Sailor Moon: La Reconquista Pamphlet Translation

Please enjoy our English translation of the Sailor Moon musical “La Reconquista” pamphlet!

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Most of these pictures are courtesy of Anne of, who very kindly sent me pictures of her pamphlet while she was in Japan to see the performance of this musical. Without her, this project would not have been possible – so thank you Anne!

Additional pictures needed for improved image quality to help me read a few pages were provided by Sakky, who is currently in Japan seeing the musical performances as well. Her quick response enabled me to put this project together in just a number of days! We would also like to give our editor, Serenity842003, a big thank you as well for finding a way to sort through all of this to make it more readable for everyone!

If you are interested in seeing more photographs of the Sailor Moon La Reconquista pamphlet, there are plenty available on tumblr, but perhaps the best collection of pictures has been posted by tumblr user no-country-for-tall-men-exports – you can check them out here and here.

I’ll be posting up HQ scans courtesy of junketsu in the near future with complete images from the pamphlet – so look out for that! In the meantime, please enjoy translations of all the text in the Sailor Moon La Reconquista pamphlet:

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Message from Naoko Takeuchi

The Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon musicals, nicknamed Sera Myu, ran from the summer of 1993 until the winter of 2005 with over 500 individual performances, which were hugely popular and beloved by the audience.

So here we are, in September of 2013, and I couldn’t forget about the Sera Myu, so I decided to bring it back for all of the staff and fans who loved it so much.

This current Sera Myu is very special to me.

Every time when I see the sailor soldiers on stage performing in front of me, in an instant, it’s as if they have really come to life. The actresses have managed to recreate the world of Sailor Moon on stage, and although their efforts remain unseen, the energy that the staff has put into this performance is what makes this musical shine. They’ve really nailed it, and have transmitted the message of my original work perfectly.

I can feel the strength and beauty of the Sera Myu stage right before my eyes.

Please enjoy.

This special musical is dedicated to you all.

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Greetings From the Creators

I have been involved as a stage director for about 300 different musical performances now, beginning almost 20 years ago with the first round of Sailor Moon musicals featuring Anza Ooyama in 1994, where I worked with the Sailor Moon franchise on stage until about 1998.

It’s great to be back working on this series, because it brings me back to the time when I was just first starting out with this kind of work, and I feel like I’ve reached my dreams by revising this work. I don’t know if it holds any significance, but it seems like I’ve come back to this series by fate. Because of this, I’m all fired up to do a great job with this show once again. This time my mission has been to create a truly fantastic musical experience, in which I’ve taken no short cuts, to make the highest quality viewing experience as possible, just like I did with my staff and cast last time around. Just like last time I’m giving this musical my all, and making the staff and cast go along with my demands. I just hope I’m left with some survivors by the end of this. (laughs) I think I’ve put everyone under a tremendous strain this time around to get the results I wanted.

Back when we made the first Sera Myu, we were pioneers in creating anime to musical format creations. I wanted those who are long time Sera Myu fans, as well as audience members who are enjoying this for the first time to both have a great time with this series, and so with an all new staff and cast we’ve done a lot of team work to make this possible.

I’m sorry I can’t be here to greet you all in person, but I hope you’ll enjoy these new Sailor Moon musicals. This one will be the 1000th performance I’ve been involved in. And just under the 200th one I’ve directed personally. I hope you’re all very excited for this one!!

Producer, Director: Takuya Hiramitsu

Part of the Theater Group “Yen”. Producer. Director.
Beginning in 1983 was a member of the comedy group ”Monster Land”。 Was also producer and director with that group. 20 years ago when the “Sailor Moon” musicals first began, he had been working in various anime to musical productions. He had also done extensive work in the anime industry as well.
His most famous works include musicals for “Hunter x Hunter”, the rock musical “Bleach”, and work with Morning Musume. Other works include “Edo Women”, “Faust”, “Richard the Third”, “Macbeth”, “Othello”, and others.

To everyone who came today, thank you so much! I’m so glad that I was asked to come and do the music for “Sailor Moon” for these performances, it’s impressive to be involved with the original series again, and I’m so lucky that I get to create the music for it this time around.

This time the cast is all women, which is a special challenge when you’re a composer. I was involved in composition for the “Prince of Tennis” musical, which featured all men actors, but this time the challenge is to compose music that is designed to accomodate the vocal range for women. Further complicating the task at hand is to compose music for the male roles, which in this musical are also portrayed by women. This is the world of “La Reconquista”.

Although this style of musical is well established in Japan, we had to hire specialists to help us out. Our female cast has done a great job specializing in taking on male roles, so for this new series of musicals I think they’ve done a great job. I hope you’ll enjoy this new musical, which is a nice tie -in to modern Japanese theater culture.

