Chocolate Christmas

Merry Christmas! To celebrate, please enjoy this English translation of Chocolate Christmas written by the creator of Sailor Moon: Naoko Takeuchi!

Part 1 of Chocolate Christmas follows the adventures of Ryon, a lonely girl whose life is changed by a radio broadcast she listens to on Christmas Eve. She falls in love with the show’s DJ, “Mr. Choco” – and this story tells her year-long adventure to find him while working part time in a radio studio!

Part 2 of Chocolate Christmas, titled “Wink Rain”, follows the love-square of Marin, Aya, Itou, and Koizumi as they try to navigate their first year in high school apart from each other. It is a very romantic one-shot, part of Naoko Takeuchi’s “rain collection” in which all the stories are focused around the theme of rain. The trend for this continues in Naoko Takeuchi’s work “Miss Rain”, a compilation of five short stories with the same theme. “Wink Rain” can be considered the prequel to the “Miss Rain” short story line.

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Both volumes were originally published back to back as stand-alone pieces in Nakayoshi magazine, December 1987 and January 1988 issues. These manga short stories were later compiled and released together in a graphic novel titled “Chocolate Christmas” on December 6th, 1988, published by Kodansha LTD.

To date there has never been an official English language translation of these short stories. Therefore, we at Miss Dream have translated this book in its entirety, using high quality 600 DPI scans. Our translation of Chocolate Christmas is the best on the internet, featuring translator’s notes which explain cultural references, linguistic puns, and other information as necessary for the most authentic reading experience of this novel. If you’re looking to read the complete Chocolate Christmas by Naoko Takeuchi in English, look no further!

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  1. Julia

    Thank you for creating this amazing resource! It looks like this scanlation may be missing page 5, though. I got a little confused while reading, so I decided to take a peak at another translation and noticed the difference on that page. To confirm, I looked at your raw scans of this volume (I don’t own a physical copy of this particular volume, so I couldn’t check that). It looks like maybe page 5 was accidentally replaced with a duplicate of page 78? Thanks for checking! :)

  2. jennifer

    Hi, I happen to discover you web and I’m really happy, thanks so much for your hard work, now I can read the other works of Mrs. Takeuchi.

  3. Kate

    It’s so cool to read her work before Sailor Moon! I can see elements of Usagi in Marin and “Umino” makes it into SM. Thank you for translating!


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