PGSM Article in Hero-in Magazine 2004

Hero-In magazine is a publication dedicated to documenting all the latest news and happenings in the Japanese tokusatsu, sentai, and live action film entertainment industry. This magazine featured information about the live action Sailor Moon series “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon” between 2003 and 2004. The PGSM article in this issue was kindly translated for Miss Dream by Ainomessage, and formatted by Galadan. Thank you both!

The original Japanese scans of the whole magazine are available here.

Scanned page from PGSM article in Hero-in Magazine 2004Scanned page from PGSM article in Hero-in Magazine 2004 Scanned page from PGSM article in Hero-in Magazine 2004Scanned page from PGSM article in Hero-in Magazine 2004 Scanned page from PGSM article in Hero-in Magazine 2004Scanned page from PGSM article in Hero-in Magazine 2004
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Rise in Arms!

A 14 year old girl in her second year of middle school in a municipal Juuban school. She’s cute, but excessively energetic, never calms down, and her scatterbrained nature can be her weakness. This young girl had been living a happy life wither her family when one day she met a talking cat and her fate took a new path as she became the Sailor Guardian Sailor Moon, protector of the Princess of the Moon and the miraculously powerful stone the Phantom Silver Crystal.

Carrying the soul of a Sailor Guardian, protectors of the now lost Moon Kingdom, she is given the mission of protecting the Princess and the Phantom Silver Crystal. But she’s often distracted by fun things, which can cause conflict. Her cheerfulness and indiscriminate kindness is what draws the other Sailor Guardians to her.

Picture of Sailor Mercury, Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Mars and Sailor Moon from PGSM article in Hero-in Magazine 2004
As Guardians they fight in the name of fate
A battle against the Dark Kingdom, a mysterious group that wants to steal the Phantom Silver Crystal in order to build an evil empire. The friendship among the Sailor Guardians. Then there’s the mysterious gentleman who always saves her but could be an enemy or a friend, Tuxedo Mask, and those faint feelings she has towards him… What new fate awaits the girls now that they’ve finally discovered the Princess, Sailor Venus? As long as she maintains her cheerfulness, she can get through anything that comes her way.

Picture of Rei Hino and Ami Mizuno from PGSM article in Hero-in Magazine 2004It is certainly her kind heart and the bonds of friendship that make the Sailor Guardians strong.

Guided by fate the four guardians met Luna and Usagi. Their mysterious meeting changed their lives completely and along with their important mission, this continues to strengthen their bonds.

Ami Mizuno, foremost genius in the country, attends the same school as Usagi. Due to her intelligence and having a mother who is director of a famous hospital she was unable to make any genuine friends. The first friend that she made was Usagi. Drawn in by Usagi’s earnestness and kindness, she became the Guardian protected by Mercury, Sailor Mercury.

Picture of Sailor Venus from PGSM article in Hero-in Magazine 2004Picture of Usagi Tsukino and Minako Aino(?) from PGSM article in Hero-in Magazine 2004The Guardian protected by the planet Mars, Sailor Mars — aka Rei Hino — was born with a mystical spiritual power. Because of this she has isolated herself from her surroundings and lived in solitude for 14 years. But once she meets Usagi and Ami and learns the true reason she was born with these powers, she resolutely accepts her mission as a Guardian.

Makoto Kino lost her parents and has had the pain of a broken heart take its toll on her. Protected by the planet Jupiter she is the Sailor Guardian wielding the power of thunder and courage, Sailor Jupiter, and another girl saved by the power of Usagi’s kindness.

Then there’s Sailor Venus, protected by the planet Venus. She is the Princess of the Moon Kingdom Usagi and the others were searching for as well as the popular idol Minako Aino. Due to the solitude of her life as an idol she lived a “life without smiles.” After she met Usagi she was able to smile with genuine feeling.

The four girls are bound together by Usagi’s good nature and their mission as guardians. Now that they have met their Princess and fellow Guardian Venus, the five are together and are pursued even more mercilessly by Queen Beryl’s evil forces. But these girls won’t lose. Their friendship and strong bonds will certainly bring forth a miracle!