Music by Toshihiko Sahashi

Graduated from the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music in 1986.
In 1988 he won CBS’s “New Artist Audition 1988″‘s Christine Reed award. For five years he worked in the Tokyo Disneyland Park shows (Castle Show, Starlight Fantasy performances), directing all the music. In 1994 He also directed the Asia Opening Event music as well.
For four years, between 1991 and 1994, he directed the music for the NHK musical show, and came back for a special orchestration in 1999.
Also does the music for NHK’s “Everyone Sings”
Currently composes music for film, television drama, and rock shows.

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Usagi, Ami, Rei, Makoto, and Minako are the sailor suited soldiers of love and justice! One day, the five of them go to a Game Show convention, there they meet the Pandemic 4, a new idol group distributing a popular game for girls. But this game is one that steals the energy of those who play it.
The Pandemic 4 are actually the 4 Generals, sent by their wicked queen!
Queen Beryl’s goal, is to get her revenge on the Moon Kingdom from long long ago, the Silver Millenium, and it’s princess. In doing so she would steal the man she loved.
In order to do so, she must obtain the Silver Crystal held by the Sailor Guardians and offer it to Queen Metalia. Usagi was targeted by Old Hag Lemures, who works for Queen Beryl. Unable to transform into Sailor Moon, she was in big trouble! Her lover Tuxedo Mask comes to her rescue, but this time, Queen Beryl calls him “Endymion” and abducts him.
Who is Endymion? What happened between the Dark Kingdom and the Silver Millennium in the past? What is the connection between Usagi and the Moon Princess?
Guided by the Queen of the Moon, Serenity, The Sailor Guardians’ battle trancending time and space begins now!


Sailor Guardians
Sailor Moon / Tsukino Usagi : Ookubo Satomi
Guardian of the Moon, mystery, love, and justice.
Once transformed she becomes a powerful guardian, but normally she’s just a klutzy girl. The reincarnation of the Moon Princess…?

Sailor Mercury / Mizuno Ami : Miyabe Matsura
Guardian of Mercury, water, and wisdom.
A prodigy of a girl with a 300 IQ. She dislikes men, but finds herself falling for Zoisite one of the Four Generals.

Sailor Mars / Hino Rei : Nanaki Kanon
Guardian of Mars, fire, and passion.
When Usagi loses her will, She steps up to give her a swift kick in the rear, she’s scary when mad. Good at telling fortunes.

Sailor Jupiter / Kino Makoto : Takahashi Yuu
Defender of Jupiter, Guardian of lightning.
While physically strong, and good in a fight, she also loves cooking and handicrafts, not a one dimensional girl.

Sailor Venus / Aino Minako : Sakada Shiori
Guardian of Venus, love, and beauty. Acts as the leader for the Guardians.
Obsessed with all things love related, she often teases Ami, who has relationship trouble.

Tuxedo Mask / Chiba Mamoru : Yamato Yuuga
In his concern for Usagi, not fully awakened as a soldier, he always protects her, a caring lover.
He’s been acting funny ever since hearing the name Endymion, but why…?

Silver Millenium
Queen Serenity : Jamie Natsuki
Ancient queen of the moon. When the evil game weakens Usagi and her friends, she awakens their powers, and guides them to the moon kingdom with the sound of her singing voice.

Dark Kingdom
Queen Beryl : Hatsukaze Midori
The queen of the Dark Kingdom, destroyed long ago. She was revived by the monster Metalia into our time, and takes her aim at the reincarnated Moon Princess.

[Four Generals]
* Zoicite : Saika Ryou   * Jadeite : Root
* Nephrite : Koro           * Kunzite : Komatsu Misaki
The Four Generals of the Dark Kingdom. Disguised as the Idols, The Pandemic Four they each draw closer to the Guardians, Zoicite to Ami, Jadeite to Rei, Nephrite to Makoto, and Kunzite to Minako.

Old Hag Lemures : Shintani Mayumi
Leads a group of six clay dalls known as the Lemures, supports Queen Beryl.

