PQ Angels

This download is of for the complete set of “PQ Angels”, Chapters 1-4, by Naoko Takeuchi.

Many of Naoko Takeuchi’s works, including Sailor Moon, were serialized by chapter in this monthly publication before being published by Kodansha in book format.

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6 Responses to “PQ Angels”

  1. hansel

    The download link for PQ Angels is not working i get a message that says ‘The requested URL /directdownloads/raws/[Miss Dream] PQ Angels Chapters 1-4 COMPLETE.rar was not found on this server.’

  2. Katy

    Would you ever consider rescanning these? It’s just that the files are smaller than the files in the other raw manga.

    • sassypants678

      Hi Katy – unfortunately I don’t own the source material anymore. I sold my Nakayoshi collection containing these issues some years back. I’m surprised that you want a bigger file size – they’re pretty big!

      • Katy

        Aww, that’s too bad! And I’m a bit embarrassed to admit this, but I dun goofed, haha. I downloaded these scans a couple years ago and they were way lower quality. I just re-downloaded them last night and found that they’re much higher quality than before. So thank you!


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