eternal eternity – TV Size

The Ending to Sailor Moon Crystal Season 3

Title: eternal eternity
Series: Sailor Moon Crystal
Writers: Meg Rock
Composers: 齋藤真也


M = Michiru
H = Haruka
D= Duet

(M) 幾千の夜明けを飛び越えて
(H) 永遠を飛び越えて
(M) 鏡の向こう占うたびに光放つ真実は一つ
(H) この空の果て凍る刃で夜のとばりを切り裂いてゆく
(M) 鳴り止まぬ潮騒の様な胸のざわめきが
(H) 春を告げる風になり僕等を追い越すんだ
(D) 幾戦の永遠を繰り返す果てしない孤独の闇の中で
(M) あなたを探してた
(H) ずっと探してた
(M) 引力に導かれるまま
(D) 縺れた赤い糸を解くように流星に乗って会いに行くから
(H) 時を越えはるか
(M) 定めがみちる
(D) その瞬間を今共に二人で


M = Michiru
H = Haruka
D= Duet

(M) Ikusen no yoake wo tobikoete
(H) Eien wo tobikoete
(M) Kagami no mukou uranau tabi ni hikari hanatsu shinjitsu ha hitotsu
(H) Kono sora no hate kooru yaiba de yoru no tobari wo kirisaiteyuku
(M) Nariyamanu shiosai no youna mune no zawameki ga
(H) Haru wo tsugeru kaze ni nari bokura wo oikosunda
(D) ikusen no eien wo kurikaesu hateshinai kodoku no yami no naka de
(M) Anata wo sagashiteta
(H) Zutto sagashiteta
(M) Inryoku ni michibikareru mama
(D) Motsureta akai ito wo hodoku you ni ryuusei ni notte ai ni yuku kara
(H) Toki wo koe HARUKA
(M) Sadame ga MICHIRU
(D) Sono shunkan wo ima tomo ni futari de


M = Michiru
H = Haruka
D= Duet

(M) Passing over thousands of daybreaks
(H) Passing through eternity
(M) Every time I foretell with the mirror's reflection, one light always shines true
(H) I'll cut through night's curtain at the sky's edge with my frozen blade
(M) The stirring in my chest is like the ocean's unending roar
(H) The spring breeze comes and overtakes us both
(D) In darkness, in endless solitude, we repeated endless battles over and over again
(M) I searched for you
(H) I was always searching for you
(M) Pulled together by gravity
(D) As if our strings of fate came untangled, I'll come to your side riding a shooting star
(H) Coming from a far away time
(M) Fate has come to fruition
(D) In this instant, the two of us together

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  1. Denise

    Oh Mu GOSH!!!! So good! I really, really love the lyrics. Thank you sooooo much for the translation! Can’t wait till tomorrow to watch the new season!

  2. Nagisa

    縺れた赤い糸を解くように流星に乗って会いに行くから: motsureta akai ito wo hodoku you ni ryuusei ni notte ai ni iku(pronounced as yuku) kara

    Not as

    Motsureta akai ito eo koku you ni

  3. Nagisa

    One more fix hahaha u changed it into kodoku but its hodoku :P
    but thanks for fixing the rest! ;) since the full version is out, are you going to upload the rest too?
    If you need help, let me know. I’ll help you if you want. (Native Japanese) haha <3

    anyway keep the site up <3

  4. Nagisa

    a nevermind the previous message hahaha
    there’s both and kodoku and hodoku in the song.. was confused.. xD

    anyway, as stated if you ever need help with anything, let met know <3


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