Lemures: Shimozono Ayumi, Asuka Yoshidome, Kumiko Saito, Shiho Tsukagoshi, “Moka” Kodama, Miki Shirai

Musical Numbers

Act 1
オーバーチュアー~ウェルカム!トゥ ザ ゲームショー!:: Overture ~ Welcome! To the Game Show!
イロージョンボーイ(浸食系男子):: Erosion Boy
復活!悲劇の女王 :: Revival! Queen of Tragedy
願い :: Wish
恋は三次元 :: Love is Three Dimensional
参上!!タキシード仮面 :: On the Scene!! Tuxedo Mask
メモリーデュオ :: Memory Duo
揃い踏み!!白月5人女 :: Line Up!! 5 Women of the White Moon
月への階段 :: Stairway to the Moon
セーラーバトル La Reconquista :: Sailor Battle La Reconquista

Act 2
月と地球 :: Moon and Earth
We are the Pretty Guardian
運命 :: Fate
覚悟 :: Resolution
祈り :: Prayer
忘れないで :: Don’t Forget
ムーンライト伝説 :: Moonlight Densetsu

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Sailor Moon Tsukino Usagi / Ookubu Satomi

Q1: Please share with us one of your most memorable experiences related to “Sailor Moon”.
I can’t really remember too much, but when I was little I received a Moon Stick that I used to play with a lot.

Q2: What things do you and the character you portray have most in common?
I can be pretty silly, but I think when it comes down to it, I’m pretty strong! Maybe. Other than that, I love sleeping and playing games, and I’m kind of clutzy and kind of a crybaby…maybe I’ve said too much.

Q3: Do you ever feel like “you are here because of your past life destiny” or “you were reborn to be together” in your own life?
I think everyone feels that way at some point or anther. Especially when you’re with someone, you wonder, were we together like this before~ At least, that’s what I think.

Born October 30th. Chiba Native.
Magazine model. Has appeared in several commercials, but this is her debut performance for this type of entertainment work.

(image courtesy of Anne from and Sakky/sailorastera!)
Sailor Mercury Mizuno Ami / Miyabi Matsuura

Q1: Please share with us one of your most memorable experiences related to “Sailor Moon”.
When I was in kindergarten, I used to love the original Sailor Moon of course, but I also loved Sera Myu! I used to play with my friends, saying “The Phantom Silver Crystal…” as if I were Sailor Moon. I remember my mom looking very concerned. (laughs)

Q2: What things do you and the character you portray have most in common?
I think what I have most in common with Ami is that we’re both easily misunderstood. I can be a little thickheaded at times, but I can also be very playful! So I think when someone meets me for the first time…I can be a challenge!

Q3: Do you ever feel like “you are here because of your past life destiny” or “you were reborn to be together” in your own life?
Back when I was in elementary school, there was an older kid I used to see sometimes walking home. I was only in kindergarten, and the boy I liked was a 5th grader. Even though we were both so young, I had a big crush on this guy! So of course whenever I saw him, I used to think to myself, “I must have known him from a past life!”

Born June 14th.
Winner of JUNON Girls Contest Grand Prix
Recent works include “Tale of Girls” at the Nishihara Theater Festival 2013, and others.

(image courtesy of Anne from and Sakky/sailorastera!)
Sailor Mars Hino Rei / Nanaki Kanon

Q1: Please share with us one of your most memorable experiences related to “Sailor Moon”.
I love Makoto, so when I was little I used to ask my mother to “make my hair into Mako-chan’s!” all the time. My friends and I used to play Sailor Moon too, but because Venus was the most popular with my group, I always could be my beloved Jupiter!!

Q2: What things do you and the character you portray have most in common?
I’ve been described as “mysterious”, and for that reason everyone around me has always said “You’re like Rei-chan!”. I like to hang around shrines, and when I was little I used to imitate Rei-chan casting spells as a shamaness. Maybe from a young age I was destined to one day portray Rei.

Q3: Do you ever feel like “you are here because of your past life destiny” or “you were reborn to be together” in your own life?
I remember when I was around 4 years old, I remember telling my mom that I was “waiting for the baby inside of her bsassypants678 to come out to play with me”. If rebirth is real, then I think me and my sister were meant to be together. (Sorry to say it) I love my sister (laughs)

Born February 7th. Tokyo Native.
After debuting as a model in “Nico Puchi”, she appeared in the film “Confession”, as well as in various commercials. From 2010 – 2013 she became an exclusive model for “Nikora” magazine which continues today. This is her first musical performance.

(image courtesy of Anne from and Sakky/sailorastera!)
Sailor Jupiter Kino Makoto / Yu Takahashi

Q1: Please share with us one of your most memorable experiences related to “Sailor Moon”.
When I was in elementary school I used to play Sailor Moon, and painted my nails with nail polish too. The pens I used to use were really oily and hard to remove, I remember. I used to spend lots of time on my nails back then.

Q2: What things do you and the character you portray have most in common?
When it comes to being tall, we’re the same in that aspect, plus, I’m pretty girly in spite of my appearance, I love cosmetics. I also really want a romantic love, and I believe somewhere that’s someone I’ll fall in love with…so we’re very similar in those ways.

