Sailor Moon Manga Downloads

The Sailor Moon manga and other works by Naoko Takeuchi in books, magazines, and more.

The Works of Naoko Takeuchi in Nakayoshi Magazine
– Individual chapter scans of Sailor Moon and other Naoko Takeuchi stories as printed in Nakayoshi and other magazines.

Other Books by Naoko Takeuchi
– A collection of Naoko’s other manga in book form.

Art Books
– Art books by Naoko Takeuchi.

Nakayoshi and Other Manga Magazines
– Complete issues of the monthly manga periodicals.

Articles and Interviews
– Magazines featuring articles and interviews about the Sailor Moon manga and Naoko Takeuchi’s other works.

– Bonus items given away with Nakayoshi and other magazines.

– Products based on or featuring art from the Sailor Moon manga.

– The series of novelizations done for the manga.