Chocolate Christmas

This download is the tankoubon collection of two short stories, “Chocolate Christmas” and “Wink Rain”.

Part 1 of Chocolate Christmas follows the adventures of Ryon, a lonely girl whose life is changed by a radio broadcast she listens to on Christmas Eve. She falls in love with the show’s DJ, “Mr. Choco” – and this story tells her year-long adventure to find him!

Part 2 of Chocolate Christmas, entitled “Wink Rain”, follows the love-square of Marin, Aya, Itou, and Koizumi as they try to navigate their first year in high school apart from each other. It is a very romantic one-shot, part of Naoko Takeuchi’s “rain collection” in which all the stories are focused around the theme of rain.

Both volumes were originally published back to back as stand-alone pieces in Nakayoshi Monthly, December 1987 and January 1988. They were later compiled and released together in a graphic novel on December 6th, 1988.

A full English-translation for this book is available here – this page is for the original Japanese language version!

Click on the gallery links below to view the images in low definition, or download the massive archive of the HQ files here:

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