Sailor Moon in Tokyo ViVi May 2014

This page is a translation of the Sailor Moon in Tokyo ViVi May 2014 article. The article itself promotes Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary Project merchandise, and also features a spread with Japanese model Rola. Sailor Moon in Tokyo ViVi May 2014 is really worth picking up because of the limited edition Sailor Moon pouch that came as a bonus gift inside of the magazine. :)

Tokyo Vivi is a Japanese fashion magazine aimed towards women in their 20s. It often features small articles or promotions for iconic anime series such as Sailor Moon. It has heavily promoted Sailor Moon since 2013 and will likely continue to do so throughout the 20th Anniversary Project run.

Sincere thanks to ainomessage for translating this article for Miss Dream! Scans courtesy of Mizuno Caitlin of Wild Mushroomland.

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon x Rola!!

Ya know, I aa~lways dreamed of being able to transform~

The collaboration items have been a huge hit, celebrities have been all over social media talking about how they loved it as kids… While everyone is hyped about the 20th anniversary of Sailor Moon, ViVi is transforming Rola into Sailor Moon and releasing an original pouch! The pouch is a super rare item that you can only get with ViVi. You’ll certainly make the Sailor Moon fans around the world jealous! If you’re late to get in on this fad~ we’ll punish you<3 Vivi Exclusive The original Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon x ViVi special collaboration pouch that comes with this month’s issue An illustration print that you can only get through ViVi

Sailor Moon in Tokyo ViVi May 2014
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Me and Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon in Tokyo ViVi May 2014
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Sailor Moon came out when I was about eight I guess? I had just come back to Japan and couldn’t speak Japanese very well, but I was aaaallways watching the anime! My family got me the transformation goods and at home I was like “In the name of the moon, I’ll punish you!” (lol) I also liked the lines that were like How dare you take advantage of the beautiful love of young maidens! I, Sailor Moon, will stop you from manipulating love!” The guardian I most loved was of course Usagi Tsukino aka Sailor Moon. She wasn’t just beautiful, her heart was strong and kind and I loved the way she always acted naturally~! So when I heard that I’d get to transform into Sailor Moon for this shoot I was so excited. It’s become a treasured memory I’ll never forget~! Thank you~!!!

Dress 7,900yen / one spo
All others / Stylist’s items

Aurora skirt 12,591 yen / American Apparel Loafers 17,000yen / Cher (CherxHARUTA)

the iPhone5/5s bow case 2,480yen

mini stuffed cushion on top of the locker 1,200yen

Bandai Customer Service Center The figuarts ZERO Sailor Moon figure in the locker 8,000yen

Bandai Customer Service Center The stick-style Miracle R ball pen in the bottom of the locker 1,300yen

Sunstar The Sailor tote bag holding the manga 2,800yen / premium bandai customer window

All others – model’s items

Sailor Moon in Tokyo ViVi May 2014
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Sailor Moon in Tokyo ViVi May 2014
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Sailor Moon in Tokyo ViVi May 2014
“In the name of the Moon, I’ll punish you!”
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Sailor Moon in Tokyo ViVi May 2014
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Fashionable people love Sailor Moon!!
WE ARE Sailor Moon

Just as you’d expect! Or is it unexpected!? All of these famous people are huge “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon” fans. We did a survey of all of these Sailor Moon lovers. You’ll find yourself saying “I know right~” as you read, so don’t miss these answers that are so full of love!

Q1. What are your memories of Sailor Moon? Q2. Who was your favorite character? Q3. If you could collaborate with Sailor Moon?

Sailor Mates 01: Kiko Mizuhara
A1. When I was little it was my dream to become Sailor Moon. My cards, my bike, my blanket, my toys, all of it was Sailor Moon.
A2. Rei (Hino) (Sailor Mars) and Chibiusa (Sailor Chibi Moon)
A3. I want to make fur coat with the Sailor Soldiers knit into it (lol). Like the Prada one. Do you know what I mean?

Sailor Mates 02: Lena Fuji
A1. When I was little, I loved watching the anime.
A3. I want to make Lena collaboration figures!

Sailor Mates 03: Mariko Shinoda
A1. I remember wanting the tiara Sailor Moon wore on her forehead.
A2. Sailor Mercury (Ami Mizuno). I liked her short hair and image as a kind older sister, and her gentle personality was soothing.
A3. I want to carry out the “punishment in the name of the moon.” (lol)

Sailor Mates 04: Reina Triendl
A1. Seeing everyone with the Sailor Moon iPhone cases lately has made me remember how cute Sailor Moon is.
A2. Luna (the black cat). She had the same name as my sister.
A3. Mirrors! Because I don’t have a cute mirror (lol).
Sailor Mates 05: Miliyah Kato
A1. I was subscribed to Nakayoshi, I watched the anime every week, I wore my Sailor Moon socks all the time, I was totally in love. When I was in kindergarten I remember going to see a musical.
A2. Sailor Venus (Sailor V, Minako Aino)! She was another part of Usagi (Tsukino, Sailor Moon), so she’s been special to me ever since she appeared. Her yellow hair was super cute!
A3. Sweatshirts and jewelry!!!

Sailor Mates 06: Tina Tamashiro
A1. When I was little I borrowed it from the rental video store and was always watching it <3 Lately I’ve been rewatching clips... it’s so cute I can’t help but grin. A2. Sailor Mars (Rei Hino). I like her strong personality <3 I love her black hair and that she was a miko. A3. Stationary<3 I want pens and planners~! Sailor Mates 07: Chinatsu Wakatsuki A1. The first CD I ever bought was “Moonlight Legend” A2. Sailor Moon (Usagi Tsukino). Because she was the main character. A3. Fried Chicken. The anime “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal” will air 7/2014 on NicoNico Douga!

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