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Monday Night Raws: Artbooks + More!

Hi everyone! As an insert between two major raw projects, this week I thought I’d share scans of the Sailor Moon art books I own: Art Books: Kodansha’s Ketteiban Sailor Moon Artbook Nakayoshi’s Anime Album Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon S Volume 1 Nakayoshi’s Sailor Moon R Movie Memorial Album My collection is by no means… Read more »

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Act 14 + More

Welcome back to Miss Dream’s Toku Thursday! Today, please enjoy Act 14 of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon: direct download | torrent While you’re waiting for your download to finish, please give Misty’s latest review for Kodansha’s Sailor Moon Volume 3 a read! We are hoping to get volume 4 out in the near future. We… Read more »