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    1. Meg

      I was wondering if you could possibly upload the translation of the script — because I loved the musical, downloaded it but the subtitles caused the video audio synchronization to go out. The audio was a few minutes ahead of the video. So I tried to read while watching and I could not because I kept laughing. It reminded me of Singing in the Rain with Gene Kelly.

      Thank you.

    2. special-weirdo

      Hello :) I love this page. I just have one request. Please please please if you could upload even the other performances translated. I think there are two that are out. In one of them a group of singers (I think) is invited and they hit on Mamo chan in the end.
      And also if you could tell me why aren’t the interviews subbed. I downloaded two of them but the translation doesn’t show :/

      • Elly

        We are in the process of subbing the other performances, as well as the interviews and extras. Please be patient! :)

    3. Konrad

      I would like to ask about one thing. Could You translate manga only to Romaji form? It would be very helpful for these who wants to translate to other languages or train with Japanese. I have another question – where can I report my comments about translations, because I noticed different versions of some dialogues comparing with translation from

    4. Ed

      Recently purchased an early La Reconquista flier not on your site . . . if you would like a digital copy , contact me and I’ll attach a copy of the eBay image (have not yet received the flier) . . . it is mostly a blue star field w/ three planets , center is Sailor Moon in her pose with a lighter yellow / white / blue / white / red starfield showing thru her outline , 20th anniv logo top right , bottom addition has mostly Japanese , w/ only ‘La Reconquista’ and ‘AiiA Theater Tokyo’ and a phone number in English

    5. Alberto Larios

      Hello Missdream! I love your website and everything you do! Thank you for making the Sailor Moon fan world so wonderful. I am a native Spanish speaker and I work as a English/Spanish translator. If you ever need to translate anything Sailor Moon related to Spanish, i will gladly volunteer to do so :) Let me know!

      You can find me in Twitter as Alberto Larios or in my tumblr account as MOONCELLO.

    6. Luna

      I would like to contact Miss Naoko Takeuchi… Sailor Moon It is one of the best memories of my childhood and I want to thank. <3

    7. Rilia Nguyen

      Dear Miss Dream, do you have the RAW videos of the PGSM Live Action? Can you send me full of it through my email?

      • MarioKnight

        As we utilize soft-subbing, we do not have separate raw files for PGSM. Turning off the subtitles would be the same of any raw that we would provide.


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