The Cherry Project Volume 1

This download is of The Cherry Project volume 1 – a work by Naoko Takeuchi about figure skating. Follow protagonist Asuka Chieri as she works to become an excellent figure skater, in her pursuit of becoming a pair skating partner to the famous Tsuzuki Masanori before he is forced to retire.

Tsuzuki Masanori’s friends Fujiwara Hiroshi and Akiyama Kouichi work with Chieri, alongside her best friend Nishimura Yuni, to improve Chieri’s skating technique, in order to make her a good enough partner to pair skate with Tsuzuki. This volume focuses primarily on the exercise regimen that Asuka Chieri must undergo to become a “real figure skater”. This pursuit becomes known as The Cherry Project.

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The Cherry Project manga was originally serialized in Nakayoshi magazine between 1991 and 1992. This series was published during a period of huge interest in figure skating in Japan, coinciding with the rising career of famous Japanese figure skater Midori Ito. Naoko Takeuchi writes in her notes for this series about her love for the sport, as well as her admiration of Midori Ito, and it is very likely that the protagonist is based loosely off of this famous professional athlete. The Cherry Project was later compiled into book format into three volumes beginning in late 1991 and continuing every six months until May 1992 when the last book was published by Kodansha LTD.

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