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Monday Night Raws-March 26

Hello all you Moonies out there! Once again, Monday Night Raws is back in action. This week, we’ve got the fourth, fifth, and sixth volumes of the original Japanese run of Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon Volume 4 Volume 5 Volume 6 And, just as a reminder, we still have a contest running! The first one… Read more »

Codename: Sailor V raws!

Hello Miss Dreamers! Monday Night Raws is back in the game, and we’ve got a new project! We’re going to be releasing raw scans of the first-print tankoubon of Codename: Sailor V, followed by the first-print run of Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon. We’ll be putting 3 volumes up each week, which makes for seven weeks… Read more »

Miss Dream Rebooted

Welcome back! After a month’s hiatus, we are back on a new CMS platform and ready for action! First, you’ll notice the fabulous new layout. Sincere thanks and tons of gratitude to simplySailor Moon for doing the manga coloring used in the sidebar graphics; the lovely lady spent lots of time on the project and… Read more »