Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon Perfect Edition Scanlations

Act 1

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  1. Ty

    Thankyou, so much for this! It has been a while but I am extremely grateful for all your wonderful contributions. Thank you again :*

    • Ngoc Vo

      Can you please share me the Perfect Edition of Sailormoon that you had downloaded from them? My hard drive was broken, so I lost everything :(
      Here is my email address: [email protected].
      You can share me via Google Drive.

  2. SnowWolf

    The dialogue has a lot more punch then Kodansha’s version. I like it. And finally! A translation that uses the term Phantom Silver Crystal!!!
    Now I just have to use read them side by side with the 2003 release to see what got changed.

    Thank you for doing this.

  3. Henshinyo

    Thank you SO SO much for this translation – it’s my favorite one so far! I’m looking forward to more :)

  4. Shanna

    Thank you so much!! I can’t wait to see the rest of the chapters and compare :) Really love this website and all the hard work you guys do!

  5. Stressa

    So this is the version that came over here n the West as the reprint or was it the 2004 version?

    • MarioKnight

      It looks like we still need to write a introductory blurb here. To help answer your question, there were three book releases of the manga: 90s original, 2004 re-print (and new sorting of the acts), and 2014 “perfect edition” remaster of the previous. This page will contain chapters of this most recent Japanese release, which has yet to see an official release in the West.

  6. Josef

    Hello! Thank you so much for all of your hard work. Is there any timeline on more volumes being translated?

  7. Flerendra

    Just wondering, are y’all going to finish this? Love the Perfect Edition and would love to be able to download it in English.

  8. Phage

    I’m also wondering if this project is still in the works? I’d really love to read through the manga with all the updated/remastered art and cleaned up dialogue, but it’s going on two years now with only one chapter uploaded. I’m guessing whoever was working on it changed their mind? I hope somebody picks the project up soon, now that we’re in a sort of Sailor Moon revival with the new musicals and Crystal. It’s the perfect time to see this project get realized.

  9. Kim

    With the news of the English translation release starting in January 2018 (as the Eternal Edition), are you still planning on finishing this project?

    • Elly

      Kim, we will not be finishing this project; due to lack of time to complete it more than any other factor. I hope that the new translation of the Eternal Edition will be a good one!

  10. Hevienne

    Your scanlations are always good, but I can’t find the download links of Sailormoon- Perfect Edition in Japanese. What happened? May I have those raw materials for learning? Thanks.


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