NicoNico’s Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary Event Live Stream

The fansub of this event is now available and the preceeding event (part 1) are now available!

See the Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary Nico Farre Event #2 post for more information, or check out the Interviews, Events and Promos and Sailor Moon Fansubs pages for more!

NicoNico Douga’s Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary Talk Show Event Part 1
NicoNico Douga’s Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary Talk Show Event
(Announcement of New Sailor Moon Anime Coming 2013)
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NicoNico Douga’s Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary Talk Show Event Part 2
NicoNico Douga’s Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary Talk Show Event Part 2
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On Sunday, August 4th, 5PM JPN time (converts to August 4th 4AM EST), there will be another Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary celebration much in the vein of last year’s. This one will be focused on announcements, including information on the new musical, new anime, and more! This will be streamed on Niconico for premium account holders, of which we do have an account. We’ll be streaming the event on this page, and live translating it via twitter. Read along with the live twitter feed, and chat with other Sailor Moon fans in the chat below!

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42 Responses to “NicoNico’s Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary Event Live Stream”

  1. Belkis

    So this will tell us when the new anime will come out & what channel will be airing it?????

    Sorry i’m too excited watched sailor moon when i was younger and hearing its going to come out again gets me so happy

  2. Tenny

    Well we know They will do a review of everything they’ve done so far..
    And I’m assuming they are going to talk more about the Musical because of the new pictures released ,today on sailor moon world.
    Fingers crossed for them to release some pictures of the new anima.

  3. Tea Gardner

    Is funimation going to pick up the dub rights to this series? I love the funimation dubs, so if they do dub it I will be happy. I’m excited when the new anime comes out.

  4. p-chan

    Good morning! It’s 9:35 here :) 25 minutes to go. I’m cheering you on!! Aww, too bad you can’t hear me :D

  5. Travis

    This kind of worked perfectly being on the west coast of Canada. Its only midnight now for me :D

  6. Jasmine Daniels

    Hi. I love sailor moon so much. Does anyone know what time & channel the event will be on in Tucson?

  7. Adriene

    What about products in America? So many of the cool things are only available in Japan, like the nail polish :(

  8. Luke Yannuzzi

    If there’s ever a beach episode in the new anime of Sailor Moon, I wonder if Amy or Mina will wear a two-piece bikini besides Serena, Raye, Lita, and Rini?


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