Codename wa Sailor V Chapter 3 from RunRun Magazine

This download is Chapter 3 of Codename: Sailor V – [Channel 44] Pandora’s Plot. But this download is special because it is the original printing of this issue, from RunRun magazine. It features artwork that is quite different from versions found in the tankoubon and shinsoubon versions of the same chapter. There are also some dialogue differences. This download is a great resource for anyone wanting to compare the “versions” of Codename: Sailor V that have been published.

RunRun magazine went out of business many years ago, and issues with Codename: Sailor V are especially difficult to find and expensive to purchase. It is my hope that these scans will go to good use :)

download: gallery download


3 Responses to “Codename wa Sailor V Chapter 3 from RunRun Magazine”

  1. Jay C

    Thank you for all your posts! This is an amazing collection. Thank you for sharing! Keep up the good work!
    Best!!! :-)

  2. Jennifer

    I tried to download this morning and it isn’t available anymore. Any chance of it being available again any time soon?? Thanks :-)

    • MarioKnight

      Thank for for finding this out! It looks like this was one of the first individual chapter scans we did but its download wasn’t moved when we made the section. This has been fixed. I’m sorry for the error, but you should be able to download now. Thanks again!


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