Matsuura Miyabi Translations

“I’ve loved Sera Myu since kindergarten.
I’m truly happy to be able to play Ami! I’ll do my best!!”

Original Source

The other day after a rehearsal for Onikirihime, Moon, Venus and Mercury went out to eat curry. (^^)

I had butter chicken curry!
It was super yummy♪

Satomi looks like a baby in this picture. (lol)
She’s so cute… (^^)

After that Shii-chan came over to my house and we made popcorn and watched the foreign drama Full House together…

I love Full House, I bought all of the Season 3 DVDs.

I’ll do my best at today’s rehearsal too!!!

See ya later. (^O^)/

Sword Fighting
Original Source

After rehearsal yesterday I took a picture with my senior Mr. Kasahara.(^^)

Mr. Kasahara played Kunzite and many other roles in Sera Myu.

Recently I saw Mr. Kasahara’s sword fighting for the first time and he was so cool my mouth hung open as I watched him.

Once I learned the moves for the sword fighting scene it was hard to get into the mood for the scene. (´・_・`)

I was absorbed into the positioning for the sword fight…
But that’s only one part of acting!

I’ve gotta give it my all!

I’m going to bring out my energy by listening to music!

I’m off to rehearsal!

Original Source

Yesterday the 4 soldiers went to see Pama (Ms. Koro)’s play “Seigi no Hitobito”♪

Shii-chan had to work. (´・_・`)

We all wore our Korobuchika T-shirts!
It’s cute so I wear it as part of my normal wardrobe too.\(^o^)/

It was on sale at the show!
Apparently it’s very popular. ( ^ω^ )

The show is still running, so I can’t write about what happened..

It was a play well suited to Pama, who seems strong but is actually dainty.

Pama in a female role is a must-see.
Apparently the show will run in Osaka too. (^^)

My gifts for Pama…
I got totally carried away with the joke!
I topped it with a fake cockroach. (lol)

This my beloved Ms. Saika’s leg! Teeheehee

Today I worked hard at rehearsals for “Onikirihime”!
I’ll do my best tomorrow too!

You all do your best at school, work, and home too!!!


The Power of Shyness!!
Original Source

Something is wrong with my phone and I couldn’t post yesterday’s blog entry…

Even though I wrote one~…>_<… I'm so sorry. Yesterday after rehearsal ended I hung out with Ms. Saika~♪

This is my beloved Ms. Saika’s hand~\(^o^)/
I’ve been seeing her lots recently… I’m so happy~♪

(TN: The rest of this entry is about Onikirihime and is not included in this translation.)

Second Day
Original Source

Today I wore this T-shirt produced by Ms. Koro,
who played Nephrite in Sera Myu!

The other day I mentioned that Ms. Koro’s nickname is Pama – that’s because she’s like a Papa and a Mama! ( ^ω^ )

Isn’t the t-shirt cute?\(^o^)/♪

You can buy these at Pama’s play “Seigi no Hitobito”!

Tomorrow is her first performance in Tokyo!!
Let’s all go!!
I’m planning to go.( ̄▽ ̄)♪

I’ll do my best tomorrow!

Later (^^)

Turning Point
Original Source

I’m truly happy to be in my hometown.\(^o^)/

But I’m feeling a shortage of Ms. Saika (Zoicite).

Every day we text each other from “Good morning” to “Good night,” and last night Ms. Saika even called me. I was so happy I jumped in the air in front of the train station…

But I haven’t seen her. (._.)

These are the words of a maiden in love!

That’s right!

I’m a maiden in love!

↑ Drawing a picture.
Taken by Ms. Koro, who played Nephrite.

That was the day before the show started.
We had a lunch date together♪♪
Afterwords Pama (Ms. Koro’s nickname) joined us, but for a while it was just the two of us!

I’m really glad Pama came~.
When it was just the two of us I was so nervous I couldn’t talk at all. ( ̄▽ ̄)

All I could say was “I’m full!” “I’m stuffed!”

Nooo, I don’t want to remember that! (lol)
Now I’m able to talk to her when it’s just the two of us!

Ms. Saika’s blog from last night was sneaky…
“Air Miyabi…” The umbrella…

It made me want to fly to Tokyo!

If you’re interested, please check out Ms. Saika’s blog.

And then last night, I was mumbling to myself in the bath.
“Why is Ms. Saika called Ms. Saika?”

Yesterday Ms. Saika appeared in my dreams.
Is something wrong with me? (´・_・`)

Oh yeah!

