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Miss Dream has written a number of Sailor Moon guides to help you navigate through the intense world of the Sailor Moon meta series! Here you can find:

1. A bilingual guide to purchasing the complete works of Naoko Takeuchi, creator of Sailor Moon. Features complete listings of every single issue of Nakayoshi magazine containing Ms. Takeuchi’s works, as well as information about various interviews and fan comics she’s published outside of Kodansha over the last three decades. This Sailor Moon guide is updated frequently, at least once a month.

2. The ultimate Sera Myu guide, written for beginners. This guide explains common terminology that you will encounter in the Sera Myu fandom, how the “stages” of musicals are broken up, which musicals have been fansubbed and by whom, etc. For anyone just getting involved in watching the Sailor Moon “Sera Myu” musicals, this guide will help you find out where to begin!

3. A guide to the career of Sailor Moon series creator Naoko Takeuchi. Features information about sources of inspiration for Naoko Takeuchi’s art, a timeline of her most collected works, important information about her major life events, and much more! Get a rare peek into the life of Naoko Takeuchi, the notoriously seclusive manga artist, with this fun and interactive guide!

4. A guide to the career of the Sailor Moon franchise manager Fumio Osano. Ever since the kick-off of the Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary Project, Mr. Osano has been the “face” of Sailor Moon who appears at many public events related to Sailor Moon Crystal and the new musicals. Learn all about his career and his history of involvement with the development of Sailor Moon!

Guide to Purchasing Japanese Publications feat. Naoko Takeuchi
Guide to Purchasing Japanese Publications feat. Naoko Takeuchi
Ultimate Guide to the Sera Myu Musicals
Ultimate Guide to the Sera Myu Musicals

About Naoko Takeuchi, creator of \
About Naoko Takeuchi, creator of “Sailor Moon”
About Fumio
About Fumio “Osabu” Osano, manager of “Sailor Moon” franchise

I will be adding to my Sailor Moon guides section periodically, but am open to taking suggestions and requests. Please feel free to email me at [email protected] with your Sailor Moon guide requests!

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    The link for 2 appears to be broken. That was the one I wanted to look at, so that was the first one I tried. I just tried the other 3 and they all seem to work fine.


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