Prism Time 1 by Naoko Takeuchi

Prism Time 1 by Naoko Takeuchi is a book compilation of short stories.

This volume includes four stories, which were originally published as one-shot stories in Nakayoshi magazine:

1. Gradation 1 – Tamaki – Peppermint
2. Gradation 2 – Saura – Sunset
3. Gradation 3 – Mizuki – Moonglow
4. Sorry, Wednesday (Gomen ne, Wednesday)

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Gradation 1 – Tamaki – Peppermint follows the story of Tamaki, who loses a picture of her crush, Shirou, while on the train ride to school. The lost picture is found by Tetsurou, a boy several grades younger than Tamaki. Tetsurou uses the picture as a way to get to know Tamaki better, teasing her about her crush, while he secretly wants to get her attention for himself. This was originally published in Nakayoshi Deluxe, July 1987.

Gradation 2 – Saura – Sunset follows the story of Saura, who joins a cinema club in her school. She is enchanted by Mr. Hiroshima, the club’s director, whose creative vision for film draws Saura into a love triangle romance. This was originally published in Nakayoshi Deluxe, August 1987.

Gradation 3 – Mizuki – Moonglow follows the story of Mizuki, and her crush on Mitani. Her crush is complicated, because Mitani only ever seems interested in his sister, whom he is overly protective of. Mizuki and Mitani end up sitting next to each other in class, where their relationship begins to develop. This was originally published in Nakayoshi Deluxe, September 1987.

Gomen ne, Wednesday – Sorry, Wednesday – follows the story of Ms. Mukaiyama, and her crush on an obnoxious boy in her class named Yamauchi, who goes out of his way to tease her and make her feel uncomfortable. They are paired up together in class, and Yamauchi takes the opportunity to hassle Mukaiyama. Even though she secretly has a crush on him, Mukaiyama struggles with being able to admit her feelings openly, and instead lashes out at Yamauchi over and over again. This was originally published in the December 1988 issue of Nakayoshi magazine.

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