Q3: Do you ever feel like “you are here because of your past life destiny” or “you were reborn to be together” in your own life?
For family. For fun. For happiness. We’ve here to share everything as a family, so I think that’s why we’re reborn together. Because my family exists, I’m here, so there’s no way I wasn’t reborn to be with them, I think.

Born January 19th. Shiga Native.
After winning a vocal audition at the Grand Prix level, lately she has been modelling for “Cawaii” magazine. Her latest works include TV EX’s “Kamen Rider Kiva”, TV NHK’s “English Conversation For Today Forward”, commercials for Japan Cola “Sprite”, Splash Automotives, and others.

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Sailor Venus Aino Minako / Sakata Shiori

Q1: Please share with us one of your most memorable experiences related to “Sailor Moon”.
when I was little I loved it, and I have a lot of memories of playing Sailor Moon with my sister. We used to make our own battle costumes and play with the transformation items! (By the way, I used to dress up as Rei!) I used to watch it on TV and mimic it at home.

Q2: What things do you and the character you portray have most in common?
When I’m happy, I’m like my sister – I can be pretty hilarious! I love to put a smile on someone’s face by making jokes or pulling pranks. Maybe it’s because I always find everything funny? Or maybe because I am around others who know how to use their heads (laughs) I’m the type who gets really calm and collected when it comes down to it, so I think that’s the part of me that’s most like Minako.

Q3: Do you ever feel like “you are here because of your past life destiny” or “you were reborn to be together” in your own life?
The people I think I was reborn to be together with are my best friends. These girls are like my alter-egos, and I’m so happy when I’m together with them, I don’t think I could live life without them! I was really shy until they helped me gain confidence! It was through this series that I really felt for the first time how important friendship is!

Born August 4th. Tokyo Native.
Performance works include TV NHK’s “Goldfish Club”, stage work for “Super Youth Chorus Comedy Sing、”Fall Girl”、”Golden Daybreak” and others.

(image courtesy of Anne from and Sakky/sailorastera!)
Zoicite / Saika Ryou

Q1: Please share with us one of your most memorable experiences related to “Sailor Moon”.
I used to read “Sailor Moon” back when it was serialized in “Nakayoshi” magazine!!! Back then, me and my friends used to play as Sailor Moon, and we used to make dolls, as well as collect the Sailor Moon world series! Even now when I go to karaoke, I love to sing “Moonlight Densetsu”. I was so glad that I got to meet Naoko Takeuchi! When I was little I just loved her work, so it was a wonderful experience. (^^)

Q2: Do you ever feel like “you are here because of your past life destiny” or “you were reborn to be together” in your own life?
Past life…hmm. I’ve had people to say to me, “You seem like you were European” or “You could have been a Knight from the Middle Ages” in a past life. (laughs) When I had my past lives read to me, it went all the way back to the “Heian” period. I was human back then. If I could do it all over again now, I would still want to be my parent’s child!

Born August 14th. Fukuoka Native.
Debuted as a model in 1997 as a Japan finalist in the elite Model Look search. In 2002, she joined the Takarazuka Revue troupe, with a debut role in “Prague Spring / Lucky Star!”. She portrayed mainly male roles. In 2010 she performed in “Roget / Rock On!!” in her final performance. In 2011 she resumed her modeling career, and appeared on stage and in TV commercials. Her latest works include “Cantarella”, “Tiger & Bunny the Live!” and others.

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Kunzite / Misaki Komatsu

Q1: Please share with us one of your most memorable experiences related to “Sailor Moon”.
I remember when I was little that I thought Sailor Moon R was really impressive when I first saw it. I remember that when everyone joined powers to defeat the bad guy I cried. I still sing the songs from the show with my mother when we go to karaoke.

Q2: Do you ever feel like “you are here because of your past life destiny” or “you were reborn to be together” in your own life?
I think in a previous life I was lazy. I’m pretty much idle most of the time, and I keep everything I need within easy reach. For some reason all the people around me just end up taking care of me. I’m always so grateful to everyone!

Born April 18th. Shizuoka Native.
Debuted April 2011 in “Kokoro” (played the part of Rin). Did promotional work for Miss Flash 2012 Grand Prix. Won the “Fanta Land Award” for her her role as “Kusakabe Abe” in the movie “Jin Jin” during the “Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival”.

(image courtesy of Anne from and Sakky/sailorastera!)
Dear guests,

Owing to health reasons, the original actress for Kunzite, Komatsu Misaki, has been replaced by Mayu Iseki for this performance of “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon -La Reconquista-“.

