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Miss Dream Monday 9-24-12

Welcome back to Miss Dream Monday! This week, please enjoy Act 32 of PGSM, right on schedule! direct download | torrent Enjoy our latest scanlation project: a full download of the book “Maria” by Naoko Takeuchi – in English! Also check out this new doujinshi titled “Violet Rainbow Over the Moon” by Blue Lynx, done… Read more »

Miss Dream Monday-September 10

Hey there Miss Dreamers! We’ve got three items for you in today’s update. First off we have the Comickers 1995 Summer Issue, found here. This seasonal magazine features interviews with the creators of popular series. The issue we have here, from the summer of 1995, has an interview with Naoko Takeuchi. There is a photograph… Read more »

Miss Dream Monday – September 3

Hello Miss Dreamers! Tonight’s raws update includes something many of you have been requesting for quite some time now. The entirety of PQ Angels! Tonight’s update is six full issues of Nakayoshi magazine, spanning the second half of 1997. Nakayoshi July 1997 Nakayoshi August 1997 Nakayoshi September 1997 Nakayoshi October 1997 Nakayoshi November 1997 Nakayoshi… Read more »

PGSM Act 27 + More

Happy Toku Thursday! Ready for your viewing pleasure is Act 27 of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon. Sailor Luna is on the scene! direct download | torrent Additionally, we have some new print media translations available! Check out these new, more adult-themed doujinshi: Golden Deity, Sailor Moon Lawnmower Special, and Scarlet Rainbow Over the Moon. Also… Read more »