Toki Meca by Naoko Takeuchi

This download is for the tankoubon edition of the first four chapters of the serialization “Toki Meca” by Naoko Takeuchi.

Although there were a total of ten chapters made for Toki Meca, only the first four ever made it into book format. The rest of the chapters are only available via Nakayoshi monthly back issues; this download does not include these chapters.

Special thanks to CrystallMoon for the omake graphical design work!

Click on the gallery links below to view the images, or download the archive of the files here:

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Toki Meca (also known as Toki Mecha, or Toki Meka) follows the story of Mimii and her artificial robot girlfriend, Meca, given to Mimii by her genius scientist cousin Hoshiko as a birthday present. Mimii finds herself alone for her birthday with both of her parents working abroad, and is shocked to find Meca on her door step! Her distant cousin Hoshiko is a genius scientist living in America, and they’ve been separated for a decade, so Hoshiko gives her Meca as a replacement best friend. Meca is a super fashionable robot whose goal is to collect 1000 friend contacts in her cell phone, as well as to learn how to be a teenaged girl. Mimii is shocked by Meca’s behavior and has difficulty adjusting to having her new robot pal in her life.

Meca the robot comes in two sizes: adult and mini, for portable use. She also has two robot companion boys who are of great help to Meca and Mimii in their adventures throughout Tokyo. This is a great read for anyone interested in fashion, robots, and drama! This is the most comical work by Naoko Takeuchi – the art style is very unique and unlike most of Naoko’s other works.

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  1. cLm

    Umm, what about the Punch and character design sheet at the end of the volume? …wow there’s a story about their son, too <3

  2. Flerendra

    Are you guys going to upload the rest of the series that was released only in the Nakayoshi magazines?

  3. Flerendra

    Oh, I forgot to ask: Are you guys going to translate the Toki*Meka one-shot that was released before the series? I’ve seen only a couple of scans of panels from the one-shot, but I haven’t actually been able to find the entire one-shot anywhere…

    • sassypants678

      Yes. I actually only just received the issue of Nakayoshi magazine that it appeared in just a few days ago. :D


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