Picture of Mamoru Chiba from PGSM article in Hero-in Magazine 2004Picture of Tuxedo Mask and Zoisite from PGSM article in Hero-in Magazine 2004
You are… Master Endymion…
Every night he dreams of a noble woman calling to him, “Please, the Phantom Silver Crystal…” This is the reason Mamoru Chiba drapes himself in a tuxedo and searches for the Phantom Silver Crystal as Tuxedo Mask. As if driven on by fate, he chases after the Phantom Silver Crystal. However, he has no idea who the woman in his dreams is or what the Phantom Silver Crystal really is.

Finally, a fragment of the puzzle appears. Shockingly, it’s a member of the evil Dark Kingdom’s Four Generals, Zoisite. As he battles Zoisite, the two men experience a mysterious feeling. They feel as if they have met somewhere before. This mysterious feeling tells them that they shared a close bond. All they know for sure is that so far they have only met as enemies. Finally struck down by Venus’s attack, Zoisite turns into a single gemstone. At that moment, he leaves behind the words “Master, Endymion…” What could those words mean?

Picture of Queen Beryl from PGSM article in Hero-in Magazine 2004The Dark Kingdom. Reigning over this place of darkness and seeking the Moon Princess and Phantom Silver Crystal is the bewitchingly beautiful Queen Beryl. To serve her own ambitions she has tried to obtain the incredible power of the Phantom Silver Crystal. With the help of her underlings the Four Generals, she controls the youma. To gather up even more power, she uses the youma to collect energy from humans.

To deliver her declaration of war, she appeared before the Sailor Guardians. At that time shocking words fell from Queen Beryl’s lips. “Do you not remember…? It’s only natural, I have changed since that ancient time. You Sailor Guardians too…” It appears she has met the Sailor Guardians before. On top of this, she is afraid of Zoisite’s efforts to make Tuxedo Mask remember their past connection and the mysteries continue to pile up.

The Four Generals have pledged their loyalty to Queen Beryl. Jadeite has used youma as his foot soldiers to collect energy. To earn Queen Beryl’s love, Nephrite has sworn his absolute obedience. Then there’s Zoisite, who uses his beautiful piano melodies to gracefully carry out his plans. Up until now Queen Beryl and the Generals have been completely thwarted by the Sailor Guardians, but the last of the Four Generals, Kunzite, has now appeared. What is the full story behind Queen Beryl and the Dark Kingdom’s ambitions? And what is the Moon Kingdom? When will it all become clear…? For now, it seems Queen Beryl is the only one who knows all of the answers.

Scanned page from PGSM article in Hero-in Magazine 2004Scanned page from PGSM article in Hero-in Magazine 2004 Scanned page from PGSM article in Hero-in Magazine 2004Scanned page from PGSM article in Hero-in Magazine 2004 Scanned page from PGSM article in Hero-in Magazine 2004Scanned page from PGSM article in Hero-in Magazine 2004

Throw Off! – The True Faces of the Guardians

Picture of Keiko Kitagawa, Miyu Sawai and Chisaki Hama from PGSM article in Hero-in Magazine 2004

Keiko Kitagawa as Rei Hino

Miyu Sawai as Usagi Tsukino

Chisaki Hama as Ami Mizuno

The 3 Sailor Guardians on their roles as “Guardians”


Miyu Sawai: Born 10/23/1987, Blood Type A. Native of Kanagawa prefecture. Hobbies are basketball, reading, and writing. Her major roles include TBS’s drama “Kids War 5 ~Don’t mess around~” and others. She has also released the DVD “THE COMPLETE BOX Miyu Sawai ‘ME&YOU’” and many other DVDs and photobooks.

Chisaki Hama: Born 11/10/1988, Blood Type A. Native of Kyoto prefecture. Her hobby is collecting cute pins. She is active as a model for “melon” and she showed off her singing skills in her debut maxi single “Koi Suru Soldier / Kanojo wa Ijiwaru.” She is active in many fields.

Keiko Kitagawa: Born 8/22/1986, Blood Type O. Native of Hyogo prefecture. Her hobbies are taking care of her hamster, listening to Western music, and reading and writing. She’s got a talent for badminton and swimming and is a sports-loving 17-year-old. She debuted with her role as Rei Hino in Sailor Moon and as a model for “Seventeen” magazine.

