Nakayoshi September 2002 - Page 5

This download is of the Nakayoshi September 2002 issue.

Many of Naoko Takeuchi’s works, including Sailor Moon, were serialized by chapter in this monthly publication before being published by Kodansha in book format. These back issues of Nakayoshi are extremely difficult to find due to their age, the fact that the publisher does not allow for direct back issue re-ordering, and their rarity – many collectors in Japan prize these issues, especially when they feature famous artists such as Ms. Takeuchi.

This particular issue features the bonus chapter to an unfinished series called Love Witch. This chapter is entitled “Sister Witch” and is something of a spin-off to Love Witch the series. Although Naoko Takeuchi promises at the end of this chapter that her readers will see more of both Love Witch and Sister Witch, it has been more than a decade and no such continuation has been made.

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  1. Flerendra

    I was wondering…is it possible to make this into a torrent? I can download torrents, but when I try to direct download, my internet sometimes has ‘down moments’, and it makes the download stop, and I have to start all over again….

    • sassypants678

      Sure thing – we’ll add torrents to these downloads in the next couple of weeks. Hope the wait is OK – we’re just slammed with a billion projects at the moment :D


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