Thank you for your understanding.

– Production Committee for musical “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon”

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Nephrite / KORO

Q1: Please share with us one of your most memorable experiences related to “Sailor Moon”.
When I was in elementary school, we used to play Sailor Moon, yell out the catch phrases, and put our bodies into the poses. I was totally into Sailor Moon! Back then there was a kid who loved Queen Beryl, and wouldn’t you know it, she ended up becoming a juvenile delinquent after elementary school.

Q2: Do you ever feel like “you are here because of your past life destiny” or “you were reborn to be together” in your own life?
Would I be more like a cheetah or bird? I like having a long drive into work, and I used to have a motorcycle, but now I just use a bicycle. I like the feeling of transporting myself. So I think in a past life, I must have been some kind of fast animal. Would be nice if I could go 100 km per hour!

Born July 12th. Tochigi Native。
Debut stage performance in 2004 with “Savannah’s Law”. Later, she became a core member of the theater troupe. In middle school after becoming known for her good lucks, she began working as a male-role actress in “Good Looking Woman” and other popular shows. She did over 12 months worth of performances with that show. Since 2008 she’s been a part of the “Korobuchika” troupe.

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Jadeite / Root

Q1: Please share with us one of your most memorable experiences related to “Sailor Moon”.
When I was little, all girls wanted to be Sailor Moon, but I thought it would be cool if I could have been Chiba. Lately being involved in Sailor Moon has been like a dream come true. Even though I’m playing the role of a villain, which I didn’t think about as a possibility, even though that’s really awesome too. When I look back at old photos of myself, in some of them I’m doing a Sailor Moon pose. I guess in my own way, I’ve transformed into my own kind of Sailor Moon.

Q2: Do you ever feel like “you are here because of your past life destiny” or “you were reborn to be together” in your own life?
In certain situations, I’m like a grasshopper. But I wish I were more like a ninja. I think throwing shuriken would be fun. But in the groups I was in, I wasn’t so great at it. For now, when I decide I’m going to do something, I just jump right into it.

Born December 10th, Tokyo native
After being scouted, debuted in the magazine “Men’s Spider” to model in men’s clothing. After that, she appeared in “KERA” and “Gothic & Lolita Bible” doing male modeling, but lately she is expanding her talents into other areas. I’m a hardworking like a farmer in that regard. Maybe in a past life I was a grasshopper on a farm ~

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Queen Beryl / Midori Hatsukaze

Q1: Please share with us one of your most memorable experiences related to “Sailor Moon”.
…How many years ago was it?! I used to be one of those girls who would dress up in a sailor uniform! (laughs) To transform and beat up bad guys. Justice definitely prevails!! I wish I could transform like that now!!

Q2: What things do you and the character you portray have most in common?
Hmm…so you’re asking me to describe things about me I don’t like?! But honestly, I think that I’m a bit like Queen Beryl in the sense that I follow my heart, even when it’s wrong to, plus the idea of stealing energy sometimes sounds nice! Other than wanting more energy, I wonder if we’re alike in any other ways?

Q3: Do you ever feel like “you are here because of your past life destiny” or “you were reborn to be together” in your own life?
Sun. Moon. Stars. The cosmos is all connected.
I think all people are connected together, but personally I have an affinity for trees…and jewelry…

Born November 8th, Tokyo Native
Joined Takarazuka Revue in 1998, and became well known for her singing and dancing abilities, quickly becoming a prominent male-portraying actress. She has acted in performances for “West Side Story”, Gone with the Wind”, “Elizabeth”, and others. She has also appeared in a number of musical recitals as a singer. Alongside her stage performances for Takarazuka Revue she has also appeared on television. Her latest works include: “Boys Revue”, “Sweet Charity”, “Robert Toma”, and others. She also appears as a regular on CS Network’s “Nobi Nobi Dancing”, as an entertainer. She also does work for G1 Studio.

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Old Hag Lemures / Mayumi Shintani

Q1: Please share with us one of your most memorable experiences related to “Sailor Moon”.
I used to love Naoko Takeuchi’s work – it was so gorgeous, and adult looking, and romantic. After I saw Sailor Moon for the first time, I couldn’t forget about it. “Is Naoko Takeuchi a magical girl too?!” it seemed that way, haha. When I used to read it, I used to feel a bit like a magical grl myself, as if I were transported into a Roman Fantasy. The nod made to Usagi (the princess) and Endymion (the Prince) tied into that as well, I noticed, but I couldn’t write to Naoko Takeuchi about it!! A sleeping Endymion sounds nice!! I think that’s why it’s so adult, and gorgeous in my memory.

