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“Each of us are departing on a different road. If our paths cross again, I hope to still have your love.” – Oyama Anza

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Blog (Akamine Hisano)

“I’m gonna say ‘Watashi'”
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“I’m gonna say ‘Watashi’ ”

After the day the Sera Myu members came to our house,
my oldest daughter has started calling herself “Watashi.”

When I asked her why…

She said:

“All of the Sailor Moon big sisters say ‘Watashi’!
So if I say ‘Watashi’ I’ll become a good singer☆
I [watashi] want to be in Sailor Moon.


So if you say “watashi” you’ll become a good singer. (-^艸^-)
Let’s go with that. (lol)

Thank you for giving her a reason
to call herself “watashi.” m(๑>◡<๑)m She seems like she’s grown up a little. (lol) ☆Akamine Hisano☆ (TN: In Japanese, “watashi” means “I” and is generally a more feminine pronoun (as opposed to ‘boku’ or ‘ore’ for males). Many Japanese children refer to themselves in the third person, or don’t use pronouns at all, so that’s why Hisano says her daughter seems more grown up now.)

It’s here! Seramyu again (lol)
Original Source

I discovered this in a convenience store the other day!

I found this poster and flyer and was even more excited than my daughter. (lol)

The cast and the color design looks pretty, and the costumes and wigs are different from our time in Seramyu so I was totally engrossed as I looked at it. (*^^*)

The flyer says that Seramyu had a long run of over 800 performances.

The producers, music writers, staff, and cast are all completely different, so I think it’s going to be a totally different new musical!

But they also wrote about our era of musicals too, and that made me feel a bit emotional. (lol) (-^艸^-)

☆Akamine Hisano☆

Venus and Mars (lol)
Original Source

Today former Seramyu members
Inada Nao aka Inacchi
and Kanda Erina aka Kan-chan
came to hang out at my house.

It feels like it’s been forever☆

They came to celebrate the birth of my second daughter♡
They brought a CrucianiC bracelet
and a wonderful shoulder bag as presents.(o^^o)

It’s my third child,
so they figured I’d already have lots of kids’ stuff
and they brought things for me.

I’m so happy~☆
I’ll treasure the gifts.(≧∇≦)

Oh, speaking of Seramyu,
I’m going to go to see the new
Sailor Moon Musical☆
I’m looking forward to it. (#^.^#)

☆Akamine Hisano☆

Blog (Ochi Chieko)

That person from Seramyu…!!
Original Source

I went to Odaiba with my daughter.

When we went to Round One there was a 100 minute wait & when we checked out Lego Land they had sold out of tickets for the day, so I lost hope.

Just as I was about to give up on Diver City…

“What!? Is that Nao!?”

Amazingly, by chance I ran into Nao, who played Sailor Uranus, and was able to have a reunion with her.

We may have only had a little bit of time together, but I’m really glad I got to talk to her~(*^^*)

As a Sailor Moon fan I’m really looking forward to the revival of Seramyu!!

Blog (Watanabe Mai)

Koopa’s Growth
Original Source *Excerpt translated only.

I received lots of comments about the revival of Seramyu.

I’m also happy that it’s returning after 10 years.

At the same time, I was like “It’s already been 10 years?!!”

I can’t hide my shock. (lol)

Some of you asked “Will Mai-chan go to see it?”

I plan to go see it. (≧▽≦)

The role of Sailor Jupiter that I once played is going to be filled by model Takahashi Yuu.

She happens to be one of my friends, so the moment she heard the news she sent me a text. (°∀°)b lol

She said “I’m nervous but I’ll work hard!!” (〃∇〃)

I’m looking forward to the return of Seramyu. (*^o^*)/~

Blog (Inami Tomoko)

3rd single on sale☆
Original Source *Excerpt translated only.

And the Seramyu revival☆
Former Idol College member Sakata is going to be in it,
I feel like it’s fate lol lol lol
I wonder when I’ll be able to go see it~
Apparently Neptune isn’t appearing yet,
so I hope they continue.

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