I’ll show you my Sera Myu videos!
I took pretty pictures. (^-^)/

Mr. Hiramitsu(^^)♪♪♪
(TN: He’s listed in the credits on the video she’s showing.)

I have these pamphlets too~\(^o^)/

I’m gradually realizing that I really am Mercury.

I can’t wait to do it again.
But I gotta work on my next role soon!!
While hoping for another Sera Myu, I’ll switch over to Onikirihime!

I’m playing Migita Haruka!
Haruka… is nothing like Ami.

I’ve gotta work hard so that you won’t believe I’m the same person who played Mercury!

I was aiming for the same thing when I played in “Bokunchi” and “Onna no Ko Monogatari” at the same time.

When I heard people say “Nitta and Ringo were played my the same person? No way, they’re definitely different” I was so happy I started dancing. Dancing like crazy.

I want to feel that happiness again!
I’m gonna go read my script!

Details about Onikirihime are here↓

See ya later~\(^o^)/

I’m going to go send Ms. Saika a text…

Original Source

(TN: The first half of the entry is about Miyabi going for a walk in Kobe. I haven’t included that in this translation.)

Then I went to get my nails done~\(^o^)/

So cute! I’m happy!

They’re a little inspired by Mercury.

Blue doesn’t suit my skin tone and doesn’t match my clothes so I worried about it, but I really wanted to use blue…

So I worked up the courage to ask for blue!

It was definitely the right choice~\(^o^)/

By the way…
Have you all already been to Karaoke Tatsu?

Sera Myu has ended, but you can still experience Sera Myu until 10/13 at Karaoke Tatsu!

The locations are:

Karaoke no Tatsujin
☆Shinjuku Kabukucho Ichiban-machi
☆Takadanobaba ☆Nakano

Only the Shinjuku Kabukicho location has the Sera Myu decorations up front, so please be careful. (^-^)/

Drink the drinks and get coasters!

You don’t know which coaster you’ll get!
Please keep drinking until you get Mercury. (lol)

See ya later♪

Make Up!
Original Source

Here are some pictures from the cosmetics event! \(^o^)/

The background was wonderful!!
I especially like the scene in the second photo.
You can sense the mission to protect Usagi!

Even now when I look at the moon I feel like Mercury.(^^)

When we took those pictures Usako (Satomi) had run off somewhere…

“Heeey!! I want to take some too!!!”

I remember her running over all cutely. (lol)

Tomorrow I’m going to get my nails done!
I have a short break from rehearsals for Onikirihime, so there’s lots of things I want to do. (^O^)

Good night~(((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

Original Source

Today I went shopping with my mom~!

I finally got the high neck dress I’d been wanting! I’m fully satisfied! (^^)

I also bought a pinky ring!
It’s cute.♡

But my finger is too skinny…(´・_・`)
I bought a size 1, but even that fell off. (lol)
I lost it in the middle of the day and panicked.
In the end I found it in the previous store I’d been in.
Thank goodness.

It might look good to have thin fingers, but…

It’s a problem. (´・_・`)

This is Ms. Saika’s hand! It’s beautiful! I love it!

Today when I was texting with Ms. Saika the topic of hands happened to come up and she sent me a picture of her hand. So I’m posting it.

I got her permission so it’s okay! (lol)

Also! Also!
Thank you for sending so many presents during Sera Myu!!

Some people wrote in their letters “Please don’t post a picture of my present on your blog!” so I decided not to post any pictures at all. (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

I received all of your letters and presents and of course read them all. (^^)

The address for fan letters is:

Tokyo-bu Meguro-ku Higashiyama 1-5-4
Nakameguro Business Center Building 3F

Please send them to Saika Miyabi.

Just kidding.

Put “Matsuura Miyabi”!! (lol)

Please send me all of your thoughts about Sera Myu~!

Good night(^o^)/

Momoclo (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))
Original Source

[Sign: Ms. Matsuura Miyabi, welcome to our store! We look forward to working with you.]

The event went well.(^^)

Thank you so much to everyone who came out to support me!

I was happy to hear my name called out♡

Thank you so much Aria Yao! (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))
I had fun!

Now I’m relaxing.
It’s a happy time~

But I miss Tokyo a little bit.
I want to see everyone from Sera Myu.

Speaking of Sera Myu,
each day a different MomoClo member made a video appearance. (^^)

And they appeared live in person on the 21st and 22nd!
During the video appearances, I was the one who got to talk to them the most!

I was worried about my feelings for Zoi-kun so I asked them for advice, but they didn’t give me any straight answers! (lol)

So there was a scene where Ami got mad!

It was easy to get mad each time! (lol)
I mean, they just wouldn’t give me any advice. Boo, boo.

