Sailor Moon Furoku Act 30 Nakayoshi March 1994

This chapter of Sailor Moon was originally only available to subscribers of Nakayoshi magazine, a monthly girls comic periodical. Nakayoshi “furoku” are flat items – usually stationary sets, sticker sheets, and other small toys. The furoku item for the March 1994 issue of Nakayoshi was a small booklet featuring all of Act 30 of Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon. It was never published as a chapter within the magazine itself. So this is an extremely rare find, as furoku often get separated from the magazine they came in.

Please enjoy Act 30 in this Sailor Moon furoku format!

download: gallery download


3 Responses to “Sailor Moon Furoku Act 30 Nakayoshi March 1994”

  1. Argocub

    This is just the intro to the Infinity arc..Its kinda odd that it wasn’t in the orig mag! I wonder how the S manga started?

    • MarioKnight

      They pretty much just started with the second act of the infinity arc, at the point seen here. It drove me crazy when I was doing scans since we didn’t have both magazines at the same time. x_x


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