Act 19: Time Warp – Sailor Pluto

We are proud to release the next installment of the Sailor Moon “re-print” manga; Act 19: Time Warp – Sailor Pluto!

In this act, Chibiusa and the others travel back in time where they meet the mysterious Sailor Pluto This is a classic read and a must-have download for fans everywhere. We haven’t localized anything (except currency) and we explain any and all Japanese cultural references for the novice Japanophile.

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  1. Denice Campa

    Actually , yes there difficult for drama lovers these act love their minds dirty love kinda romantic. Japanese use actors put sailor moon crystal episode 19 English. Only version japanese and manga.. better manga . I said “ what is the actors.. I use manga love full original Sailor Moon over rates… but it’s true… 🥺😢😣😔🥺❤️😍❤️


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