Chibiusa’s Picture Diary 2

This download features “Chibiusa’s Picture Diary 2” by Naoko Takeuchi as published in the RunRun July 1994 issue.

Many of Naoko Takeuchi’s works, including Sailor Moon, were serialized by chapter in this monthly publication before being published by Kodansha in book format.

It’s June 30th! Usagi and Chibiusa’s Birthday! The sailor team is here, Ami, Rei, Makoto, Mina, Mamoru, and Dian are here to celebrate! Presents all around, Mamoru’s gift is the most unique, A Sailor Moon wristwatch! Mamoru tells the story of how he got it, a shady old woman outside the toy store! The Sailor Team can’t help but bawk; he even didn’t have time to give Usagi a gift! With a flip locket inside, it’s the perfect place to put a picture of someone you love! (Mamoru of course!) Next day at class, Seems everyone has the same watch. They’re getting popular, and all of the girls have hem. The girls talk about who they like, and run into none other than Haruka and Michiru. The two ask about the School’s Tanabata Tree, which has nothing but wishes for boys on it… troubling Haruka and Michiru, as well as the old vendor, who spurs the legend of Tanabata, the old tale of Vega and Altair. The girls scoff at such a legend, and this off puts the fortune teller. Back at Crown Arcade, Ami tell the mythological tale of Vega and Altair in far more accuracy. But deep in the night, The pocket watch springs open and demands Chibiusa to gather! What does this watch want?

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