – “Sailor Moon Himitsu 100” and “Sailor Moon SuperS Himitsu Album”; maybe more, but those are the ones I know. If you ever happen to buy them, please provide scans!

    • sassypants678

      I’m not even sure what those books are – can you provide a source so I can figure out how to buy them from Japan? Thanks.

      • YnK

        I used this list as a reference (they’re at the very bottom). “Himitsu 100” was mentioned somewhere long ago (maybe the old Sailor Moon FAQ?), and I seem to have seen it on ebay occasionally. Not sure about the SuperS artbook.

  6. Daniel

    Once I download a file it will not open because it is in .rar format. How do you view these files? I would love to download the Tokyo Pop manga and put it on my iPad. Let me know thanks :D

  7. mizrock

    Just here to say thanks for these wonderfully HQ scans. I’ve always wanted to read this in the original Japanese.

    Is there any chance for the Artbook too? You’re awesome, either way.

    • sassypants678

      You’re welcome! I’m really glad someone is reading these in the original because of these scans! No translation can ever quite perfectly reflect Sailor Moon; Japanese is best!

      I would love to scan in the art books someday, but right now I don’t have the funding to purchase those. Maybe one day! :D

      • Misty

        I think Manga Style has scans of all the artbooks, don’t they? At least of the pictures if not of the text. And Miss Dream scanned and translated the Materials Collection, which is sort of an artbook.

      • Maggie

        If you’d like I should have the first 5 volumes (found 3 yesterday by chance – they were well-kept^^) from the first German edition release from around 1998. Almost threw them out as I don’t like any hardcover books much anymore. So I figured why not give them to someone who’d use them for good :)
        I think (except for the cover) they should b (almost) the same as the Japanese versions… they even contain Naoko’s Japanese notes. Well, if you’re interested, let me know and I’ll send them to u guys :)

  8. YnK

    I think it’s spelled “Shinsouban”, not “Shinsobon”? And thanks a lot for the Nakayoshi magazine scans!

  9. Lauchi

    Thank you Miss Dream!!=D Thank you so much for everything you’ve uploaded!! Just one thing ^_^; Can you upload the official fan book of the sailors in japanese?

    • sassypants678

      Woo hoo! Glad you like it! Miss Becks from Isshou-ni.net is helping to spruce everything up so it’s prettier, but I like how organized everything is now! :D

  10. Dralai

    I just had to drop by and say thank you. This is just brilliant. Thank you SOOOO MUCH for your kindness and hard work! This is just unbelievably kind of you, to share with us so many sets and versions of the manga. I can’t even imagine the work you had scanning everything! Again, THANK YOU SO MUCH!

    • sassypants678

      You are very welcome! I wanted to put all of this stuff online because it’s becoming so difficult to find, and almost impossible for fans outside of Japan to get. Since hardly anyone values these things, I wanted to digitize them before they are impossible to find – so that people could enjoy them and they wouldn’t be forgotten. I’m so glad you are enjoying these – makes all the hard work well worth my time! :D

  11. YnK

    I have a question about this thing currently listed on eBay (just out of curiosity, since you know a lot more about the manga than I do).

    I collect info on where each chapter was published, and the first Infinity chapter was said to be in a “special”. So I was wondering whether that thing could be that chapter’s original printing, or if it’s simply some kind of “extra” made after it was already published.

    • sassypants678

      Looking at the Japanese, this issue was released as part of a “supplemen” to the March edition of Nakayoshi magazine for the year this chapter was released. Pretty rare find – I hope you win it! :D

      • YnK

        Sadly, I’ve already spent way too much money on Sailor Moon this year, so I probably won’t be allowed to buy it. >.< …What a pity, I love the Infinity arc so much…

      • YnK

        But going to try anyway. I’m not really a collector, but looking at those photos, I already spotted one artwork difference between that booklet and the tankoubon manga (Usagi’s brooch). And I like to do artwork comparisons. Oh boy…

        • sassypants678

          You’ll be happy to hear that I’ve been buying up volumes of Nakayoshi left and right – just for that very purpose. I never will have time to do proper comparisons; perhaps you can use my scans of the original serializations, as well as the tankoubon and shinsoubon editions to point out all the changes? I’d love to be able to link to such a site! :D

          • YnK

            My own Sailor Moon webpage isn’t in English (and is mostly devoid of pictures in its current state, though I’m still in the process of rewriting it), but if I ever stop being lazy, I could probably do such a project for Miss Dream. It would be very logical for a site that has a large section dedicated to manga to have some artwork comparisons. What do you think?