Thanks to MomoClo, I was able to do a good job at acting mad.
I mean that in a good way, of course.

I love MomoClo. (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))
I want to go to one of their concerts. (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

When they were filming their videos they were so cute that all of the soldiers were captivated.♡

They were super duper cute during their performance too.
It was just what you’d expect from them…!
I’m a Momoka fan.
I like her voice.

Just as I was thinking “Something’s itching in my hair…” I realized Reni was petting my hair.

When I turned around she went “Hehehe( ̄▽ ̄)”

How cute. ( ̄▽ ̄) She’s sneaky.
I’m going to try that on Ms. Saika next time.

Oh yeah!
The latest issue of JUNON is out!

I had a talk with the 2nd Grand Prix winner of JUNON Girl!
There’s also an article about TGC. (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

Definitely check it out!!

See ya later. (^o^)/

Mr. Osabu (^^)
Original Source

The event I mentioned before was a launch party for the Sailor Moon Cosmetics!

I got to meet the editor of the Sailor Moon manga, Mr. Osabu!

Zoicite is his rival. (lol)

Everyone loves Mr. Osabu, he’s so kind and cute~!
I got his signature! (^o^)/ I’m so happy.

Mr. Osabu’s favorite character is Mercury, so the first time he watched our rehearsals
I was more afraid of him than I was of Ms. Takeuchi~ (lol)

During the wrap party he said wonderful things to me…
I cried.

Getting to see Mr. Osabu made the event even more fun. (^^)
Thank you very much!

You’ve gotta check out the cosmetics!
They’re not just cute, they’re also easy to use and the colors are great!
Using them will make your heart race!
I still feel like I can transform while wearing them!
Let’s all “make up” together. (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

Tomorrow I will see you all not as Mercury
but as Matsuura Miyabi!
In my home region, Kansai~(^^)

Somehow it feels like it’s been a while since I’ve been myself.

Who am I again? (lol)

Let’s have fun~(^o^)/

Lastly, here are some more Disney photos ↓

We did the Pretty Guardian dance so that it would be easy for Ms. Saika to find us,

but when she found us she took pictures instead of letting us know she was there.

How mean!

It makes me want to tease her too~
Maybe I will~( ̄▽ ̄)
Maybe I’ll call her late at night~


Event in Osaka!
Original Source

(TN: The first half of this entry is an announcement about an event Miyabi is participating in unrelated to Sailor Moon. I have not translated that portion.)

Oh yeah, we went to Karaoke Tatsu! \(^o^)/\(^o^)/

It was amaaaazing!!

We also signed the posters!
Definitely check it out. (^^)

The original drinks were delicious!
The Ami drink was refreshing and sweet at the same time, just like her♥

It was tons of fun!!

Actually! The soldiers sand La Soldier. (lol)

It’s a secret, but when I heard Satomi’s solo I felt like crying!

La Soldier♪ Woo♪

I hope the songs from Sera Myu 2013 will show up at karaoke.\(^o^)/

Also, this was already on Ms. Saika’s blog, but…

What happened afterwords is a secret between just the two of us…♥


The day after the finale.
Original Source


We went to Disney Land.

What the heck are we doing? \(^o^)/

I’m full of energy! lol

I went with the 4 Soldiers minus Jupiter and Ms. Saika!

We all met up at different times~.
Kanon (Mars) and I arrived first thing in the morning (lol). We were excited.

Mako-chan had other plans.
I really wanted to see her. (´・_・`)

It was fun!!

The power to make dreams come true is an amazing thing!

I wonder if our dreams will come true or not…

Today the Sailor Soldiers are having an event!

I can’t tell you much about the details,
but when I get permission I’d like to write about it on my blog. (^^)

This might be my last time transforming into Sailor Mercury.

No! I want there to be another show!

Okay! I’m off!

Mercury Power!!

Make Up!!

Original Source

We successfully made it through the finale!

I’m really glad we made it to the end without any serious injuries.

I’m truly grateful to have stood on stage as Sailor Mercury
and to have met wonderful friends.

Thank you very much.

I love Ami!
I hope I can play you again someday…

I’ve gotta work hard.

I have lots of pictures that I took with everyone…
But we have our wigs and costumes on so I can’t post them on my blog.(´Д` )
I’m so sorry!

Well, everyone’s been posting a bunch of pictures on twitter already, but…
Our seniors, former SeraMyu cast members, came to see us!!

(From the left)

Sailor Jupiter, Ms. Kuriyami Emi.

Sailor Mercury, Ms. Akamine Hisano.