Did you all like “Sailor Moon”? This story, which has been produced as comics, animation, and musicals, is a huge name, isn’t it?

Sawai: I watched the anime all the time! When I first heard I’d be starring in a story I watched when I was a kid, it didn’t seem real. But I was really happy. ♥

Kitagawa: I used to read the comics. I looked forward to “Nakayoshi” (Kodansha) every month.

Hama: I was really into it too.

Sawai: I really liked the transformation scenes~.

Kitagawa: And the accessories! I loved the transformation items.

Hama: I even used to pretend to transform (lol).

“Sailor Moon” is full of amazing characters. Is there anything in particular you pay attention to when playing your characters?

Hama: Ami is an honor student, so I’m careful not to be too energetic.

Kitagawa: Ami seems to have gradually opened up. She seemed hard to get close to in the beginning…

Picture of Miyu Sawai and Chisaki Hama from PGSM article in Hero-in Magazine 2004
As if blowing you a kiss…
please accept my love!
Hama: Maybe it’s not just that she’s an honor student, it’s that she’s gradually opened up to everyone as a Sailor Guardian?

Kitagawa: For me, I think my tasks is to play Rei to be as cool as possible.

Sawai: Rei has a lot of short lines that leave a strong impression.

Kitagawa: She doesn’t say a lot, so I’m putting all of my heart into portraying her through my acting to be as cool as I can.

Hama: Rei really is cool! And Usagi talks and smiles a lot. She’s so cute. <3 Sawai: That’s because I always treasure my smiles above everything else! (lol)

Kitagawa: That’s how Usagi is. She’s always smiling.

Sawai: That’s why I thought it was the perfect role when I heard I’d play Usagi. I was thinking “I wonder if I can make little kids and big friends happy with my smile?” (lol)

Kitagawa & Hama: Big friends!? (lol)

The Secrets Behind their Tough Action Scenes

Are the action scenes tough to film?

Sawai: There are a lot of times when they can’t use the footage from our action scenes. It’s tough when a scene we worked hard on gets cut…

Kitagawa: Miyu practices her action scenes in secret (lol). She practices her turns and stuff.

Sawai: I do not! It’s impossible to do it at home.

Hama: But we have to use various props during the action scenes, so it’s tough. I wish I could practice at home.

Kitagawa: We often have to jump on a trampoline, but the fabric area of the trampoline is super small so it’s tough. The holes are bigger, right?

Picture of Miyu Sawai from PGSM article in Hero-in Magazine 2004
I’ll do my best
so that my smile will bring happiness to everyone!
Sawai: But Rei hasn’t had that many action scenes, right? Didn’t you just have your first experience with “fishing” (wire action) the other day?

Kitagawa: I did~. With Usagi in her miko outfit.

Sawai: I do a lot of “fishing.”

Hama: It looks fun, does it hurt?

Sawai: The first time was fun, but when you do it over and over it starts to get more and more painful.

Kitagawa: It’s not so much the action scenes, it’s when it’s cold out that it’s hard, right?

Hama: When the wind is blowing… Our costumes get all whipped up!

Sawai: Filming at night is hard too. Especially on chilly nights! When there are no buildings to block the wind and it really starts whipping.

Kitagawa: And then there’s the Sailor Guardian costumes. They look simple, but there are lots of layers and they’re actually hard to move around in (lol). The protectors are pretty stiff.

Sawai: That’s right. It’s hard to turn around in them. It was hard at first, but now I’m getting used to it, so even though my form isn’t that pretty I’m getting through it…. My body has always been pretty stiff, but I think I’m getting more flexible.

Hama: Now Miyu can even do a double kick!

Sawai: Yup. But flips are still hard~. One other tough thing… don’t you think the youma have gotten stronger lately!? I feel like they’ve gotten scarier…

Hama: They’re getting more powerful!

Sawai: They’re really starting to seem like monsters.

Kitagawa: When you get close to them they’re really scary. If you’re out in the bright sunshine the youma aren’t that scary, but when they get really close up, oh man!

Sawai: It’s scary when they’re standing next to you and watching the monitor at the same time! (lol)

Picture of Chisaki Hama from PGSM article in Hero-in Magazine 2004
I like a person who seems like
they’ll stay by my side and protect me. ♥
Kitagawa: As the story heats up the youma seem to be getting fired up too. (lol)

Are there any scenes you have especially enjoyed in working on Sailor Moon so far?