          • sassypants678

            I’d love to feature such a section on Miss Dream – if you’d like to join our staff to do artwork comparisons, I’d love to have you on my team! :D

          • YnK

            That actually seems to be a good idea: you’ll get something interesting to post on Miss Dream, and I’ll get a way to do manga comparisons without turning my webpage into a mess (as I can simply link to MD from there).

            We should try that. Just be aware that we’ll inevitably have a bit of communication delays due to living in different time zones. I’m also one of those “ancient dinosaurs” who don’t have a Twitter account, so you’ll be able to reach me via email. Is that okay with you? XD

  12. Elizabeth

    Hi, MissDream.org. I was wondering if you guys had “The Cherry Project” manga by Naoko Takeuchi manga on here. Sorry to bother you!

  13. BellaRoko

    Hi, MissDream! Wondering if you had KODANSHA’S SAILOR STARS TV DELUXE MAGAZINE scans. Saw it over at three-lights.net but they have a broken link, so maybe you guys have it? Thank a bunch!

  14. SuperS

    When I click on the ‘Sailor Moon Tokyopop Pocket Comics Edition’ link, it redirects me to ‘Sailor Moon Japanese “Tankoubon” Edition’. Why is that?

    • MarioKnight

      When I was fixing some table errors and using working code to help, I apparently did not re-update this link in the process. Thanks for the heads up, this has been fixed. Sorry about that! ^^;;

  15. Laura

    Hi there!

    Will you be uploading more Anime episodes, the DiC/Cloverway dubs or the re-release English manga?

    • sassypants678

      Will not be releasing the re-release English manga any time soon. 1990s anime episodes from our R1 and R2 collections is a possibility, but we’ll be doing them in RAW format; ie, not creating subtitle files for them.

    • sassypants678

      Is the difference in quality that much?
      Rescanning all these books is quite a time-consuming task, so if the difference isn’t huge I won’t be rescanning.

  16. leoboiko


    Thank you so much for all the work!

    Do you have, by any chance, the raw scans for かぐや姫の恋人?

  17. Elena

    OMG I love the fact that you scanned the Sailor Moon manga! I’m a big fan! Thanks! (English version was hard for me to find cuz everyone scanned the Japanese version and I don’t speak Japanese :( )

  18. AK91

    I want to thank you all for these great scanlations!!!!! Also, I want to point out that Nakayoshi is not only for elementary girls but also middle (about 13-15 years old in Japan). Also Kodansha Comic Usa pointed out that the original target of that magazine is pre-teen and teen girls (I think about age 9-10 to about 14-15). http://kodanshacomics.tumblr.com/search/sailor+moon+/page/13 (the post of 21st July)
    I also know a girl that is studying manga in Japan from several years and said quite the same thing about that and Ribon (but said Ciao has quite a lower target than those).
    Sorry if I sound annoying!!

    Thank you again!!! <3

    • sassypants678

      Hi AK91!

      I have to disagree with Kodansha Comics USA on this – any book store or any ordering catalogue quite clearly marks Nakayoshi, Ciao, and Ribbon as “elementary reading”, meaning that the upper age limit of the intended audience is about 12 years old. Now, there’s no rule that says anybody older than that can’t also enjoy the manga inside! But they are not who are being marketted towards. If you look at the ads inside of these books, furthermore, there’s not a girl in there who looks older than 10. :)

      I’m so glad you enjoy the scanlations, thanks for visiting!

  19. Kae-Leah

    First of all, thank you so much for the raw Sailor Moon, Sailor V, and other scans!!! I’m studying Japanese seriously and have found that raw manga is hard to find on the ‘Net without using torrents(which have a tendency to mess up my computer). Do you happen to know where I can find raw scans online of other shoujo series like Shoujo Kakumei Utena, Mermaid Melody, Full Moon Wo Sagishite, Wedding Peach, and Peach Girl. Thanks! <3