Sailor Neptune, Ms. Asami Yuuka.

Chibiusa, Ms. Gunji Ayano.

I was so happy I didn’t know what to do!
I’m so glad to be alive…(^o^)

I really wanted to post pictures of us in our battle costumes!

So here are some from the official Sera Myu production blog~(((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

I had fun every day!

I’ll work hard so that I can appear in front of you all as Sailor Mercury again!

Thank you very much!

Good night♥

Original Source

The break between the afternoon and evening shows is kind of a weird time!

We’re supposed to rest but I can’t rest at all. (lol)

I think if I rested I’d be done for!

I’ll do my best during the evening show. (^o^)/

I’ll use my Mercury Power!!


Zoicite Power!

Make Up!!! (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

T-shirts (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))
Original Source

They made staff T-shirts for us!

They come in the soldier colors (5 colors) and black!

The silhouette is wonderful☆
The back has a list of the cast member names. (^o^)/

Oh yeah!
After the evening show the soldiers will be sending the audience off!

Call my name~(((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

Okay, I’m off to do our two shows!

Mercury Power!

Make Up!!

Give me the power of the moon
Original Source

Everyone, feel the power of the Silver Millennium!

Good night(^^)♡

Full moon tomorrow!
Original Source

We only had one show today!

Before the show we all had tea together!
It was delicious. (^o^)/

Kanon (Mars) is so cute.
But she looks so cool in this picture!
The gap between her appearance and the photo is amazing!

She comes to hug me all the time…
Apparently she thinks of me as a mom. (lol)

She’s really cute.

Thank you for everything today!
I’ll try to put on a fresh performance tomorrow!

As for you guys, do your best at school and work!!!
Let’s work hard together!

Use this picture to bring out your energy♡

I guess I’m the only one who cares. (lol)

Good night. (^^)

An announcement!
Original Source

(TN: The first half of this blog entry is another announcement regarding issues with the show due to a typhoon. That information is not included in this translation.)

The first half is already over…!
We only have 9 shows left?! I can’t believe it!

I don’t want to be separated from the other soldiers…

I still can’t talk much about the show
so it’s hard to write about everyone.
After the finale I’ll take my time to write things out…

Oh yeah!
My childhood friend who I went to see Sera Myu with in kindergarten
came to see the show today with her mom. (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

When I saw her I felt like crying.
Back then I never could have imagined that I’d become Sailor Mercury…

Today made me realize how glad I am to be alive. (^^)

I had fun today!
Thank you so much to everyone who came to the show!
I’m sorry the talk show was such a mess! (lol)

Did you all make it through the typhoon okay?
I hope no one got hurt…!

I have tomorrow off. What should I do?
What are you all doing tomorrow?

Good night♡

An announcement regarding showtimes
Original Source

(TN: The first half of this blog entry is an announcement regarding changes in showtimes due to a typhoon. That information is not included in this translation.)

The wind and rain are pretty bad…
Please be careful and don’t push yourselves coming to the theater (^o^)/!

Ms. Saika gave me this jacket on the opening day.
It’s one she had been wearing!
It smells great like Ms. Saika!
I’m so happy♡

Speaking of good scents,
Shii-chan, who plays Venus,
smells really great.

By the way, I like rose scents.♡

Later! (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

Flowers \(^o^)/
Original Source

We successfully made it through the third day too!♡

I’m having so much fun every day… I don’t know what to do!

I really love the entire Sera Myu cast!
I wish we could take the show on a tour of the country
with this cast…
Just imagining it is fun. (^^)
I’ve gotta work hard to make it a reality!

Oh yeah! Today’s subject line!
There are so many flowers in the lobby!
Thank you so much. (T ^ T)

I’ll show them to you♡

So splendid…!!!
Thank you so much!
I’m so happy♡
This has doubled my motivation. \(^o^)/

I’ll do my best tomorrow too!

I can’t wait for tomorrow to get here.
I want to see everyone!
I want to see Ms. Saika!

This is the music I’m listening to tonight before going to bed♡

♪Elton John / friends

This is the theme song from my favorite movie, “Friends.”

It’s a wonderfully tender song!
Let’s listen to this together and fall into a peaceful sleep♡

Good night!
Sweet dreams♡

A little at ease
Original Source

We successfully made it through the first and second days!

I was nervous…
But I had fun!! \(^o^)/

I’m truly grateful and happy to be able to experience the reactions of the fans live…
and to stand on stage as Ami!

I’ve gotta work harder.

Today I jumped on Ms. Saika’s back before the show started.
My thoughts… are a secret.

