Chibiusa’s Picture Diary #3

Done in collaboration with our dear friend Icera of Neo Nobility, this is the second release in a series of joint projects are doing with Icera for the side-stories.

The Chibiusa Picture Diaries are a series of short stories that focus on the adventures of Chibiusa. They appear in both the original Japanese print manga, the re-print Japanese manga, as well as in the English-language version of the manga published by Tokyopop and Mixx comics. However, as the official English language translations for the short stories are somewhat problematic, we have undertaken a project to finish them all up and offer them online in a high quality, digitally remastered format for your downloading pleasure.

Many thanks to Icera for the following: raw providing, editing, typesetting, and for being the driving force behind this project. <3 download: gallery images
download: .pdf


3:00 PM at the Tsukino house: Sweets, 8:00 PM: Dessert, 9:30 PM: Sweet snacks again! Morning comes and there’s a problem. Chibiusa’s toot is throbbing. Momo dotes over Chibiusa, telling her if she’s sick, stay home! And after Kyuusuke smacks Momo with is sketchbook, Momo offers Chibiusa her juice. Bad idea. Ami takes a look, not a cold, but cavities. Chibiusa, of course, has no idea what those are, so the Sailor team explains. Ami tell of bacteria, fueled by sugar! And Minako says your jaw will turn to mush and you’ll die! Oh no! To the dentist! But what’s that? Something Usagi doesn’t want to go to, obviously. Usagi blames Ikuto-mama, and when she finds out, there’s a lecture of proper dental healthcare. Next on the schedule is a trip to the dentist with Kenji-papa. Chibiusa is relived, facing the next day with relief, but Usagi isn’t. She’s scared and says it’s the “most horrible and painful place, of all time”, and sobs her eyes out. Off to the Juuban Dentists office, witch Kenji-pap butters up. Not that those kids swearing off sugar as satan’s powder isn’t scary…. The three open the door, and a the dentist seems only a *bit*off his rocker. Fleeing away, they escape to a sweet shop, wisting their cares away! But there is a watery shadow in the dark of Juuban Dentist Office, and she’s got a plan!

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  1. Nur Faiza

    This chapter was the inspiration for the episode when Usagi and Chibiusa went to the dentist


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