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Eien Densetsu Omake and Spanish Tankoubon!

Hello Dreamers! We are back at again! And boy what a thing to bring with the end of the Nogimyu having just occurred! We have the 1997 Omake video of Eien Densetsu! Along with that, we start to bring you the Spanish Tankoubon volumes of Sailor Moon! This week’s Downloads Sailor Moon 1997 Summer Special… Read more »

Sailor Moon Musical Omake!

Hello Dreamers! Apologies for the delay on this weeks post, but this time we have a Musical Omake! We bring you the Sailor Moon 1998 Winter Special  Musical Eien Densetsu Katiteiban Special Omake Video! This week’s Downloads     Sailor Moon 1998 Winter Special Musical Eien Densetsu Kaiteiban Special Omake VideoDirect Download | Torrent Download… Read more »

Another Sailor Moon Musical FanKan Event!

Hello Dreamers! Welcome back to another week of something musical related! This week we bring you Kakyuu Ouhi Kourin Fan Appreciation Event! Back in the days of earlier musicals, Fan Appreciation Events (also known as FanKan) were held before a musical to give a chance to show songs, ask staff questions, sometimes hold contests, and… Read more »