Q2: Do you ever feel like “you are here because of your past life destiny” or “you were reborn to be together” in your own life?
Hmm, if I had to say what I think I was in a past life, it would either be “Cleopatra” or maybe “fried tofu”, yeah, maybe the second one suits me more…

Born November 6th. Hiroshima.
Beginning in 1995, she began to appear in shows like Kera’s “Nylon 100 C”, musical series. After that, she’s made many guests appearances in straight roles. She has also entertained as a cafe entertainer in “The Green Tea Neice”. In recent years her stage performances have included “a Christmas Carol” and the Niconico musical “Bunkamura Present”, and more. Starting in October 2013 she will be voicing the character of Nonon Jakuzure in the anime series “Kill la Kill”.

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Miki Shirai

Q1: Please share with us one of your most memorable experiences related to “Sailor Moon”.
When I was in middle school I saw Sailor Moon for the first time, and wanted to become more like the characters, so I said to myself, “I’m going to study really hard” and cried when I got lower grades. After that, I guess you could say I haven’t studied as much as I could have…

Born May 24th. Saga Native. Graduate of Fukuoka Girls’ College. Debuted in 2012 in the “Super Eccentric Sisters”. A year later, She appears in March of 2012 in “SET”. Before then, she had a small role in February in “Time”. She has also been on TV’s “The Lonely Gourmet 3”.

Shiho Tsukagoshi

Q1: Please share with us one of your most memorable experiences related to “Sailor Moon”.
I used to want to be cute like Usagi, so I did my best to try and look like her. And because I loved “Moonlight Densetsu”, even today I still sing that song.

Born July 24th. Gunma Native.
Member of the Acrobatics and Dance company “G-Rockets”. Performances include “Rock Opera Mozart”, “Croquette on Stage”, and others. Her stage performances have included concert work, and “Graphitti Live Tour”, “Japan Day” and others. Beginning in November, she is scheduled to appear in the G-Rockets “G-Cirque” performances.

Moka Kodama

Q1: Please share with us one of your most memorable experiences related to “Sailor Moon”.
I didn’t get to see Sailor Moon while it was still on TV, but I know all about the plot (laughs) Mercury is my favorite! And we’ve become friends in no time! (laughs)

Born July 11th. Gunma Native.
Member of the Japan Action Enterprise since 2011. Stage works “Tiger & Bunny The Live” and others. She is also in the process of making some TV appearances. Currently also working with other Japan Action Enterprise productions.

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Queen Serenity / Jamie Natsuki

Q1: Please share with us one of your most memorable experiences related to “Sailor Moon”.
Back when I was a kid I used to love Sailor Moon, and I used to try and dress up like her – actually, I had really long hair that I would often wear in two pigtails so my hair would look like Sailor Moon’s. I’ve always been the Princess-type so I’m so excited I get to act as a form of Sailor Moon. My sister is more like Mercury, very studious, and she had a short hair cut too – me and my friends were always jealous of her. (laughs)

Q2: What things do you and the character you portray have most in common?
Just as Serenity said to the Princess, I “want to send my cute little girl on a journey”, but to protect her as well. I also want to become a strong, loving mother like that some day. And I think sometimes I can be elegant too. She’s a really perfect mom.

Q3: Do you ever feel like “you are here because of your past life destiny” or “you were reborn to be together” in your own life?
When I think back on the scenes where the guardians help one another, I think that the reason we’re all here is to give each other compassion. And the reason we’re here together is to feel happiness. I hope it becomes more and more like that in the future…that would be great.

Born August 6th. Chiba Native.
In 2003 she performed as in the role of “Young Nara” in the blockbuster hit “The Lion King” with the Shiki Theater company, which played for two years. Her specialties include classical ballet, jazz dance, drum playing, and more. She has appeared in TV, magazine ads, and dramas. Her recent work includes the movie “Angel’s Fang”, and TV’s “Love Medicine 25 Hours”. Beginning in December she will be in the musical “The Count of Monte Cristo.”

(image courtesy of Anne from!)

(images courtesy of Anne from!)

Tuxedo Mask Chiba Mamoru / Yamato Yuuga

Q1: Please share with us one of your most memorable experiences related to “Sailor Moon”.
When I was little I loved reading “Nakayoshi,” so I was always reading it… when I was an underclassman in Takarazuka I was in the Moon Troupe, so I had a very strong sense of affection for the word “Moon.”

Q2: What things do you and the character you portray have most in common?
think it’s the admiration of Tuxedos. Also, maybe our shared love of red roses. At my last Takarazuka show I was surrounded by red roses at my graduation, but even now I always have red roses around…Oh! But I guess Tuxedo Mask has never actually said he likes red roses!?

