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This gallery and download is of Glénat Sailor Moon Volume 1.

Glénat is a French publisher who released lots of classic 1990s shoujo manga series. Their translation of Sailor Moon is considered by many to be the best in the world.

Click on the gallery links below to view the images in low definition, or download the massive archive of the HQ files here:

download: gallery download

You will need a freeware program like WinRAR or 7zip to unpack the download.


4 Responses to “Glénat Sailor Moon Volume 1”

  1. Kara S

    thank you so much for uploading the french manga! I am learning french at the moment. Its good practise to read stuff in french and great fun and pleasure if its sailor moon♥

  2. Mayo

    Oh damn this is nostalgic. This release of the manga is what got me in the series, like, 4 years ago. (eheh, I wasn’t around for the original release)

    This translation is pretty good, but they have trouble keeping some stuff coherent. And most of the stuff is poorly romanized. (I mean… Manoru. Minibunny. Princesse Suno Kaguya… And while he is called Qwartz in the main manga, Kunzite became Qunsight in Sailor V. Also, mercury becomes Mercure for no reasons during her vs Berthier chapter.) Also, Haruka, Michiru, Usagi, and Rei are the only ones to keep their dub names for some reasons.

    Still, I hope those who can read french will enjoy this release c: Thank you so much for scanning them!

    • Mayo

      And, I don’t know where you’ve seen it was the best in the world, though, eheh. It still had a lot of problems. Some parts of the Future Arc are hard to follow because of weird wording.

      Some french fans like to spit on it a lot. (Because french fandoms are terrible and full of elitist weaboos who can’t bear the thought of having something localized. I’m not saying everybody is like that, though, but that’s the impression I had.)

  3. Lila

    Merci pour les scans.
    Est il possible d’avoir les tomes 2, 3, 5,8, 11, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18?



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