2011 PGSM DVD Box Set Pamphlet

This year, Bandai Visual re-released a 14 disc DVD box set for the live-action series, “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon”.

One of the special features in the set was a new pamphlet, containing an interview with the Producer, Script Writer, and Director of PGSM — people who also happen to be huge in the tokusatsu industry in general in Japan. The staff behind PGSM were also the people behind other hit series like “Kamen Rider Faiz” and “Super Sentai”. If you’re a tokusatsu fan, this release is definitely worth checking out!

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  1. Gigi

    Hi, please, could you help, on page 4: …and Komatsu Ayaka too, but she was a “tough fit”… Sawaii Miyuu and Azama Mew were right behind her… means that it was difficult to convince?

      • Gigi

        plz can u delete my comments of this page, =D, hehe Over a year ago and decided this question and comment is still here. Thank you for this book and other files. apologizes for any inconvenience


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