Q3: Do you ever feel like “you are here because of your past life destiny” or “you were reborn to be together” in your own life?
I feel like I was somehow connected to Takarazuka in a previous life too. I wonder what my previous life was like…?

Born August 4th. Tokyo native.
Her first play with The Takarazuka Revue was in 1995. Blessed with a natural talent for glamor, she was quickly selected. Starring in 6 Newcomer Shows,she set a new record for the youngest performer to appear at Bow Hall. In 2001 she was the first Takarazuka Revue performer to recieve the Asakusa Entertainment Award for Best Newcomer. She appeared in a number of shows, including “Singin’ in the Rain” and “The Rose of Versailles.” She continued to gain immense popularity as a top star actress of male roles in the Cosmos Troupe. In 2009, she left the troupe and was greatly missed. She continued to create spectacular work, debuting as an actress in 2010. Starring in broadway musicals such as “CURTAINS and “Promises, Promises” as well as plays based on kabuki and noh such as “Tales of Princess Sakura” “Tsuchimikado Street ~ The Socerer: Abe no Seimei and The Girl from Kibune” “Tales of Ikuta River,” she took on heroic roles and continued to impress her fans with her wide range of talents. An exceptional multi-talented star, she has appeared in straight plays, concerts, dinner shows, revues, closet dramas, and TV, showing off her beauty, style, precise dancing, and beautiful voice. For a limited time she held a show about the world of opera, “Opera Cahier.”She has also written the books “Yamato Yuga’s Fashionable Paris Notebook” and “Yamato Yuga’s Journey of Opera and Sweets.” Starting in October she will appear in the TBS/MBS drama “Higanjima.”In October and November she will appear on stage in “DREAM, A DREAM,” the Takarazuka Revue 100th Anniversary Night Festival. She will also appearin the 2014 New Year shows in January and February called “Brand New: Comedy, Wonder if it’ll sell!”

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…I don’t have the time or energy to translate all this. It’s a time line of the history of the Sera Myu series. For all this information, we have a page already written here that you are welcome to read. :)

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The Secret Tale of the Birth of “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon”

This all really began with the 1991 serialization of a series called “Codename: Sailor V”, which ran in Nakayoshi Magazine, about a crime fighting heroine named Aino Minako – it was only later on that we decided to create an off-shoot of that manga with “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon”. At the time, I was working as Naoko Takeuchi’s editor; I was a member of her monthly project team. At first, we had all of the staff members draw out their concepts for the new series we had in mind. But in the end, Naoko Takeuchi said that she wanted to create an action series, a squadron of all girls. So she drew soldiers wearing sailor uniforms, and asked me what I thought of it…(laughs) Back then in the Nakayoshi editorial department, I was one of a few young men on the job, and so that added to my nervousness about bringing this new style of story to the magazine. Then again, at the time Naoko Takeuchi was in her 20s, and I was in my 30s, so to her I suppose I was like an old grandpa in her mind. (laughs)

Then, due to some personnel changes that happened around that same time, I became Naoko Takeuchi’s manager. That happened around the same time the anime first began production, about 2 or 3 months later, a very abnormal schedule since Naoko was still finishing up another serialized story altogether. I think it was a very difficult time, but, somehow we were able to work through it.

Because of the popularity of “Sailor V”, we got an offer to have our new concept adapted into an anime after only one serialized chapter. Although our new concept was designed as a one-shot story, not a full serialization, it was decided that Usagi-chan would be our heroine for the new series, and thus “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon” was born. Although in the magazine there were tons of stories that focused on romance, there weren’t any that focused on fighting, so as an editor I was very concerned about the prospects for such a concept.

From Girl’s Comic to Social Phenomenon

After only one serialized chapter was released, the series became a top selling hit. It was so popular that soon after the release date, every issue of “Nakayoshi” magazine would sell out. Even when the sales department began to print larger quantities of copies, they would still all sell out. But could such a state of affairs last more than a year? At first, the sales of the anime merchandise couldn’t even compare to the magazine sales, but slowly they began to catch up, especially after we released the moon stick and the dolls – when I saw them, I thought, “These are pretty awesome, they’ll sell well, right?!”

One of my strongest memories is from when Naoko Takeuchi did an autograph event for Shibuya PAO (now known as Tower Records). Originally, we had planned to give away 100 autographs by lottery, but when I got off the train at Shibuya station to get to the event, there was a huge group of people. There were already people waiting in line all the way from in front of the train station, waiting for a chance to get an autograph. We later found out that over 5,000 people were waiting in line for an autograph – representatives from Shibuya PAO had to come and handle the situation.

