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Miss Dream is committed to a standard of excellence in all the things that we do, be it translation or graphical design or anything else. This same standard of excellence is applied when suggesting other websites to our users. Only the very best quality and most interesting sites will make it on our Sailor Moon links list, so that you can be sure you will enjoy whatever link you chose to follow when you decide to depart.


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Credits / Resources

Wild Mushroomland – TONS of awesome Sailor Moon scans, lovingly shared by our friend Caitlin!
Sera Myu Antics – provided lyric scans for the Sera Myu section. – provided raws of Sailor Moon drama track CDs.


Affiliate Sailor Moon Sites

Sailor Moon Uncensored Sera Myu Antics Sailor Moon Center Sailor Moon Obsession
Sailor Moon World Italy Eternal Sailor Sailor Moon News The Galaxy Cauldron Forums
Neo Nobility 4 King Hell #LASM Shin’s BSSM Cards Page Nyoro~n Fansubs
Tsuki Matsuri – coloring pages Usagi & Mamoru’s Universe Ai no Senshi Minako’s Sailor Moon Page
Club Sailor Moon Moonsticks! Sailor Moon Webcomics Sailor Moon Collectibles SOS Sailor Moon Brazil Crystal Comparisons
SeraSymphony Tuxedo Unmasked Sailor Moon Fan Network

Other Great Sailor Moon Links Dies Gaudii Sailor Moon Collectibles Simple Sweetness Crystal L Moon
Ai no Message – SM translations Sailor Scribbles – doujinshi translations XOSailormars
Sailor Moon Favorites silvermoon424 oshiokiyo
Sailor Sera (Spanish) BSSM – Trading Cards
Sailor Moon TV Moon Sisters SailorMoonLivetweet
_Drogati di Sailor Moon_ – Italian SM Facebook page Kiori Kitori -Sailor Moon manga, scanlated in Spanish Sailor Moon Punch – Manga Comparison Site
The Light Side of the Moon – Italian version of Naoko Takeuchi fan page and database
Incredible Articles

The Soapboxing Geek – EXCELLENT Sailor Moon analysis and articles!
Lunacy! Magazine – Sailor Moon fan magazine
A Second Chance for the Sailor Moon Manga – reviews of Kodansha Comics USA’s translations
Moon Flavor – reviews of Viz Media’s translation of Sailor Moon
Filthy Digital Ramblings – reviews of Sailor Moon Crystal

Doujinshi Resources

Tea Party Planet: Sailor Moon Doujinshi
Sailor Moon Doujinshi: The Three Lights
The Sailor Moon Doujinshi Database –
Jungle Garden Senshi
Fragrant Olive

Source / Raws Provider for

Amarante Scans (Watashi ni XX Shinasai!!)
Akihabara Denno Gumi Universe (same title)
NekoBonBon (Kirara Princess and Miracle Girls)
Chibi Manga Scanlation (Koisuru Futago to Megane no Blue)

Listed at:

The Deimos Project
Hi Japan Directory

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  1. YnK

    Um… not being picky or anything, just letting you know that the link to on this page doesn’t open properly, because there’s a quote mark missing inside the “a” tag. ^_^; Just thought you would want to fix that. ~_^

  2. Arashi

    Hello! I am in the process of constructing a massive Sailor Moon coloring book image archive and was wondering if you’d like to be affiliates. If you email me, I will send you the link to the site so you can check it out before hand. As of this writing I have scanned 32 coloring books, about 730 images, and still have 28 books to go – not to mention the new ones I am constantly buying. I hope to hear from you soon!

    • sassypants678

      OMG! I would -love- to affiliate with you Arashi! I loev and wholeheartedly approve of and grow giddy over ANY site digitizing Sailor Moon media.

      I can’t wait to see it – I know I’ll be printing out LOTS of coloring book pages for me and my son to enjoy together! :D

  3. Ryumii

    i went and deleted my website aitsu sweetheart and someone went made up a name for it again and i guess to mock me they turned it into a gross site talking about men private part sizes. if you can update my link to my new site please do so.

  4. Mina

    Heyho sweetie!

    i want to be partners with you! i hope you check out my page and we can be affiliates? xxxxxx

    – mina

  5. Jilly

    Hello. I just wanted to point out that Sailor Moon Institute link is broken, gone! Site is dead. Thanks

  6. Jilly

    I am in process of moving the whole site to wordpress. It will still be on old url, just the splash page! I just re-added you guys, so if you wanna update our link, feel free. I love wordpress, so easy to update and edit. No more php coding ever again lol. Laters

  7. Grace

    Sorry but the link to usagi and mamoru’s universe doesn’t work can you please fix this 😀


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