Kitagawa: It’s got to be the scenes where I save Usagi. It makes me feel cool! (lol)

Sawai: Rei has a lot of lines where you can tell she’s thinking of her friends or feeling lonely, it makes my heart ache. Don’t you agree?

Kitagawa: It does, it does…. But I like that too. I really understand her kindness.

We really love the attack scenes!

Hama: I love the attack scenes too.

Sawai: Yeah, me too! Everyone has the same amount of attacks. We each have two.

Hama: Rei’s attacks are so cool!!

Kitagawa: Yeah, I like them too. I love “Shine Aqua Illusion” too. ♥

Sawai: It’s so cute.

Hama: They told me to pose as if I were blowing a kiss.

Kitagawa: That’s so cute~ ♥ The way she points her finger too! (Imitates Sailor Mercury) Why is she so cute? ♥ I also like the strong Jupi’s (Sailor Jupiter) “Flower Hurricane.”

Sawai: I laughed the first time I heard it though (lol).

Kitagawa: Even during the attack scenes I think we’re gradually getting better, right?

Hama: Shine Aqua Illusion is going to start getting cooler.

Sawai: And sometimes hearts will fly out (lol). Blue ones!

All: (laughter)

The real Sailor Guardians share their true feelings about love!?

Is there a character in Sailor Moon who matches your ideal type of guy?

Sawai: Hmm, not really~.

Kitagawa: There isn’t… is there?

Hama: Mamo’s personality is different from the type I prefer. Mamo is a bit difficult to approach, right? (lol)

Picture of Keiko Kitagawa from PGSM article in Hero-in Magazine 2004
Rei thinks of her friends and keeps her composure;
I’m trying to portray her as a cool girl!
Kitagawa: And Motoki is a little weird.

Hama: He’s obsessed with turtles (lol).

Sawai: Yeah~. And the Four Generals are devoted to Queen Beryl. It’s not good to be too devoted, right?

Kitagawa: Really?

Sawai: I mean it’s of course good to be devoted and you have to stick with one person, but I don’t think I’d like someone that clingy…?

Kitagawa: So you’d like to be equals with the person you like?

Sawai: Yeah, that’s right! I want to be equals!

What do you think of Usagi and Mamo’s relationship, Ms. Sawai?

Sawai: Hmm… I think it’s wonderful, but aren’t they a bit too clingy? I would want to cling together, but when we’re apart I’d like us to respect our personal time…

Kitagawa: You want a business-like relationship?

Sawai: Not that business-like, just that even if when we’re together we’re needy and all over each other, when we’re apart we aren’t that way. You see that a lot, right? Those couples that are always texting each other when they’re apart. I don’t really like that… hmm.

Picture of Miyu Sawai from PGSM article in Hero-in Magazine 2004
The staff members are all so kind. They
support me on the set of Sailor Moon.
That’s why I look up to older guys. ♥
Hama: …Your face is getting so red~ (lol).

Sawai: Aaah~~ (lol). I’m no good at talking about stuff like this, my face gets red right away.

Kitagawa: Do you prefer older guys?

Sawai: He’s definitely gotta be older! (lol) This is something that’s changed since I’ve been in Sailor Moon, I think. The staff members are all so kind. They support me at work. When I feel like going out, I might want to go out with a guy my own age, but the people I look up to are all older!

Kitagawa: You’re getting red in the face again (lol).

Sawai: I really can’t talk about stuff like this… (blushes).

Hama: I guess I like guys who are funny? Also someone who’s kind and strong. But in the end if I don’t know his true personality, I can’t fall for him.

Kitagawa: The other day you were just talking about how you saw a cool looking guy on the train.

Picture of Chisaki Hama from PGSM article in Hero-in Magazine 2004
I guess I like a guy who seems like
he’d stay by my side and protect me?
…I guess the phrase “good vibes”
is popular right now (lol).
Sawai: Oh really? Chisaki, are you the type to only be interested in looks?