A Musical Series the Author and Audience Could Both Enjoy

When the story for the 1993 musical was being created, I was really busy with a bunch of projects, but I did my best to help form a story that would reflect the original story and which would please Miss Takeuchi, while giving the cast and staff some creative control. The staff we had back then was instructed to capture the essence of the story, with the intention of giving Ms Takeuchi a pleasurable experience as an audience member.

For this musical, we haven’t changed in giving that same instruction to our current staff. I was originally asked to sit in on the cast auditions alongside Naoko. I was shocked by her ability to judge a person’s capabilities for a role after just seeing them one time. I guess I’m only able to see what appearance they have “now”, not really their potential to grow or be shaped into the right person for the role. Luckily the producer and director were really good at this, and did a great job with the musical overall, so I got off the hook. Takeuchi was in agreement with their choices, through and through. When I first saw the rehearsals, it’s easy to see how each of the girls was the perfect choice for their role, to pay homage to Takeuchi’s creation once again. I think the only character I had any influence in deciding the actress for was for my favorite character, Ami-chan (laughs)

To the Girls who Became Adults

The manga serialization went on for five years. During that time, Takeuchi was under tremendous pressure. For example, a normal monthly serialization chapter is normally only around 30 pages along, but each chapter of “Sailor Moon” was between 45 ~ 55 pages each, so she was doing almost 1.5 times the amount of work other authors like her were expected to keep up with. On top of that, she had to do many full color pages, design of front covers, illustrations to be used on “furoku” or bonus items for inside the magazine – there were piles of work to do. But Takeuchi always maintained her perfectionist ambitions, and there was never any sense that she didn’t give her full effort in any one page or manuscript. She was given a holiday every November from the serialization, but, we could never actually make that happen – there were always things to plan for, like the development of the story line, or development of anime merchandise, creation of side stories, or plots for the films. I think it was amazing that we kept up with such an insane pace for 5 years. Even after the serialization of “Sailor Moon” ended, the musicals continued on, and Toei even released a live-action story, so it became a really huge franchise. Right now, the series is especially popular in America. The fact that we were able to kick off this 20th year anniversary project is thanks to the love of all the fans out there which continues on today.

By the way, the title for “Osabu’s Diary” originally came from when Ms. Takeuchi used to write about me in the afterwords of the tankoubon edition of the manga. And I think – this hasn’t gone away yet? By nature, editors generally don’t make public appearances, and I’m embarassed that I’m always so sleepy looking but, when fan letters arrive for me, or when I go to autograph sessions, people specifically address me as “Osabu”. And where the heck did the name “Osabu” come from anyway? Maybe it’s because I used to always say “boo, boo” when I didn’t like Takeuchi’s work in the past (laughs)

In the last “Osabu’s Diary” I wrote, “I want to re-read this again in 10 years”. I wanted to see if “Sailor Moon” from “Nakayoshi” would pass the test of time, to see if the work would have “grown up” too. And I wanted to see if society’s reading of the work would change, I think. After all, it’s no simple task to draw the concepts of love and justice. “10 Years Later” has alrady come and gone, but this musical which is part of the 20th anniversary project is being enjoyed by the same girls who are coming back to re-read Sailor Moon after such a long time, which makes me happy. The original readers of the story are in their 20s and 30s now, just like Takeuchi was when she wrote the story, and their outpouring of support even during difficult times has been immense.

And now to end, a bit of advertisement. Currently on sale is the “shinsoubon” edition of the “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon” manga. The gorgeous “Kanzenban” or “complete” edition will be on sale some time in October, so please keep your eyes out to collect that one as well. And look out for information in advertisements too. By the way, “Osabu’s Diary” has moved to Twitter. You can find Osabu @osabu8. Thank you so much!

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Sailor Moon / Tsukino Usagi
Ookubo Satomi

Sailor Mercury / Mizuno Ami
Matsuura Miyabi

Sailor Mars / Hino Rei
Nanaki Kanon

Sailor Jupiter / Kino Makoto
Takahashi Yuu

Sailor Venus / Aino Minako
Sakata Shiori

Ryou Saika

Komatsu Misaki



Queen Beryl
Midori Hatsukaze

Shimozono Ayumi, Asuka Yoshidome, Kumiko Saito, Shiho Tsukagoshi, “Moka” Kodama, Miki Shirai

Old Hag Lemures
Shintani Mayumi

Queen Serenity
Jamie Natsuki

Tuxedo Mask
Yamato Yuuga

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