Bleu de Ciel

French for “Blue Sky”, this scanlated doujin focuses on Haruka x Michiru. Donated by dawnlight6.

The foreword on p.5 (summary): The author (Yamada Mario, and yes that’s a girl’s name) watched Spiderman 3, Precure 5, and Kamen Rider Denno, but still likes Uranus x Neptune best of all Henshin Hero. The book was originally supposed to be ero manga but the author wanted to write a collection of nice romantic stories instead of just ero manga and by the time she’d finished she’d forgotten to draw the ero scenes. She still hasn’t given up on the idea though and promises a steamier collection later. And she says to look forward to her next short story, “Song of Heaven”.

The comments on p.20 (summary): This story was a gag based on Uranus’s profile which says “Places you’d like to visit: Heaven” and “Favorite food: Salad”. The ending dialogue was going to have Michiru say ‚æ‚­‚Á‚Ä‚æ‚Í‚é‚© but the author thought it was too embarrassing to write (it’s from a made-up dialect of Japanese that only super-rich girls use) so she laughed every time she wrote it and even had Haruka say “You sure speak funny” in one draft in response, but it killed the scene so she eventually had Michiru say ‚¢‚¢‚í‚Ë instead (which is from the actual dialect of Japanese that super-rich girls use).

Comments on p.25 (summary): If you only know Uranus and Neptune from the anime or from doujinshi, you should check out the musicals too, especially Summer ’99 Kaguya Shima Densetsu Kaiteiban and Summer ’02 Mugen Gakuen Mistress Labyrinth. You’ll understand the comic much better after you see them. And if you like what you see there’s plenty of good stuff in the other musicals too.

Comments on p.27 (summary): This is just the author talking about how hot she thinks Michiru’s voice (Katsuki Masako) is, after having seen the Japanese dub of Sex and the City (where Katsuki dubs the character Samantha Jones, and frequently talks in graphic detail about her sexual experiences).

The afterward on p.32 (summary): The author talks about how she wants to draw all kinds of manga, from ero manga to romance to 4-koma gag strips. Then she talks about how fans always ask what the next book will be about, and she plugs “Song of Heaven” again. The comment on the illustration says she drew it with the idea that Michiru wears a swimsuit 365 days out of the year.

Group/Circle: Studio Canopus
Genre: Drama, Romance
Year: 2007

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