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Here is a basic run-down of how “shooping” at Miss Dream works:

1. You join the forum, and are given staff permissions to view hidden forums where projects are assigned. Under “Project Discussion” you will find a thread that is marked with your username in brackets; this is your assignment. A due date will be included.

2. In the thread you will download a .rar file with .psd of the images + the English translation text over the appropriate areas. Delete all japanese text, re-build images as necessary, and type-set the English translation using our specific font pack, which will be provided to you.

3. Put all finished .psd files in a .rar file and upload it to (or your own server if you have one). Place finished .jpg or .png files in another .rar file also upload to 2shared (or your server). Post the download links for both .rars in your assignment thread.

If you are interested in joining, please send an e-mail to sassypants678 ([email protected]) with the following information:

1) Your Miss Dream forum account username
2) A brief description of your abilities in Photoshop
3) How much free time you have to devote to working on MD projects?
4) Do you want to write a staff bio and include your picture, or would you prefer to be listed by username on the contributors list?

We will respond to you if we decide that you make the cut to join staff.

After you join the team, you will be sent the Miss Dream font pack which is used for all of our releases. You will also be given the option to send us your picture and write a biography about yourself, or if you prefer we can simply add your username to the contributors list on our staff page — your choice. Please be aware that you will be required to check the “Project Discussion” topic in our forums quite frequently!


    Email address

    Desired staff forum username

    Experience in photoshop

    How many hours of free time do you have per week?

    Would you like to be listed on the staff page, or contribute anonymously?

    Why do you want to join staff?

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