Hama: Hmm~ He’s gotta have “good vibes.” He looked like the type of guy who would stay by my side and protect me. I also like guys with a good smile. ♥ I like a guy who can charm me with his smile. …I guess the phrase “good vibes” is popular right now? (lol) But if I don’t actually talk to him, I can’t know what kind of person he really is.

Sawai: What about Keiko? Now that I think about it, I’ve never asked you!

Kitagawa: I‘d like a guy who knows a lot of things and can teach them to me. I’d like to go on a date to a place like a natural history museum.

Hama: How mature~.

Sawai: You’re the type who wants to learn even from love♪ What’s your dream scenario?

Kitagawa: I really looked up to the protagonist in the novel “Shiokari Pass.” There’s an incident with a train, and he lays himself on the tracks to stop the train. I think someone who can do something like that is cool.

Picture of Keiko Kitagawa from PGSM article in Hero-in Magazine 2004
I‘d like a guy who knows a lot
of things and can teach them to me.
I’d like to go on a date to a place
like a natural history museum.
Sawai: That’s great! I like guys who are cool like that too. Ah… but maybe not… (lol).

Kitagawa & Hama: Huh, why!? (lol)

Sawai: Well because things would be incredibly hard for the person left behind, right?

Hama: What would you do if something like that happened to you?

Sawai: Hmm… I’d sacrifice myself with him!

Kitagawa & Hama: Whoa!

Sawai: … it would be good if he could find someone who’d say something like that (lol).

Hama: The Sailor Guardians aren’t afraid to sacrifice themselves to save people, are they?

Kitagawa: Yeah. I really like that about Rei. She’s been injured many times while saving Usagi, and every time I think “How cool!” while I’m acting (lol).

Sawai & Hama: It really was cool!!

Lastly, please give a message to your fans!

Kitagawa: The five of us are going to start combining our power and fighting together, so please keep watching. Rei doesn’t speak much, so I’m working extra hard to convey her feelings. Please focus on me!

Sawai: I’d like you to pay attention to the five Guardians as well as the five normal girls. We’re going to do our best to work together going forward. I’ll do my best to bring you happiness with my smile!

Hama: I’d like to keep on protecting Usagi. Someday I’m going to look into the camera when I do Ami’s attack Shine Aqua Illusion, so please receive the love I’m sending you! (lol)

Scanned page from PGSM article in Hero-in Magazine 2004 Scanned page from PGSM article in Hero-in Magazine 2004

Picture of Miyu Sawai from PGSM article in Hero-in Magazine 2004

Miyu Sawai

Born in Kanagawa Prefecture on 10/23/1987. Blood Type A. Her hobbies are basketball, reading, and writing.

“Drama 30 Kids War 5 ~Don’t Mess Around~” (TBS 2003),
“Monthly Love Berry” (Tokuma Publishing)

Fan Letters
Tokyo-bu Minato-ku Shirokanedai 3-16-18
Kabushiki Gaisha Box Corporation
C/O “Miyu Sawai”

Official web site
Box Corporation

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Picture of Chisaki Hama from PGSM article in Hero-in Magazine 2004

Chisaki Hama

Born in Kyoto on 11/10/1988. Blood Type A. Her hobby is collecting cute pins.

“Monthly Debut” (Oricon Entertainment)
“Up To Boy” (Wani Books)
“melon” (Shodensha Publishing)

Fan Letter
Kyoto-fu Kyoto-shi Kisshouin Nakajima Machi 40-507
Shoushou Biru
snow rabbits
C/O “Chisaki Hama”

Official web site
sweet angel chisaki hama:

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– Chisaki Hama Official Fan Club “angels”
You can join her fanclub “angels” from her homepage! If you want to support Ms. Hama definitely check it out!

Picture of Keiko Kitagawa from PGSM article in Hero-in Magazine 2004

Keiko Kitagawa

Born in Hyogo prefecture on 8/22/1986. Blood Type O. Her hobbies are reading, writing, and singing.

“SEVENTEEN” Magazine (Shuueisha)

Fan Letters
Hyogo-ken Kobe-shi Chuo-ku Kitano Machi 1
Shin Kobe Oriental Avenue B1F
Kabushiki Gaisha Neue
C/O “Keiko Kitagawa”

Official Web site

– Keiko Kitagawa Official Fanclub
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