The Cherry Project Volume 2

This download is of The Cherry Project volume 2 – a work by Naoko Takeuchi about figure skating. Follow protagonist Asuka Chieri as she works to become an excellent figure skater, in her pursuit of becoming a pair skating partner to the famous Tsuzuki Masanori before he is forced to retire.

This pursuit becomes known as The Cherry Project. This volume focuses primarily on Chieri’s rivalry with Princess Canty, an up-and-coming junior girl’s figure skater who seems to be vastly more talented, and perhaps a better contender to become Tsuzuki’s partner for pair skating. Chieri must overcome many obstacles, such as mastering the quadruple lutz, to gain admission into a famous skating rink that will help her on her quest to become “a real figure skater”.

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The Cherry Project manga was originally serialized in Nakayoshi magazine between 1991 and 1992. This series was published during a period of huge interest in figure skating in Japan, coinciding with the rising career of famous Japanese figure skater Midori Ito. Naoko Takeuchi writes in her notes for this series about her love for the sport, as well as her admiration of Midori Ito, and it is very likely that the protagonist is based loosely off of this famous professional athlete. The Cherry Project was later compiled into book format into three volumes beginning in late 1991 and continuing every six months until May 1992 when the last book was published by Kodansha LTD.

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  1. John Billingsley

    While the series looks great, I kind of wish that the individual chapters would be clearly marked so as to make it easier for most of us who are accustomed to chapters to find good stopping and starting places for the books where we can take a break from reading and then pick up where we left off. Maria, with its epilogue being included as a bonus story at the end of Volume 3 of this series, also has this problem, and so does the first (and only) volume of Toki Meca. The short story collections (Prism Time Volumes 1 and 2, Miss Rain, and Chocolate Christmas) do not. (And I know, Sailor Moon herself does not have this problem either, but that’s a different story; I’m just referring to the author’s other works like this.)

    • yikay

      As a publishing author I highly ask you not to search for illegal translations/ publications – there’s no good in it.

      And I ask the owner of this site to consider removing every piece of someone’s hard work (especially published books and comics) if she did not ask for author’s permission to publish it on this website.

      Thank you.


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