Yamato Yuga Translations

“You are my rose. I am always watching over you.
I will never let go of your heart. This time of love belongs to you.
My first male role since I graduated from Takarazuka!
Yamato Yuga as Tuxedo Mask has arrived!”

2013.08.14 3:31PM | Original Source
@YugaYamato: Currently educating myself. (^_^) By pulling together all of his different sides and taking a peek into his playful heart through the surprising details, I’ll bring Tuxedo Kamen to life. ♡✧。(⋈◍>◡<◍)。✧♡

2013.08.05 11:24AM | Original Source
@YugaYamato: On August 4th, the night of my birthday on a bed of roses filled with love….. I can’t sleep once again. Tomorrow, the 5th, there will be Sailor Moon meeting. “I’ve gotta read my Tuxedo Mask script. Will I be up all night again??! -Yuga”

2013.06.04 2:02PM | Original Sources 1 and 2
@YugaYamato: Tuxedo Mask from Sailor Moon is super hot and the object of everyone’s adoration. O(≧▽≦)O A prince in his past life. (-_☆) He always protects her so she calls him “Mamo-chan.” Always by Usagi’s side, his rose pierces through when there is danger and he appears in a black tuxedo with a red cape and says those famous lines: “I cannot forgive those who hurt a pure maiden.” (-_☆)*Sparkle* “I’ll always protect you” Tsukino Usagi is madly in love! Yamato Yuga Tuxedo Kamen has arrived. o(*゚▽゚*)o

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