Ms. Saika has my bromide card on her dresser mirror!
I put up Ms. Saika’s bromide on my own mirror right away♡
I’m so happy. ♡Darling♡

Uh oh, I can’t write about anything but Ms. Saika.

Please check out the love story between our characters Zoicite and Ami at the theater!

That’s how I was planning to wrap this entry up. lol

Next time I’ll write about all of the soldiers. \(^o^)/

By all menas, please tell me your thoughts about the show!
I’d be happy if you’d write me some comments as long as they don’t include spoilers.
Thank you so much for the thoughts you’ve already left for me. (^^)
I’m happy for the other comments too! Thank you!

Also, some of you asked if you could send letters to the theater, and apparently you can!

“Tokyo-bu Shibuya-ku Jinnan 2-1-1
AiiA Theater Tokyo
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon
Care of Matsuura Miyabi”

Please be sure to send them before the show ends. \(^o^)/

Lately, before the shows:

I’ve been listening to that. I recommend it!
Queen’s vocalist is Freddy Mercury.
The “Mercury” connection secretly makes me happy.
By the way, KISS and Paul McCartney are coming to Japan.
I’m looking forward to it!!!♡

This is a picture from a photoshoot!
I’m already dressed in winter clothes. I was hot.

I’ll do my best tomorrow!!
If you can come to the theater, let’s meet there!!


Original Source

Yesterday I was so nervous that I couldn’t sleep
so texted back and forth late into the night
with Ms. Koro, who plays Nephrite…

But I woke up feeling great!

I woke up before my alarm went off!

I’m nervous.
My body feels different.

I’m going to flip the switch from Matsuura Miyabi
to Sailor Mercury.


Later! See you at the theater♡

Original Source

“Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon.”
Tomorrow is the opening day.

I’m nervouuuus…!

Sailor Moon is a very precious performance to me.

When I was in kindergarten I went to see Sera Myu and it made me want to start taking ballet classes.

If not for Sera Myu,
I might not have joined the entertainment world.
I’m not exaggerating…!

At the very least, if I hadn’t started taking ballet back then I wouldn’t be able to dance, so even if I’d still become a performer I wouldn’t have been able to be in Sailor Moon.

I believe that become a SeraMyu fan was fate. (^^)

Thank you so much for your comments!

I’m looking forward to seeing you all at the theater. ♡

To those of you watching online!
Let’s have fun together through your screens!

Having an online broadcast really broadens the way people can enjoy the show.

You can talk during the show…
and sing along too!

When you see me falling in love with Zoicite
you can yell “Eeeeee!”

How nice.

I want to yell “Eeee!” too. *sob*
Ms. Saika is so cool.
The hat I’m wearing in the first picture
is actually Ms. Saika’s.
I secretly borrowed it.

“Aaaah. I get to see her again tomorrow. ♡
I’m so happy. ♡”
I was getting carried away.

Oh, if you’re coming to the theater,
please yell “Eeee!” in your hearts!

At the theater you get to be moved in person!
Please enjoy the feelings that just can’t be transferred across a screen!

As Sailor Mercury,
I’m going to risk my life fighting to protect the people who are important to me!

The cast and staff have put together Sailor Moon with the best teamwork.

By all means, please come to see it!

The official musical HP:

This is me happily sleeping on Ms. Saika’s lap.

Cast Blog Relay Vol. 2 ☆ It’s Ami (^^)
Original Source

Nice to meet you all. (^^)

This is Matsuura Miyabi, playing Sailor Mercury.

They call me “Miiyan” and “Miyabi” at rehearsals.♪
Oh, I also get called “Ami” a lot too. (lol)

Rehearsals are coming along nicely.
I’ve loved Seramyu since I was in kindergarten…

So I’m happy just to watch the rehearsals,
every day is like being in a dream!♡

It really makes me nostalgic~!
It makes me remember going to see the musicals several times in Kobe, watching the videos with my friends and trying to imitate the parts…♡

All of the Sailor Soldiers get along really well.☆

The Shitennou are all so cool…
Every day the Sailor Soldier’s eyes turn into hearts and we squee over them. ♡

This is Ms. Saika, who everyone loves.
When I held up my camera she did this mysterious pose. lol
But she looks so cool. ♡It made a great picture.♡

By the way,
the Anisummer festival on 8/23!!
It will be Mercury and Jupiter’s first appearance…♡

Let’s meet each other there!
It’s an outdoor event so be really careful of the heat when you come to see us.♡

I’m really looking forward to it!
I’ll do my best at tomorrow’s rehearsal too!

Okay, see you later.♡

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